Project Autumn

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Project Autumn is a Multi Platform Game Engine in .Net providing an ability to compile once and have it run on all platforms. It will provide Graphical Management for 2D/3D, Input Management for Mice, Keyboards and Controllers/Joysticks, Audio Input/Output, Networking and Media.



Related Projects


Ximera is a plugin-driven game engine that provides a common interface for working with other engines. It allows you to keep the same code-base for all platforms. Currently, it supports Ogre3D for graphics, DirectInput for input, Lua for scripting, OpenAL for audio, ODE for ph...

Axiom 3D Rendering Engine

The Axiom 3D Engine is an open-source, cross-platform 3D graphics rendering engine for .NET and Mono.

Gojo Game Engine

Gojo is a 2D game engine that permits rapid game development, like FENIX, but uses Lua. The engine is written completely in C and uses SDL for graphics, sound, input, and networking. It comes with standard libraries for common game needs such as sprites.


The xGSuite (Created by: X - Game Suite) is a general collection of projects ranging from DirectX Graphics, HLSL, Simple Phisics, Game Console, Scene Management, Collision Detection, UI, device input, Tools/Utilities, and Game Engine Core. As well numerous example apps,...

XGate2D - XNA 2D Game Engine

XGate2D is 2D game engine built using XNA Framework. XGate2D currently has 8 features: input handler, animation, Graphical User Interface (GUI), collision detection, physics, particle system, tiling engine, and audio engine.

EZ2D Game Engine

EZ2D is a 2-Dimensional Game Engine based off of SDL. Using SDL_Mixer, SDL_Image, and the main SDL libraries, this engine provides an easy to use interface for Graphics, sound and input.

Simple Direct Engine

Simple Direct Engine (SDE) is a game engine that covers most ot the topics needed in game development, such as graphics, sound, input and much more. It's built on top of DirectX and it's goal is to keep a simple interface while offering great features.


Aurora Game Engine is a game engine with graphics, physics and audio capabilities. UNDER HEAVY DEVELOPMENT

DirectX Wrapper for Vortex2D

Satellite project for Vortex2D graphics framework/game engine. It contains thin DirectX API wrapper written in C++/CLI which is used by Vortex2D graphics/input modules.

Neutron Engine

A flexible, modular game engine that can make use of different components (internally developed or existing external libraries) to implement subsystems such as graphics rendering, AI, audio or physics.

Blinded-by-the-Beat - An audio puzzle game without graphics.

An audio puzzle game without graphics.


BooGame is an object oriented CLS-compliant, 2D game engine framework that provides high-level hardware accelerated video, audio, keyboard, mouse, embedded scripting and many image formats. Written in C#, BooGame targets .NET 1.1, 2.0 and Mono platforms.

Core-Game-Engine - A game engine combining OGRE graphics, Bullet physics, and OpenAL sound.

A game engine combining OGRE graphics, Bullet physics, and OpenAL sound.

marshmallow-novel - Graphics Novel Engine based on Marshmallow Game Engine

Graphics Novel Engine based on Marshmallow Game Engine


Magstripper is a magnetic card reader and decoder that takes raw waveform information from a magnetic audio head (soldered directly to a mono audio jack) and processes it via a mic input. It also includes a multi-user door lock access control system.

AS3 Iso Game Engine

An isometric tile-based-game-engine. The engine is intended for pixel-graphics but with a few adjustments might work with vector-graphics. It comes with an Flex-AIR desktop application for editing tile-maps in xml-format.

Phenomenon-Engine - An open source graphics/game engine written in C++ and OpenGL

An open source graphics/game engine written in C++ and OpenGL

InputEngine - An input engine for our game engine.

An input engine for our game engine.

Imaginary Game Engine

The Imaginary Game Engine project tries to create a full-featured, modular and multi-threaded game engine in C#, usable with both Microsoft's .NET runtime and Mono.