ds1054z - Python package for the Rigol DS1054Z Oscilloscope

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This package allows you to connect to your Rigol DS1054Z oscilloscope via Ethernet. It comes with a versatile command line tool. Off course, you can also use it to control the scope with your own script by using the API this package has to offer.




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git-repo - Git-Repo: CLI utility to manage git services from your workspace

  •    Python

For the past few months I've been really busy coding on stuff that puts food on the table… And sadly, I cannot give this project all the love it deserves. Which is why it's taken me months to spend a few hours merge and release the PRs featured in this repository. actually the namespace is facultative, as per default you can (and want to) only create new repositories within your own account.


  •    Python

Takes in a GIF, short video, or a query to the Tenor GIF API and converts it to animated ASCII art. Animation and color support are performed using ANSI escape sequences. Requires Python 3 (with setuptools and pip), zlib, libjpeg, and ffmpeg, other dependencies are installed by setup.py.

xoscope: digital oscilloscope

  •    C

xoscope is a digital oscilloscope using input from a sound card or EsounD and/or a ProbeScope/osziFOX and will soon support Bitscope hardware. Includes 8 signal displays, variable time scale, math, memory, measurements, and file save/load.

Gscope: A Software Oscilloscope Library

  •    C

Gscope is a software oscilloscope library build using the GTK and GNOME toolkits. Gscope can be used to monitor, display and debug various types of quot;real-timequot; data. Additionally, the scope can be used for graphing file data that is in a tuple format.

FPGA-Based Oscilloscope

  •    C

Oscilloscope components, including 100MHz quad A/D, VHDL code for Xilinx FPGA, and driver for Octave or Matlab.

w1thermsensor - A Python package and CLI tool to work with w1 temperature sensors like DS1822, DS18S20 & DS18B20 on the Raspbery Pi, Beagle Bone and other devices

  •    Python

Get the temperature from your w1 therm sensor in a single line of code! It's designed to be used with the Rasperry Pi hardware but also works on a Beagle Bone and others. Raspberry Pi: this package is available in Raspbian as python-w1thermsensor and python3-w1thermsensor.

python3-in-one-pic - Learn python3 in one picture.

  •    Jupyter

Learn python3 in one picture.

django-simple-captcha - Django Simple Captcha is an extremely simple, yet highly customizable Django application to add captcha images to any Django form

  •    Python

Django Simple Captcha is an extremely simple, yet highly customizable Django application to add captcha images to any Django form. The current development version supports Python3 via the six compatibility layer. You will need to install Pillow because PIL doesn't support Python3 yet.

gef - GEF - GDB Enhanced Features for exploit devs & reversers

  •    Python

GEF is a kick-ass set of commands for X86, ARM, MIPS, PowerPC and SPARC to make GDB cool again for exploit dev. It is aimed to be used mostly by exploiters and reverse-engineers, to provide additional features to GDB using the Python API to assist during the process of dynamic analysis and exploit development. It has full support for both Python2 and Python3 indifferently (as more and more distros start pushing gdb compiled with Python3 support).

dpkt - fast, simple packet creation / parsing, with definitions for the basic TCP/IP protocols

  •    Python

The DPKT code base now supports both Python2 and Python3 thanks to the efforts of @kylekeppler @jonathanslenders @sunhao2014 and many more. Given the large amount of work that went into the Python3 support there's bound to be a few wrinkles that crop up.

python-saml - Python SAML Toolkit

  •    Python

Add SAML support to your Python software using this library. Forget those complicated libraries and use the open source library provided and supported by OneLogin Inc. This version supports Python2. There is a separate version that supports Python3: python3-saml.

build-app-with-python-antitextbook - Aims to teach Python3 by example

  •    Python

This book is not for a completely noob programmer, it expects some initial programming experience. It's an easy to understand introduction to the Python programming language which focuses on teaching concepts via examples. The initial chapters explain various concepts and in a later chapter, you will build a command line todo list manager.

machine-learning - :earth_americas: machine learning algorithms tutorials (mainly in Python3)

  •    HTML

This is a continuously updated repository that documents personal journey on learning data science, machine learning related topics. Forecasting methods for timeseries-based data.

zhihu-py3 - [不再维护] Zhihu UNOFFICIAL API library in python3, with help of bs4, lxml, requests and html2text

  •    Python

[不再维护] Zhihu UNOFFICIAL API library in python3, with help of bs4, lxml, requests and html2text.

SleuthQL - Python3 Burp History parsing tool to discover potential SQL injection points

  •    Python

SleuthQL is a python3 script to identify parameters and values that contain SQL-like syntax. Once identified, SleuthQL will then insert SQLMap identifiers (*) into each parameter where the SQL-esque variables were identified. There are cases where this tool will break down. Namely, if there is nested content-types (such as a base64 encoded parameter within JSON data), it will not be able to identify those parameters. It also does not cover Cookies, as too often something such as CloudFlare will flag a parameter we're not interested in.

subconscious - redis-backed (in memory) db for python3 that is asyncio compatible

  •    Python

redis-backed (in memory) db for python3 that is asyncio compatible

Machine-Learning - :zap:机器学习实战(Python3):kNN、决策树、贝叶斯、逻辑回归、SVM、线性回归、树回归

  •    HTML


learn-python3 - Jupyter notebooks for teaching/learning Python 3

  •    Python

This repository contains a collection of materials for teaching/learning Python 3 (3.5+). If you can not access Python and/or Jupyter Notebook on your machine, you can still follow the web based materials. However, you should be able to use Jupyter Notebook in order to complete the exercises.

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