Project Time Keeper

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Application will track your time spent on different projects. It is something like proof of concept for WPF MVVM with embedded database.



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The web based software product that sells the book in either physical or electronic form. The complete solution which implements the administration and user modules of the system. It includes inventory management, personalization, favourites, uploading related materials, user...


An ASP.NET MVC 3 application demoing Fluent NHibernate, Castle Windsor, NUnit and Moq.

Castle Windsor app.config Properties

The Castle Windsor app.config Properties library makes it possible for users of Castle Windsor to reference appSettings values in Windsor's XML properties.

Castle-Windsor - Castle Windsor for .NET 4

Castle Windsor for .NET 4

ActiveRecord - ActiveRecord pattern for .NET

The Castle ActiveRecord project is an implementation of the ActiveRecord pattern for .NET. The ActiveRecord pattern consists on instance properties representing a record in the database, instance methods acting on that specific record and static methods acting on all records. Castle ActiveRecord is built on top of NHibernate, but its attribute-based mapping free the developer of writing XML for database-to-object mapping, which is needed when using NHibernate directly.

Windsor - Castle Windsor Features

Castle Windsor Features

Castle-Wcf-Facility - Quick test of Castle Windsor Wcf Facility usage

Quick test of Castle Windsor Wcf Facility usage

MyStory Blog Engine

MyStory is a blog engine solution. It will use following technical stacks - ASP.NET MVC, - ORM (will support both Entity Framework and NHibernate) - IoC (Castle Windsor or StructureMap, not yet decided) - HTML5 - jQuery - Razor


My experiments in .NET technologies, including the following: - Data access: LinqToSql, EntityFramework, NHibernate - DI: Unity, Castle Windsor - UI: ASP.NET MVC, WPF, Silverlight - Others...


This project aims to provide a framework for developing two-tier WinForms and WebForms and three-tier SOA applications by combining existing technologies like NHibernate, CSLA.NET and Castle Windsor


Code for Real World Application Development with Mvc3 NHibernate, FluentNHibernate and Castle Windsor


Scoop-esque blog in C#, ASP.NET MVC w/NHibernate, MOQ, Castle Windsor


Uma Biblioteca Utilizando NHIbernate e Castle Windsor

castle_windsor_demo - QFrame bootcamp 2012 demo of Castle WIndsor

QFrame bootcamp 2012 demo of Castle WIndsor


Castle Windsor WCF Service With Interceptor and Meta Data Publishing

ToBeSeen - Extensibility sample app for Castle Windsor

Extensibility sample app for Castle Windsor