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To build the documentation you need python and 2 extra modules.



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PocketMine-MP - A server software for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition in PHP

  •    PHP

Head over to the documentation site. If you don't find what you're looking for there, talk to a human. Please do not use our issue tracker for support requests. There are a very wide range of already-written plugins available which you can use to customise your server. Check out Poggit, or just search GitHub.


  •    PHP

PocketMine-MP is a server software for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition). It has a Plugin API that enables a developer to extend it and add new features, or change default ones The entire server is done in PHP, and has been tested, profiled and optimized to run smoothly. GitHub Repository:

Stramit SharePoint 2007 Master Picker


Master page Here some feature of this feature :) Show current Master Page (MP) url * Filter only MP files in the listbox * Could switch and select from the current MP gallery or the root web gallery * Auto select the actual MP file in the listbox (top or local) * apply ...

GNU MP wrapper for .NET


A .NET wrapper with simple object interface (written in C#) for GNU MP bignum library ( GNU MP or (short) GMP is ... "...a free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic, operating on signed integers, rational numbers, and floating point numbers. There is...

PS print tools: mp, mptool and mimep.

  •    C

The mpdist distribution consists of three programs: mp - pretty prints files to a PostScript printer. mptool - a graphical frontend to mp. mimep - allows users to print multimedia messages composed with any UA respecting the MIME standar


  •    Java

ANA-MP is a Player and library for music files (modules) in the .MOD, .XM and .S3M formats. It is coded in pure Java, and should therefore run on any platform, with a Java 1.3 (or newer) implementation.

GPS_YV Herramientas para Mapas GPS (GPS Map Tools)

  •    CSharp

[English] This is a set of tools for GPS Maps in Polish format (.mp). For now they allow to verify, validate, and fix Points of Interest (POIs) and Roads in Maps. [Español] Este es un grupo de aplicaciones para Mapas de GPS en el formato Polish (.mp). Por ahora permiten veri...

MPman MP-F70

  •    C

The mpf70 project aims to provide both a Linux kernel module and a userspace program to interface the Mpman MP-F70 portable MP3 player.

itchatmp - A complete and graceful API for wechat mp. 完备优雅的微信公众号接口,原生支持同步、协程使用。

  •    Python

A complete and graceful API for wechat mp. 完备优雅的微信公众号接口,原生支持同步、协程使用。

django-sekizai - Django Template Blocks with extra functionality

  •    Python

Please refer to the documentation in the docs/ directory or on RTFD for help. The main reason I started this project was the lack of a good media (css/js) framework in django and the django-cms. Yes there is the Media class used in forms in django, but really that doesn't work that well. Usually the frontend guys want to decide on css and javascript files to be included and they don't want to have to edit Python files to change that neither did I want them to change my Python files. Therefor there was a need to allow you to edit contents of templates which are before or after the point where you are now. Also I wanted duplicates to be removed. As a result I wrote django-sekizai, which does exactly that. It's similar to blocks, just instead of inheriting them, you extend them.

Linux On MCR7x0/MP 8x0

  •    C

Linux kernel porting for NEC Mobile Gear II MCR7x0(MCR700 and MCR730 in JAPAN) and NEC MobilePro 8x0(800 and 880 in USA).

Kiwi MP

  •    Javascript

Data mines the voting record and other actions of Members of the NZ Parliament. Extracts information from the parliament website and stores it in a database. Provides tools to analyse the information, producing statistics and tables about the MPs/parties

BeboX MP : BeBox Multimedia Player

  •    C++

BeBoxMP can be used in your car or at home with your TV, in a HTPC. The project aims to stay ligtht amp; fast, simple to install and setup (quot;unzip and goquot;). Special Tools can also be found here for BMW Cars with IBUS (look at IbusComm for BeBoxMP integrat

SCSM SendEmail MP


Providing a stable version of the SendEmail solution for Service Manager 2012 as an Open Source Project to the System Center Community.


  •    DotNet

MPCLI is a library that brings the power of the GNU MP big numbers library to those who use CLS-compliant languages such as C#, F#, and Visual Basic. This library is great for both beginning and experienced developers to use and build upon.



MPElementsExtract is a tool for extracting / embedding elements from / to OpsMgr unsealed management packs. It makes easier for management pack authors to reuse parts of code and use right tools to edit reports, resources, scripts and other MP items.

War In Middle Earth

  •    C++

MMOG about LOtR after ~SR 4000, Currently I'm working on having the NPCs interact. After I will complete the D3D engine. Then implement winsock and MP

wx_pay - An unofficial simple wechat pay gem

  •    Ruby

A simple Wechat pay ruby gem, without unnecessary magic or wrapper. copied from alipay . Please read official document first: