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QuickBencher is an easy to use library for .Net developers who wants to run performance benchmarks from within their code.




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Xv6 is a pretty good material for OS learners, but one thing I am concerned is that how I benchmark xv6 after I developed or changed it. For example, xv6 has really simple scheduling algorithm that we easily understand, so that it may be a good idea to develop scheduling algorithm to improve xv6 performance. However, one problem I met was how should I benchmark it? Therefore, I have modified 'hackbench.c', one of the simple benchmarking program, and now it can run on xv6. So, if you need to be

measure-time - create benchmark suites and see the time consumption per given functions.

Create benchmark suites and see the time consumption per given functions.And it'll give an output like the screenshot on top. See the example.js in the repo for another example.


A simple rails app used for benchmarking various cloud compute + storage options. The goal is to have a simple setup that can deploy to various providers like AWS, Rackspace, Heroku, etc. to measure specific test cases that measure performance between the compute instances and the storage layer. Please message me if you'd like to be added as a contributor.

isomorphic-ui-benchmarks - Client/server benchmarks for various UI libraries

This repo includes multiple benchmarks for various UI libraries. Each benchmark is designed to measure rendering performance (on the server and in the browser) and the time that it takes to update the DOM (client-side only).This benchmark measures the time it takes to render pages of search results. Each page includes 100 search result items. Every iteration renders an entirely new set of search results. As a result of rendering new search results for every cycle, a significant number of DOM nodes must be updated.


A small native C++ benchmark/test that evaluates the performance of different time measurement functions from various libraries. The main goal is to see whether they can measure time periods smaller than ~13ms.


jsDOM is a benchmark suite for measuring performance of JavaScript DOM manipulation. That is, it does not measure the speed of the JavaScript interpreter itself, but rather the speed of the web browsers interface with JavaScript. In many modern web applications, this is the largest performance bottleneck.

weathervane - Virtual-Infrastructure and Cloud Performance Benchmark

Weathervane is an application-level performance benchmark designed to allow the investigation of performance tradeoffs in modern virtualized and cloud infrastructures. It consists of an application, a workload driver that can drive a realistic and repeatable load against the application, and a run-harness that automates the process of executing runs and collecting results and relevant performance data. It can be used to investigate the performance characteristics of cloud and virtual infrastructures by deploying the application on the environment of interest, driving a load against the application, and examining the resulting performance metrics. A common use-case would involve varying some component or characteristic of the infrastructure in order to compare the effect of the alternatives on application-level performance.The figure above shows the logical layout of a Weathervane deployment. The Weathervane application is a web-application for hosting real-time auctions. This Auction application uses a scalable architecture that allows deployments to be easily sized for a large range of user loads. A deployment of the application involves a wide variety of support services, such as caching, messaging, NoSQL data-store, and relational database tiers. These services can be deployed in VMs or in Docker containers. The number of instances of some of the services can be scaled elastically at run time in response to a preset schedule or to monitored performance metrics. In addition, Weathervane supports deploying and driving loads against multiple instances of the Auction application in a single run, thus enabling performance investigations of resource constraints or other aspects of multi-tenancy. The Weathervane run-harness manages the complexity of configuring, deploying, and tuning the application, automating most of the tasks involved in configuring the application services and running the benchmark.

ocaml-benchmark - Benchmark - measure/compare run-time of OCaml functions

Benchmark - measure/compare run-time of OCaml functions

go-web-framework-benchmark - :zap: Go web framework benchmark

This benchmark suite aims to compare the performance of Go web frameworks. It is inspired by Go HTTP Router Benchmark but this benchmark suite is different with that. Go HTTP Router Benchmark suit aims to compare the performance of routers but this Benchmark suit aims to compare whole HTTP request processing.

ProcBench CPU analyzer

Procbench is a x86 CPU information tool and CPU benchmark that tests math capabilities of your processor. It will measure the performance of your CPU, FPU and the Cache/Memory subsystem.

Measure It

Measuring micro benchmarks in dot net

Flotilla - Automated message queue orchestration for scaled-up benchmarking.

Flotilla is a work-in-progress tool for testing message queues in more realistic environments. Many benchmarks only measure performance characteristics on a single machine, sometimes with producers and consumers in the same process even. The reality is this information is marginally useful, if at all, and often deceiving. This blog post provides some more background on the motivation behind this project.Testing anything at scale can be difficult to achieve in practice. It generally takes a lot of resources and often requires ad hoc solutions. Flotilla attempts to provide automated orchestration for benchmarking message queues in scaled-up configurations. Simply put, we can benchmark a message broker with arbitrarily many producers and consumers distributed across arbitrarily many machines with a single command.

NUMA-STREAM - The classic STREAM benchmark, extended to measure NUMA effects.

The classic STREAM benchmark, extended to measure NUMA effects.

pageloadspeed - A simple benchmark tool to measure page load speed

A simple benchmark tool to measure page load speed: http://www.raymondhill.net/ublock/pageloadspeed.html.

ioreth - SImple IO benchmark to measure response and throughput.

SImple IO benchmark to measure response and throughput.

PerfKitBenchmarker - Perfkit Benchmarker contains set of benchmarks to measure and compare cloud offerings

PerfKit Benchmarker is an open effort to define a canonical set of benchmarks to measure and compare cloud offerings. It's designed to operate via vendor provided command line tools. The benchmark default settings are not tuned for any particular platform or instance type. These settings are recommended for consistency across services. Only in the rare case where there is a common practice like setting the buffer pool size of a database do we change any settings.PerfKit Benchmarker provides wrappers and workload definitions around popular benchmark tools. We made it very simple to use and automate everything we can. It instantiates VMs on the Cloud provider of your choice, automatically installs benchmarks, and runs the workloads without user interaction.

latency-benchmark - Tests web browser input latency and jank

The Web Latency Benchmark is a new kind of benchmark that tests your browser's responsiveness by directly measuring latency and jank. Visit the homepage at http://google.github.io/latency-benchmark for examples of the kinds of latency and jank that are measured.The Oculus Latency Tester is a hardware device with a light sensor that can measure end-to-end latency from USB input to pixels changing on the screen. This kind of hardware-based measurement accounts for all possible sources of latency. It's the most complete and accurate measurement possible, and it's now supported by the Web Latency Benchmark. Just plug it in and you'll see a special test page.

django-benchmark - extend the yii performance benchmark with django benchmark

extend the yii performance benchmark with django benchmark