Pandora's Box

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Pandora's Box is a tool for Ultima Online Gamemasters, primarily on RunUO-Freeshards. It includes a roof builder, travel manager and a lot of other wizards and functions. It was developed by Arya who released the sourcecode of Version 2 Beta 5. There were some additional c...



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[RunUO] Vendor Auction and Mall 2.0

VAM 2.0 - Hawkins' Vendor, Auction and Mall System 2.0 for RunUO SVN Note: This package is developed under RunUO SVN, using Callandor2k's RunUO with Mondain's Legacy package. You are thus recommended to use the same version of RunUO and ML package.

Roleplay-Functional RunUO

Roleplay RunUO is a fork of the popular Ultima Online Emulation, it focuses primarily on Roleplay shards. This release is intended to include everything needed to run a roleplay shard from scratch, including: A fully operational Race System A fully operational Alignment...

[RunUO] SVN ML Server All-in-One

[RunUO] SVN ML Server All-in One It could be a good news for those who want to host a RunUO server but are not scripters. This project is provide them with ready to be hosted server.


VitaNexCore (VNc) is a dynamic extension library for RunUO written in C#, targeting .NET Framework 4.0


The Ultima SDK is a Software Development Kit for the game Ultima Online*. This DLL allows developers to easily translate art-work and process information from the game's data and executable files. The DLL was written by RunUO-Core Developer krrios and is here-by maintained by...


OpenUO aims to create open source utilities for modifying not only the Ultima Online client files, but tools to assist in running a server. While all tools will be created to help run and maintain a RunUO server. They will be created in a way that makes it easy to adapt them...