connect-four - Connect-4 web game

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This game is deployed on Heroku, and you can play it live here. You'll need Node.js installed first.


connect-four : 0.0.6
gun : ^0.3.992
random-words : 0.0.1
react : ^15.3.1
react-dom : ^15.3.1
react-router : ^3.0.0



Related Projects


  •    C

LINeup4 is a connect four game using a terminal interface which doesn't need any graphic libraries. This game is also known as four in a row or connect4. The game is won by lining up four of your pawns in a row, in a column or diagonally.

Connect Five

  •    C++

A 3D connect five game which is played on a checkerboard type board (19x19) instead of the Connect Four board.

QBIC - Play smart!

  •    C++

QBIC is bascially a quot;four in a rowquot; board game, except that you can place your tokens on 16 sticks. This way you can connect four tokens in 3D space and no longer on a 2D plane.


  •    Java

This is the game Get Four also known as Connect Four. You can play against a computer opponent which provides three different levels of difficulty. Or you can play against another human player.

phaser-multiplayer-game - :video_game: Simple real-time multiplayer phaser game example which uses node and websockets

  •    Javascript

Simple real-time multiplayer phaser game which uses node and websockets. And derived from the Phaser's tanks example game.



Conectayas is an open source "Connect Four" alike game but transformable to "Tic-Tac-Toe" and to a lot of similar games that uses mouse. Written in DHTML (JavaScript, CSS and HTML). Very configurable. This cross-platform and cross-browser game was tested under BeOS, Linux, *B...

Okey Board Game


Istaka is a turkish board game called "Okey". Played with domino like pieces on a board, with four players getting turns. Project supports client platform to meet players and play the game over internet. Silverlight, MVC pattern used. Needs improvement on UI Design.

warzone2100 - Warzone 2100 - a free and open source real time strategy game

  •    C++

Warzone 2100, released in 1999 and developed by Pumpkin Studios, was a ground-breaking and innovative 3D real-time strategy game. In 2004 Eidos, in collaboration with Pumpkin Studios, decided to release the source for the game under the terms of the GNU GPL, including everything but the music and in-game video sequences, which were released later.

ranviermud - A node.js based MUD game engine

  •    Javascript

Ranvier is a MUD game engine. Out of the box Ranvier is configured to use a telnet server and will work with any MUD client you've used to connect to other MUDs. It runs a websocket server simultaneously, meaning players can also connect to your game with a websocket client at the same time. However, Ranvier supports any transport server you want to use; changing the entire networking layer is as easy as adding a command. Ranvier also has a GUI builder available, Soma.



SATZ is a computerized translation of the card game Set, a game based on pattern matching in four categories. It aims to support multiplayer through networking. The target platform is Win32 using OpenGL for graphics.


  •    C++

Ronda is a card game very popular in Morocco. The game in real world is played between two persons or four. For the moment Ronda software is a single player card game that allow you to play against your computer.

Copter Commander

  •    C

A unique blend of arcade action and real time strategy, Copter Commander is fun for novices but surprisingly deep. It currently supports one to four players via Internet play and is based on the game design of Rescue Raiders and Armor Alley.

meal-prep - Source code for a 4-part series I wrote about Vue, Vue Router, Vuex and Vuetify

  •    Vue

This is the source code for a four-part series I wrote on creating a Vue.js application that also uses Vue-Router, Vuetify and Vuex. The articles take you through creating a Vue application and then adding on to it until you have created a fully functional meal delivery website. As I mentioned this source code is the final code created as part of four articles I wrote on creating a Vue.js application using Vue-Router, Vuex, Vuetify and Firebase. Here are links to each version of the articles: Part 1 - Covers creating the application and adding Vuetify for styling. Part 2 - Covers using Vue Router to add navigating between pages in the application. Part 3 - Covers adding Vuex for state management. Also we connect to a Recipes API to get content for our application. Part 4 - Covers using Firebase for Authentication. Users can create an account and order recipes. When they login to their account they will see their orders.

Arianne RPG

  •    Java

Arianne is an engine to develop multiplayer online games like Stendhal

Amazon FreeRTOS - Cloud-native IoT operating system for microcontrollers

  •    C

FreeRTOS is an open source, real-time operating system for microcontrollers that makes small, low-power edge devices easy to program, deploy, secure, connect, and manage. This includes securely connecting your small, low-power devices to AWS cloud services like AWS IoT Core or to more powerful edge devices running AWS IoT Greengrass. FreeRTOS is built with an emphasis on reliability and ease of use.

Six To Four Layer

  •    C

A simple daemon to allow IPv4 to IPv6 communication. Can be used to allow IPv6 only clients to connect to legacy IPv4 servers, or IPv4 only clients to connect to IPv6 only servers.

OpenRTS - real-time strategy game

  •    Python

OpenRTS is an open source realtime strategy game. It features isometric graphics, networked multiplayer and single-player scenarios. The game is being developed using Python and SDL. The game runs on at least Linux, Windows and Mac.


  •    C++

Auris Terre is an Open Source Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game in a futuristic environment. You'll beable to choose from ten different educations and four different breeds. Enter your new world!

Triplane Classic

  •    C++

Triplane Classic is a side-scrolling dogfighting game featuring solo missions and multiplayer mode with up to four players.