github - Ruby interface to GitHub API

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A Ruby client for the official GitHub API. Supports all the API methods. It's built in a modular way. You can either instantiate the whole API wrapper or use parts of it i.e. if working solely with repositories is your main concern. Intuitive query methods allow you easily call API endpoints.



Related Projects

php-github-api - A simple PHP GitHub API client, Object Oriented, tested and documented. For 5.5+.

  •    PHP

A simple Object Oriented wrapper for GitHub API, written with PHP5. Uses GitHub API v3 & supports GitHub API v4. The object API (v3) is very similar to the RESTful API.

github-mirror - Scripts to mirror Github in a cloudy fashion

  •    Ruby

A library and a collection of scripts used to retrieve data from the Github API and extract metadata in an SQL database, in a modular and scalable manner. The scripts are distributed as a Gem (ghtorrent), but they can also be run by checking out this repository. Depending on which SQL database you want to use, install the appropriate dependency gem.

octonode - github api v3 in nodejs

  •    CoffeeScript

You can configure the protocol, hostname and port to use. For example to connect to a GitHub Enterprise instance. The client supports conditional requests and helps you respecting rate limits by caching information that hasn't changed. You can add the If-None-Match header to each request calling the conditional method.

bitly - A Ruby wrapper for the API

  •    Ruby

Bitly recently released their version 3 API. From this 0.5.0 release, the gem will continue to work the same but also provide a V3 module, using the version 3 API. The standard module will become deprecated, as Bitly do not plan to keep the version 2 API around forever. Then, when you call, api_key) you will get a Bitly::V3::Client instead, which provides the version 3 api calls (shorten, expand, clicks, validate and bitly_pro_domain). See for details.

tentacat - Simple Elixir wrapper for the GitHub API

  •    Elixir

Simple Elixir wrapper for the GitHub API. Every call to GitHub needs a client, but if you want to use unauthenticated requests we will provide an unauthenticated client for you. Keep in mind that GitHub has different rate-limits if you authenticate or not.


  •    Python is a comprehensive, actively developed and extraordinarily stable wrapper around the GitHub API (v3). See HISTORY.rst for any "breaking" changes.

google_places - A Ruby wrapper around the Google Places API

  •    Ruby

This gem provides a Ruby wrapper around the Google Places API, using HTTParty. At this moment the gem does not support OAuth authentication and will only work with an API key. To be able to use this gem, you'll need a Google Places API key. To request an API key, point your browser to and follow the instructions there.

UAGithubEngine - Objective-C Wrapper for the Github API

  •    Objective-C

UAGithubEngine is a wrapper around the Github API. Check out the API documentation for full details of what the API can do. UAGithubEngine is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 and above, and iOS 5.0.


  •    Javascript

Octokat.js provides a minimal higher-level wrapper around GitHub's API. It is being developed in the context of an EPUB3 Textbook editor for GitHub and a simple serverless kanban board (demo). This package can be used in nodejs or in the browser as an AMD module or using browserify.

foursquare2 - Ruby wrapper for the foursquare v2 api

  •    Ruby

Ruby wrapper for the foursquare v2 API. Currently this gem does not handle the oauth2 authentication flow for you, use the oauth2 gem to retrieve and store oauth tokens for a user. Obtain your client key/secret for userless access at the foursquare developer site.

yt - The reliable YouTube API Ruby client

  •    Ruby

Yt helps you write apps that need to interact with YouTube. The source code is available on GitHub and the documentation on RubyDoc.

frisbee - :dog2: Modern fetch-based alternative to axios/superagent/request

  •    Javascript

tldr; Stripe-inspired API wrapper for WHATWG's fetch() method for making simple HTTP requests (alternative to superagent, request, axios).If you're using node-fetch, you need node-fetch@v1.5.3 to use form-data with files properly (due to If you experience form file upload issues, please see

github - The github API for Haskell

  •    Haskell

The Github API v3 for Haskell. Some functions are missing; these are functions where the Github API did not work as expected. The full Github API is in beta and constantly improving.

github-gem - `github` command line helper for simplifying your GitHub experience.

  •    Ruby

This gem works hand-in-hand with GitHub's API to help you out. Catch us in the #github room on freenode if you want to get involved. Or just fork and send a pull request.

gfms - Github Flavored Markdown Server (GFMS)

  •    Javascript

You can now use the option -a to tell GFMS to render your documents via the Github Markdown Rendering API. For simplicity, the public access is used, which is limited to 60 requests per hour per an IP address. If the mode -a is not specified, GFMS will render your doc via Github API only when you manually reload it in the browser (and on the first load). This way you are less likely ot hit the hourly API limit, because you will only use the API to check for correctness occasionally. Use -n to disable this feature.

malsub - A Python RESTful API framework for online malware analysis and threat intelligence services

  •    Python

malsub is a Python 3.6.x framework that wraps several web services of online malware and URL analysis sites through their RESTful Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). It supports submitting files or URLs for analysis, retrieving reports by hash values, domains, IPv4 addresses or URLs, downloading samples and other files, making generic searches and getting API quota values. The framework is designed in a modular way so that new services can be added with ease by following the provided template module and functions to make HTTP GET and POST requests and to pretty print results. This approach avoids having to write individual and specialized wrappers for each and every API by leveraging what they have in common in their calls and responses. The framework is also multi-threaded and dispatches service API functions across a thread pool for each input argument, meaning that it spawns a pool of threads per each file provided for submission or per each hash value provided for report retrieval, for example. Most of these services require API keys that are generated after registering an account in their respective websites, which need to be specified in the apikey.yaml file according to the given structure. Note that some of the already bundled services are limited in supported operations due to the fact that they were developed with free API keys. API keys associated with paid subscriptions are allowed to make additional calls not open to the public and may not be restricted by a given quota. Yet, malsub can process multiple input arguments and pause between requests as a workaround for cooldown periods.

octokit.rb - Ruby toolkit for the GitHub API

  •    Ruby

Ruby toolkit for the GitHub API.Upgrading? Check the Upgrade Guide before bumping to a new major version.

python-github3 - [In Progress] Python wrapper for the new GitHub API.

  •    Python

[In Progress] Python wrapper for the new GitHub API.

UAGithubEngine - Objective-C Wrapper for the Github API

  •    Objective-C

Objective-C Wrapper for the Github API

Monkey - Monkey is a GitHub third party client for iOS,to show the rank of coders and repositories.

  •    Objective-C

Monkey is a GitHub third party client,Monkey is a program ape. Monkey for GitHub is my first on-line App,open source project.Welcome to download through two-dimensional code.