OpenPowerPoint for .NET

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OpenPowerPoint makes it easier to create and manipulate PowerPoint Files over the OpenXML SDK. Instead of writing 200 lines for a file say "createFile" and the library will do the work. You can fit every setting according to your circumstances.



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docx4j - JAXB-based Java library for Word docx, Powerpoint pptx, and Excel xlsx files

docx4j is a library which helps you to work with the Office OpenXML file format as used in docx documents, pptx presentations, and xlsx spreadsheets.

openxml - openxml is a Python library to create and manipulate .docx and .pptx files

openxml is a Python library to create and manipulate .docx and .pptx files

python-openxml - OpenXML library for Python: create .docx & .pptx files

OpenXML library for Python: create .docx & .pptx files

pptx-export-notes - Exports plaintext speaker notes from Microsoft Powerpoint .pptx files

Exports plaintext speaker notes from Microsoft Powerpoint .pptx files

OpenXML PowerPoint Generation

Sample Project for the use of OpenXML API 2.5 with PowerPoint

Open XML Demos

Open XML Demo Pack is a project containing 8 innovative scenarios where you can use Office Open XML File Formats. Each scenario is implemented in a Demo/Proof-of-concept way to show the feasibility. If you are interested in any scenario, you can download the source code and tr...

python-pptx - Create Open XML PowerPoint documents in Python

Create Open XML PowerPoint documents in Python


The startings of a powerpoint container/translator for Microsoft Office's pptx file format.


Project providing a set of classes for the PHP programming language, which allow you to write to and read from different file formats, like PowerPoint 2007, ... This project is built around Microsoft's OpenXML standard and PHP.

Joeffice - Office Written in Java

Joeffice is the first open source office suite written in Java. Its features include Docking system. Visualize several documents in the same window, It can have a lot of documents open at the same time and easily switch from one to another. It works with Microsoft document formats (docx, xslx, pptx). It can get data through web services (RMI, SOAP, REST).


An OpenXML API for PHP. Generate and read OpenXML documents.

OpenXML Document Viewer

The main goal of the OpenXML Document Viewer project is to create software tools, plus guidance, showing how a documents created using Open XML Format can be translated to HTML. As a result Independent Software Vendors(ISVs), Solutions Integrators & Mobile Solution providers can

HTML to OpenXML (PHP Script)

H2OXML : HTML to OpenXML Converter is a simple PHP script which take HTML code and transform it into OpenXML Code. (for Docx)

Html to OpenXml

A library to convert simple or advanced html to plain OpenXml document.

Conversor de textos formatados para OpenXML

Projeto de um conversor para o formato OpenXML, mais precisamente arquivos de texto formatado utilizando a linguagem WordprocessingML, a partir de outros formatos diversos. O conversor consiste basicamente de duas partes: um parser/interpretador para o formato original e um...

OpenXml Document Format Manipulation Platform(intelliEssay)

This is a product that tries to check a document's format to see if it conforms to certain given standard.

OpenXML Java Demo

Excel is the most commonly used financial tool in the market today. The new OpenXML standards allows Java programs to consume Excel spreadsheets directly and to create Excel spreadsheets on the fly. In this demo, a financial java web-application that monitors a portfolio in th...

Images 2 OpenXML

Images2OpenXML its an application that uses Office 2007 OCR API to convert images generated by scanned documents to OpenXML documents. There's no need of third party applications anymore to convert documents, you can use this tool for free. It was developed with C#.


ExtremeML adds new power to the OpenXML SDK 2.0, enabling packages to be created and edited via an intuitive object model and freeing developers from the burden of implementing the low-level detail of OpenXML.

openxml-labs - Experiments with OpenXML SDK

Experiments with OpenXML SDK