Quick Dmx 512 - A Simple C# DMX 512 framework

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QuickDmx is a simple framework you can use to extend and quickly create scalable applications who act as Dmx 512 controllers.




Related Projects


Open DMX USB interface: this project created by ENTTEC (www.enttec.com) is an open source hardware and software DMX512 interface

libartnet-win32 artnet dmx library

send and receive artnet / art-net, more than DMX over ethernet network

Lights Up!

Lights Up! is a Windows application for controlling theater lighting during the performance of plays or musicals. Lights Up! v1.1 supports the Enttec Open DMX USB interface.

Spectrum OpenDMX

A dynamic OpenDMX (Entec) lighting developement workspace. This program allows lighting technicians the ability to "build" a virtual DMX board, using drag and drop, as well as the commonly used property grid. Macro functionality allows the user to program lights with ease.

lightning - c-lightning — a Lightning Network implementation in C

c-lightning is a standard compliant implementation of the Lightning Network protocol. The Lightning Network is a scalability solution for Bitcoin, enabling secure and instant transfer of funds between any two party for any amount.For more information about the Lightning Network please refer to http://lightning.network.

DMX Lighting Desk

DMX Desk is a Lighting Control desk in software. It is Modelled on a theatre control type console and is able to create a DMX signal through a variety of output devices.

lnd - Lightning Network Daemon

The Lightning Network Daemon (lnd) - is a complete implementation of a Lightning Network node and currently deployed on testnet3 - the Bitcoin Test Network. lnd has several pluggable back-end chain services including btcd (a full-node) and neutrino (a new experimental light client). The project's codebase uses the btcsuite set of Bitcoin libraries, and also exports a large set of isolated re-usable Lightning Network related libraries within it.

lightning-rfc - Lightning Network Specifications

The specifications are currently a work-in-progress and currently being drafted.Pull requests and comments welcome, seeking input from community stakeholders.

Home Assistant - Home automation platform running on Python 3

Home Assistant is a home automation platform running on Python 3. It is able to track and control all devices at home and offer a platform for automating control. Home Assistant allows you to control all your devices without storing any of your data in the cloud. We like to keep your privacy private.

VolumetricLighting - Lighting effects implemented for the Adam demo: volumetric fog, area lights and tube lights

This repository contains some of the lighting effects implemented for the Unity Adam demo: volumetric fog, area lights and tube lights. Area light with shadows.

Python DMX

A simple python module to interface with DMX to USB devices

DMX Library

DMX Library

Tape - A lightning fast, transactional, file-based FIFO for Android and Java.

A lightning fast, transactional, file-based FIFO for Android and Java. QueueFile is a lightning-fast, transactional, file-based FIFO. Addition and removal from an instance is an O(1) operation and is atomic. Writes are synchronous; data will be written to disk before an operation returns. The underlying file is structured to survive process and even system crashes and if an I/O exception is thrown during a mutating change, the change is aborted.

Fiat Lux!

This project aims to develop an Arduino based light show controller. There is no definition on protocol yet, but almost definitely it won't be DMX512. Probably some MIDI-like one.

GrowthForecast - Lightning Fast Graphing/Visualization

Lightning Fast Graphing/Visualization

Lightning Bug

Lightning Bug is a content management designed to help mobilize people for demonstrations. It was most notably deployed on www.CounterConvention.org during the 2004 RNC in New York City. A tarball is available for release, please contact a developer if y


LARS (Lightning Assessment of Risk for a Structure). LARS is a simple tool for the lightning assessment of risk for a structure, according to standard IEC 62305-2, first edition.

Black Lightning

Black Lightning is a utility program for Simutronics' text-based games that allows you to add new functionality to the existing front end software. It works with both Windows clients (StormFront and The Wizard) and with all four of Simutronics' games (GemStone, DragonRealms, A...

Phiber Framework - Build light-weight lightning-fast PhP applications with Phiber

PHP's EASY MVC Build light-weight lightning-fast PhP applications with Phiber Framework.