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OpenPMU is a platform for the research, development and education of Synchrophasor technology.



Related Projects

Open Source SynchroPhasor PMU

The GridTrak Open Source SynchroPhasor PMU Project provides resources that enable you to build your own SynchroPhasor sensor for use with the openPDC project, research, development, or electric grid observation.

The Open Source Phasor Data Concentrator

The openPDC is a complete Phasor Data Concentrator designed to sort, process and archive streaming time-series data in real-time.

iPDC - Free Phasor Data Concentrator

iPDC is a free Phasor Data Concentrator based on IEEEC37.118 synchrophasor standard. It also has Database Server for iPDC and PMU Simulator modules.

PMU Connection Tester

Verifies that the data stream from a synchrophasor measurement device is being received. Supports most all streaming synchrophasor data protocols.


A structure and the choice of the formChoose what kind of structure in the form of the load cell. Mainly depends on the structure and use of weighing the environmental conditions. To make a low profile weighing apparatus, generally should be used in the cantilever and the spoke sensor. Highly strict requirements on the shape, you can pillar sensor. In addition, the weighing instrument to use the environment is very humid, a lot of dust, you should select the sealed form of good; explosion hazard

vive-diy-position-sensor - Code & schematics for position tracking sensor using HTC Vive's Lighthouse system and a Teensy board

Lighthouse position tracking system consists of:   – two stationary infrared-emitting base stations (we'll use existing HTC Vive setup),   – IR receiving sensor and processing module (this is what we'll create).The base stations are usually placed high in the room corners and "overlook" the room. Each station has an IR LED array and two rotating laser planes, horizontal and vertical. Each cycle, after LED array flash (sync pulse), laser planes sweep the room horizontally/vertically with constant rotation speed. This means that the time between the sync pulse and the laser plane "touching" sensor is proportional to horizontal/vertical angle from base station's center direction. Using this timing information, we can calculate 3d lines from each base station to sensor, the crossing of which yields 3d coordinates of our sensor (see calculation details). Great thing about this approach is that it doesn't depend on light intensity and can be made very precise with cheap hardware.

taos-TSL235R-lib - Library used to control the TAOS TSL235R light-to-frequency sensor.

Library used to control the TAOS TSL235R light-to-frequency sensor.


A load cell application error is generated by the operating staff, this also means that the causes of, for example, temperature measurement errors, including incorrect insulation between the probe placed errors or probe measurement locations, the other some application errors, including error in the air or other gas purification process, application errors involving the error of the transmitter placed, and thus the positive or negative pressure will be the correct reading impact.2, the character

libPhasor: Phasor library for engineering

Library that exposes a phasor class. It overloads the basic operators so computations could be done on the phasor objects. Useful to students and engineers. Based off my Matlab class and ported to C#. I hope it will be found useful by others in the engineering community.

pmu - Python PMU location algorithm

Python PMU location algorithm

gkrellm-pmu - PMU Plugin for Gkrellm 2.0

PMU Plugin for Gkrellm 2.0

pmu-tools - Intel PMU profiling tools

Intel PMU profiling tools


The main two development paths: the first military representative of the United States civilian, the first way to improve after popular and practical use in Japan as the representative of the commercialization of education followed to improve the way. China should belong to the latter, although the military-industrial sector applications earlier, but not converted to civilian use, rapid development and popularization or in the past 20 years. In recent years, the critical period of the urgent nee

Synchrophasor Analytics

Synchrophasor Analytics is a front end data processing and conditioning for downstream phasor based applications and an extension for development and analysis.

jphasor - Phasor Diagram Creator

Phasor Diagram Creator


Prayer times, Qibla and Lunar phase for your location


Win Forms Application to control angle of Microsoft Kinect sensor - See read me for slides


Inner shell material 022Cr17Ni12Mo2Door plate material 022Cr17Ni12Mo2Pipeline contacted with chamber 316L, others are 304Internal trolley 316LExternal trolley Stainless steel Insulation cover Stainless steel Vacuum pump NASHTemperature sensor JUMOTri-clamp angle seat valve(chamber) GEMUFilter MILLPOREPressure transmitter WIKAPressure controller SMCTouch screen SIEMENSPrinter BRIGHTEKControl system SHINVARecorder YOKOGAWA

pmu_sync_sampler - A Linux module for PMU sampling that synchronously samples all counters.

A Linux module for PMU sampling that synchronously samples all counters.

peemuperf - Performance Monitoring for ARM using PMU - Cycle count, Cache misses, and more...

Performance Monitoring for ARM using PMU - Cycle count, Cache misses, and more...