Opinion Poll SharePoint 2010 Web Part

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SharePoint web part that highlight active opinion poll and allow visitor to cast a vote and view result immediately. This also include poll management feature.




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Polling Web Part

The Poll Web Part allows you to quickly poll your end users without using a lot of real estate like what the SharePoint surveys use.

SPUserPoll - SharePoint Poll Web Part

SPUserPoll provides your SharePoint environment with a set of web parts to allow your end users to create simple polls. It does this without the hassle of the standard SharePoint surveys which is not intended to create a simple 1 question poll.

SharePoint 2010 Poll

This is a simple user poll web part for SharePoint 2010. Site users can add simple polls and vote. Poll reults are displayed as pie charts.

Sharepoint Polling feature

Description: > Polling web part will allow the user ‘s to send pooling vote > One user can reply only one’s > When the vote is done the web part automatically show the results -> Please send your feed back if you like it.

SharePoint-QuickPolls - A JavaScript only poll that can be inserted onto any page in SharePoint

A JavaScript only poll that can be inserted onto any page in SharePoint

SharePoint CAML Query Helper for 2007, 2010, and 2013

Use SharePoint Object Model or Web Services to build and test CAML Queries. Examine list fields (names, types) and views, export data, build c# code on the fly.

CAML Query Builder Library for Sharepoint Webservice

CAML query builder makes it easier for create CAML query to communicate with sharepoint via SP Web service. It's developed in C#

Stramit SharePoint 2007 Caml Viewer

I write this tool to help me in writing CAML Query for SharePoint 2007. Perhaps, you're notice that some CAML is autogeneretated each time you're create a vie in a list. My idea is to create some light view in SharePoint, get its CAML code, modify it and paste it into my code.

proto-poll - Proto Poll is a free poll system.

Proto Poll is a free poll system.


Too often it is necessary to coordinate large groups of people based on their availabilities and interests. The matching process can be challenging and time-consuming, leading to unnecessary frustration. GroupMatch is created to make this group organization process simple and worry-free. GroupMatch is a polling website that allows users to generate polls of basic preference questions with a limited number of answers (such as “What time works for you?” or “Which group would you like to be in?”).

nytimestream - NYTimes Newswire API as a stream using node.js

nytimestream is a demonstration of using Node.js and Socket.IO to create a web based push stream for breaking New York Times stories using the Times Newswire API.Since the Times Newswire API is oriented around an HTTP client polling for new stories, nytimestream also needs to poll for updates. However nytimestream can poll once, and when a new update is found it is pushed to however many clients have subscribed for updates. Compare this to a more traditional scenario where all the browser clients need to poll either the nytimes api directly, or a proxy for the API. nytimestream significantly lowers the amount of traffic going to the Times Newswire API, since Node.js is able to keep lots of open network connections to clients that are waiting for updates.


A tool to customize WSS or MOSS. Using this tool you can : 1) edit properties of SPWeb,SPList,SPView,SPField. 2)create new view and modify the html schema of view , and can preview the result. 3)create new field and modify it's schema. 4)export schema of view and field.


Convener is a simple web-tool (PHP/MySQL) for scheduling meetings or asking for an opinion. Instead of sending emails to every participant and reading through answers you can create a meeting or a poll with Convener and automate the process.

SharePoint CAML Helper

The SharePoint CAML Helper is a utility class that helps make the process of building CAML queries for SharePoint within .NET code easier, especially for the more complex query. The source code for this tool is written in C#.

WinForm SharePoint Web Part Manager

The SharePoint Web Part Manager is a WinForm tool using the SharePoint object model that enables developers and power users to add, update, delete, import and export (export feature too) web parts to/from SharePoint publishing and web part pages. SP 2010 version available too.

voteit.combined_simple - Poll plugin for simple Yes / No / Abstain poll

Poll plugin for simple Yes / No / Abstain poll


The Sitecore Poll module allows you to create polls on your site. All you need to do is install the Poll module, create one or more poll items, and add the poll controls to your client pages.

SharePoint JavaScript Caml Builder

Simplifies creation of SharePoint CAML queries from JavaScript. Intended to be used with SharePoint Client Object Model (SP.CamlQuery) or SPServices.

Room-Temperature - A web application to poll the popularity of a talk or performance

A web application to poll the popularity of a talk or performance

polly - A web poll maker

A web poll maker