ihe-iti - Java codegen for the IHE ITI profiles

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IHE has a bunch of profiles as part of the IT Infrastructure (ITI) Framework. Like anything related to healthcare, it comes with its own quirks. Also given that these profiles use SOAP Web Services and use MTOM and JAXB doesn't like a lot of things that are being done here, any developer is likely to have a tough time dealing with these profiles. This project aims to make it easier for anyone who wants to work with these profiles.




Related Projects


  •    Java

Testing tools source code of the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing for Images (XDS-I) Integration Profile

IHE open source

  •    Java

This project holds an implementation of the Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) profile as defined by IHE (ihe.net). It includes implementations of both the Document Registry and Document Repository actors.


  •    VBNET

Test, validate and diagnose communication protocols in medical environments (DICOM, HL7 and IHE). DVTk is a must have for software developers, test engineers and service engineers that work in the healthcare domain. NEW. Services on www.dvtk.org!


  •    Java

This software provides an open-source implementation of Integrating Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Patient-Identifier Cross-referencing (PIX) Profile.


  •    Java

Client library for a portion of the IHE transactions. This library specifically focuses on PIX Manager, XDS Repository, XDS Registry, and Audit Repository transactions.


  •    Java

Xebra is an open source, cross-platform, thin client and server for web-based distribution and clinical review of medical imaging results. Xebra is based on the latest open industry standards including JPEG2000, WADO and IHE XDS-I.


  •    Java

HIEOS is an open source implementation of, primarily server-side, Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Integration Profiles including Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS.b) and Cross Community Access (XCA) integration profiles.

XDS.b Document Registry and Document Repository Solution Accelerator


Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing XDS.b is a Microsoft Solution Accelerator based on the IHE (www.ihe.net) XDS.b integration profile. XDS.b facilitates the registration, distribution and access across health enterprises of patient electronic information in document format.

dcm4che, a DICOM Implementation in JAVA

  •    Java

dcm4che is an implementation of DICOM and IHE actors in Java. Homepage: http://www.dcm4che.org, Google Group: http://groups.google.com/group/dcm4che?hl=en, Wiki: http://www.dcm4che.org/confluence, Issue Tracking: http://www.dcm4che.org/jira


  •    Java

PatientOS - an Open Source (GPL) Healthcare Information System. PatientOS (pronounced Patient-oh-es where O and S stand for Open Source) has been designed from the outset to be a Healthcare Information System (HIS). Healthcare Information System (EHR EMR PMS) for small hospitals and clinics. Scheduling, Orders, Meds, Pharmacy, Clinical Doc, HL7, Billing & more. Broad commercial support. Distributed clinical system written in pure Java with toolset to customize.


  •    C++

Program for viewing X-ray diffraction and control images in the context of data processing by the XDS Program Package.

e-HealthCare - distributed HealthCare

  •    Java

This is the source repository for a research project regarding IT-support in distributed and home-based health care. The first pilot application is a diabetes followup application. The application uses Semantic Web technology extensively and can be ex

Health Connection Engine


The efficient transfer of health information between and amongst healthcare providers is one of the greatest challenges the health sector faces. Healthcare provider information systems vary considerably in terms of modernity and sophistication, from paper-based systems to hig...


  •    Javascript

During Connect(); //2015 we showcased many technologies available to you as a developer across Azure, Office, Windows, Visual Studio and Visual Studio Team Services. We’ve also heard from you that you love to have real-world applications through which you can directly experience what’s possible using those technologies. This year, then, we built out a full health and technology scenario for our Connect(); //2015 demos and are delighted to share all the source code with you.HealthClinic.biz is a fictitious regular doctor practice specialized in offering healthcare preventive care. This clinic is using different Microsoft and multi-channel apps built with Visual Studio 2015 to grow their business and modernize their customer experience. They also innovate and offer multiple apps and services—including websites, mobile apps, and wearable apps—to empower their patient’s well-being with easy access to manage their healthcare data and stay healthy.

OpenMRS - Medical Record System

  •    Java

OpenMRS is a flexible electronic medical record platform that can be customized to the needs of clinical and research organizations. It supports Creation and maintenance of patient data, including demographics and clinical observations. It is based on the principle that information should be stored in a way which makes it easy to summarize and analyze.


  •    Java

OpenEMed is a distributed healthcare and medical information framework based on open standards including those of HL7 and the healthcare taskforce of the OMG. These standards include identity management, observation access, access, and terminology.

Deep-Neural-Networks-HealthCare - Tangible and Practical Deep Learning Projects Repository for Healthcare such as Cancer, Drug Discovery, Genomic and More

  •    Jupyter

All this stuff is collected from the github which was not well maintained. I will soon reorganize this to reflect recency (as a lot of work is happening in comp biology that CNNs are using lately -- hopefully CapsNETs too) and some easy to undrstand structure. Key collaborators and researchers (besides me) will be some budding computational biologists such as Huadong Liao who did an awesome job with recent Capsule Networks and will work with me to not only do awesome projects across the globe but also work and travel with me to deliver workshops for both for and non-profit organizations.

HL7 SDK - Open Source CDA R2 Implementation for .NET and COM


A set of open source libraries for creating, parsing, storing and converting HL7 Clinical Documents in .NET and COM environment.


  •    PHP

A MYSQL-PHP web based issue tracking system built for healthcare but generic enough for most needs. Designed to ease the support of multiple idiosyncratic information systems needing their own knowledge base and support mechanism.