Python intellisense Enhancer

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For the python code, the intellisense box will show after you input a character, just like c#.



Related Projects

python-pentest-tools - Python tools for penetration testers


If you are involved in vulnerability research, reverse engineering or pentesting, I suggest to try out the Python programming language. It has a rich set of useful libraries and programs. This page lists some of them. Most of the listed tools are written in Python, others are just Python bindings for existing C libraries, i.e. they make those libraries easily usable from Python programs.

windows-build-tools - :package: Install C++ Build Tools for Windows using npm

  •    TypeScript

After installation, npm will automatically execute this module, which downloads and installs Visual C++ Build Tools, provided free of charge by Microsoft. These tools are required to compile popular native modules. If not already installed, it will also install Python 2.7, configuring your machine and npm appropriately. Both installations are conflict-free, meaning that they do not mess with existing installations of Visual Studio, C++ Build Tools, or Python. If you see anything that indicates otherwise, please file a bug.

sms-tools - Sound analysis/synthesis tools for music applications

  •    Python

Sound analysis/synthesis tools for music applications written in python (with a bit of C) plus complementary lecture materials. In order to use these tools you have to install python (recommended 3.6) and the following modules: ipython, numpy, matplotlib, scipy, and cython.

pandashells - :panda_face: Bringing the python data stack to the shell prompt

  •    Python

For decades, system administrators, dev-ops engineers and data analysts have been piping textual data between unix tools like grep, awk, sed, etc. Chaining these tools together provides an extremely powerful workflow. The more recent emergence of the "data-scientist" has resulted in the increasing popularity of tools like R, Pandas, IPython, etc. These tools have amazing power for transforming, analyzing and visualizing data-sets in ways that grep, awk, sed, and even the dreaded perl-one-liner could never accomplish.

pip-tools - A set of tools to keep your pinned Python dependencies fresh.

  •    Python

A set of tools to keep your pinned Python dependencies fresh.

python-project-template - A template Python project with a focus on best practices.

  •    Smarty

This project provides a best-practices template Python project which integrates several different tools. It saves you work by setting up a number of things, including documentation, code checking, and unit test runners. If you are new to Python or new to creating Python projects, see Kenneth Reitz's Hitchhiker's Guide to Python for an explanation of some of the tools used here.

dedrm-ebook-tools - DRM Removal Tools for eBooks

  •    Python

The old has been moved to On Nov 27, 2012 I created this repo because the author of the tools, @apprenticeharper, did not have a GitHub repo for the tools. I am not the author of these tools. I just wanted to keep them in a safe place. This repository is just a copy of the tools downloaded from Apprentice Alf's Blog.

coa_tools - COA Tools is a 2D Animation Suite for blender

  •    Python

This is the Documentation for the Blender/Godot Addon Cutout Animation Tools. The Cutout Animation Tools (COA Tools) Addon for blender is a 2D rigging and animation suite. It offers you similar tools as for example programs like Spine or Spriter. COA Tools offer you a rapid workflow to create 2D Cutout Character/Animations in blender. Thanks to blenders great animation system and and this addon you get a powerfull solution to create 2D animations. It is parted into 3 different components. Photoshop sprite exporter, Blender Addon, Godot importer.

pydoctor - Documentation Tool for Python

  •    Python

pydoctor is an API documentation tool for Python. It works by parsing the source code and processing the syntax trees of Python modules and packages, which has advantages and disadvantages over generating the documentation from examining live objects, as some other documentation tools do.

stanford-corenlp-python - Python wrapper for Stanford CoreNLP tools v3.4.1

  •    Python

This is a Python wrapper for Stanford University's NLP group's Java-based CoreNLP tools. It can either be imported as a module or run as a JSON-RPC server. Because it uses many large trained models (requiring 3GB RAM on 64-bit machines and usually a few minutes loading time), most applications will probably want to run it as a server. It depends on pexpect and includes and uses code from jsonrpc and python-progressbar.

Petrel - Tools for writing, submitting, debugging, and monitoring Storm topologies in pure Python

  •    Python

Tools for writing, submitting, debugging, and monitoring Storm topologies in pure Python. NOTE: The base Storm package provides, which supports Python 2.6. Petrel, however, requires Python 2.7 or 3.5.

Wireless Attack Toolkit (WAT)

  •    Python

A push-button wireless hacking and Man-in-the-Middle attack toolkit

rbtools - Command line tools for working with Review Board

  •    Python

RBTools is a set of command line tools and a rich Python API for use with Review Board. These tools make it easy to post changes for review, keep them up-to-date, land reviewed changes, and test other people's changes in your own tree, check your workload, and much more.


  •    Python

SGML-tools Lite was a subset of SGML-tools (, providing a friendly Python interface to SGML software specificially in a DocBook/OpenJade environment. SGML-tools Lite is no longer actively developed.

ptf - The Penetration Testers Framework (PTF) is a way for modular support for up-to-date tools.

  •    Python

The PenTesters Framework (PTF) is a Python script designed for Debian/Ubuntu/ArchLinux based distributions to create a similar and familiar distribution for Penetration Testing. As pentesters, we've been accustom to the /pentest/ directories or our own toolsets that we want to keep up-to-date all of the time. We have those "go to" tools that we use on a regular basis, and using the latest and greatest is important. PTF attempts to install all of your penetration testing tools (latest and greatest), compile them, build them, and make it so that you can install/update your distribution on any machine. Everything is organized in a fashion that is cohesive to the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) and eliminates a lot of things that are hardly used. PTF simplifies installation and packaging and creates an entire pentest framework for you. Since this is a framework, you can configure and add as you see fit. We commonly see internally developed repos that you can use as well as part of this framework. It's all up to you.

multiscanner - Modular file scanning/analysis framework

  •    Javascript

MultiScanner is a file analysis framework that assists the user in evaluating a set of files by automatically running a suite of tools for the user and aggregating the output. Tools can be custom built Python scripts, web APIs, software running on another machine, etc. Tools are incorporated by creating modules that run in the MultiScanner framework. Modules are designed to be quickly written and easily incorporated into the framework. Currently written and maintained modules are related to malware analytics, but the framework is not limited to that scope. For a list of modules you can look in modules/. Descriptions and config options can be found on the Analysis Modules page.

testinfra - Testinfra test your infrastructures

  •    Python

With Testinfra you can write unit tests in Python to test actual state of your servers configured by management tools like Salt, Ansible, Puppet, Chef and so on.

python-api - A simple Python-based API for accessing Shotgun and integrating with other tools

  •    Python

A simple Python-based API for accessing Shotgun and integrating with other tools

prospector - Inspects Python source files and provides information about type and location of classes, methods etc

  •    Python

Prospector is a tool to analyse Python code and output information about errors, potential problems, convention violations and complexity. It brings together the functionality of other Python analysis tools such as Pylint, pep8, and McCabe complexity. See the Supported Tools documentation section for a complete list.

redbaron - Bottom-up approach to refactoring in python

  •    Python

RedBaron is a python library and tool powerful enough to be used into IPython solely that intent to make the process of writing code that modify source code as easy and as simple as possible. That include writing custom refactoring, generic refactoring, tools, IDE or directly modifying you source code into IPython with a higher and more powerful abstraction than the advanced texts modification tools that you find in advanced text editors and IDE. RedBaron guaranteed you that it will only modify your code where you ask him to. To achieve this, it is based on Baron a lossless AST for Python that guarantees the operation ast_to_code(code_to_ast(source_code)) == source_code. (Baron's AST is called an FST, a Full Syntax Tree).