Customer Feedback System

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PollBox is a ASP.NET MVC based open source customer feedback system, where customer can vote ideas and company can always see what the majority really lacks.



Related Projects

DNN Customer Feedback


DotNetNuke Module allows customers to make suggestions as well as vote and provide comments ( in the style of UserVoice and StackOverflow ). This module is developed using an inline script model.



Feedbacky is an OpenSource alternative to services like Getsatisfaction and UserVoice. Feedbacky will let you to create and merge your own Feedback service within your website/webapp without paying anything, letting your users to give their opinion about your service.

Fider - Open platform to collect and organize customer feedback

  •    Go

Fider is an open platform to collect and organize customer feedback. By using the platform, your community can share, vote and discuss on ideas they have to make your product or company even better.

gh-polls - Polls for user feedback in GitHub issues

  •    Go

User polls for GitHub powered by Up.These polls work by pasting individual markdown SVG images into your issue, each wrapped with a link that tracks a vote. A single vote per IP is allowed for a given poll, which are stored in DynamoDB.

toc - Technical Oversight Committee (TOC)


In various situations the CNCF TOC shall hold a vote. These votes can happen on the phone, email, or via a voting service, when appropriate. TOC members can either respond "agree, yes, +1", "disagree, no, -1", or "abstain". A vote passes with two-thirds vote of votes cast based on the charter (see 6(c)(viii)). An abstain vote equals not voting at all.

GetSatisfaction Helper for WebMatrix


The GetSatisfaction Helper for WebMatrix allows you to easily integrate GetSatistaction feedback functionality into your site. It provides a set of widgets for your users to share their ideas, questions, problems, and praises.

LINQKit - LINQKit is a free set of extensions for LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework power users.

  •    CSharp

AsExpandable is based on a very clever project by Tomas Petricek. ExpressionVisitor comes from a sample by Matt Warren. If you like LINQKit, consider voting for it on the Entity Framework UserVoice page (

PHP Picture Voting Booth


A PHP program that allows you to have visitors vote on pictures. Uses email confirmation to make sure only one email address can vote on a topic.


  •    PHP

The FriWahl system supports the election of student's representation of the University of Karlsruhe. It prevents students from voting twice and guarantees definite voting time ranges. It is necessary to allow students to vote at multiple places.

RolyPoll: Social Voting


A web and mobile application for distributed decision making.

Voting systems toolbox

  •    Java

This toolbox is designed to make implementations of voting systems freely available in Java. It will initially have software for Single Transferrable vote (Meek algorithm), but others may be included.

UserVoice Widgets Module for Orchard CMS


The UserVioce Widgets module allows you to add the Feedback tab as well as a Suggestions list to your Orchard CMS website.


  •    PHP

A complete system for Web Based elections amp; consults. Support for multiple, concurrent, fully programable elections, separate lists of voters, Web based user/lists/vote admin, email feedback, etc

Customer Driven Development

  •    PHP

Customer Driven Development allows the consumers of open-source software to provide feedback and direction to its creators. CDD provides infrastructure to allow features to be voted, suggested, and a secure email database for notification.

MultiPoint Vote


Voting is more innovative and catchy through this MultiPoint application. Using MultiPoint SDK 1.5 and Visual C#, this prototype emphasizes the capability of the MultiPoint technology to cater more people using a single pc.

Voter Daemon

  •    VBNET

Voter Daemon is a program you can use for fun (as for voting as class president)...or you can use it to mock vote!

sede - secure democracy

  •    C

Electronic voting software. Voter verified, free vote, free comment, not protocol dependent, flexible text ballots format, encryption, features. Unix command-line.

decay - Famous sorting algorithms based on vote popularity and time implemented for nodejs

  •    Javascript

Algorithms may cause scores to decay based on distance to post time. Decay exports 3 scoring function factories.

Touchfolio - Free responsive portfolio WordPress theme with touch navigation

  •    Javascript

Touchfolio is simple theme created with focus on content and providing great user experience on majority of desktop and mobile devices. Theme is currently in beta, please leave feedback, report bugs and vote for ideas.Theme is partly "sponsored" by new version of my RoyalSlider plugin.

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