The Open Source Phasor Data Concentrator

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The openPDC is a complete Phasor Data Concentrator designed to sort, process and archive streaming time-series data in real-time.



Related Projects

Open Source SynchroPhasor PMU

The GridTrak Open Source SynchroPhasor PMU Project provides resources that enable you to build your own SynchroPhasor sensor for use with the openPDC project, research, development, or electric grid observation.

PMU Connection Tester

Verifies that the data stream from a synchrophasor measurement device is being received. Supports most all streaming synchrophasor data protocols.


OpenPMU is a platform for the research, development and education of Synchrophasor technology.

iPDC - Free Phasor Data Concentrator

iPDC is a free Phasor Data Concentrator based on IEEEC37.118 synchrophasor standard. It also has Database Server for iPDC and PMU Simulator modules.

esper-ext - Utility and extension code for the Esper Complex Event Processing Engine.

Utility and extension code for the Esper Complex Event Processing Engine.

Synchrophasor Analytics

Synchrophasor Analytics is a front end data processing and conditioning for downstream phasor based applications and an extension for development and analysis.

fnet - FNET port for chibios

FNET port for chibios

SharpSim: Discrete Event Simulation (DES) library in C#

SharpSim is a Discrete Event Simulation (DES) code library developed in C#. SharpSim is an open-source general purpose code library to develop DES models.

jsaction - JsAction is a small event delegation library that decouples event binding from the code that can handle the event

JsAction is a tiny event delegation library that allows decoupling the DOM nodes on which the action occurs from the JavaScript code that handles the action.The traditional way of adding an event handler is to obtain a reference to the node and add the event handler to it. JsAction allows us to map between events and names of handlers for these events via a custom HTML attribute called jsaction.

emitter - A JS EventEmitter foundation for evented code

Facebook's EventEmitter is a simple emitter implementation that prioritizes speed and simplicity. It is conceptually similar to other emitters like Node's EventEmitter, but the precise APIs differ. More complex abstractions like the event systems used on and can be built on top of EventEmitter as well DOM event systems.EventEmitter's API shares many concepts with other emitter APIs. When events are emitted through an emitter instance, all listeners for the given event type are invoked.

pmu - Python PMU location algorithm

Python PMU location algorithm

gkrellm-pmu - PMU Plugin for Gkrellm 2.0

PMU Plugin for Gkrellm 2.0

pmu-tools - Intel PMU profiling tools

Intel PMU profiling tools

SmartGrid- StreamInsight / AppFabric Integrtation

Smart Stream is a community based effort on creating high performance solutions leveraging the Microsoft Complext Event Processing engine, StreamInsight, and the Application Integration platform of AppFabric.

FNET - Embedded TCP/IP Stack

The FNET TCP/IP stack is a free, open source, dual TCP/IPv4 and IPv6 Stack for building an embedded communication software on 32bit MCUs.


via.js is a jQuery based library which can be used to build complex client-side driven web application with well-structured JavaScript. It uses well known publish-subscribe pattern to let both models and views behave themself by raising event and subscribing event.

Sonnet - Library built on top of TensorFlow for building complex neural networks

Sonnet is a library built on top of TensorFlow for building complex neural networks. The library uses an object-oriented approach, similar to Torch/NN, allowing modules to be created which define the forward pass of some computation. Modules are called with some input Tensors, which adds ops to the Graph and returns output Tensors.

Smartgrid Smartmeter GRYD

The GRYD smartgrid and Smartmeter project shows features and capabilities like Demand Response, Smart Home Appliance Load Curtailments, DMS integration with SCADA etc. GRYD, is to teach you the technology, this is only for personal use and not commercial use.

cmockery - A lightweight library to simplify and generalize the process of writing unit tests for C applications

Cmockery is a lightweight library that is used to author C unit tests.There are a variety of C unit testing frameworks available however many of them are fairly complex and require the latest compiler technology. Some development requires the use of old compilers which makes it difficult to use some unit testing frameworks. In addition many unit testing frameworks assume the code being tested is an application or module that is targeted to the same platform that will ultimately execute the test. Because of this assumption many frameworks require the inclusion of standard C library headers in the code module being tested which may collide with the custom or incomplete implementation of the C library utilized by the code under test.