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A supplementary bookmark manager for Internet Explorer. Provides an easier method for searching, modifying, and organizing bookmarks.



Related Projects

xbelSync - bookmark manager

Bookmark manager that synchronizes bookmarks stored on same or different computers. Supported bookmarks formats: XBEL, IE, Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox, Opera. Bookmark synchronization over network is implemented using standard protocols (HTTP and FTP)

PageBookmark - Android bookmark manager for analogue bookmarks (in books).

Android bookmark manager for analogue bookmarks (in books).

openbookmark - Open source PHP / Mysql bookmark manager based on "Online-Bookmarks"

Open source PHP / Mysql bookmark manager based on "Online-Bookmarks"

LinkBin PHP bookmark manager

A server-side solution for storing and managing bookmarks using PHP and mySQL. Allows User to categorize bookmarks and add the bookmark list to the sidebar in Netscape/Mozilla, IE, and Opera. It will also keep stats on each bookmark to allow for sortin

Bookmark Manager

Bookmark-Manager is an advanced bookmark management utility for Windows supporting importing/exporting and merging of Internet Explorer favorites, Opera hotlists, Mozilla, Netscape, and Firefox bookmarks, XBEL, and HTML lists.


Bookmarks Manager adds basic bookmark functionality to Opera 15, allowing importing bookmarks exported from Opera 12.

bbps bookmark manager

Simple and small PHP application to store bookmarks on a server. Different in that bookmarks are not stored in folders, but each bookmark can be assigned to an indefinite number of categories.

Mozilla To Web Bookmark Tools

Ultimately, these tools allow you to take a copy of your mozilla bookmark file, and use it to publish your bookmarks to the web. Currently there is only a php parser that translates the bookmark file to a structure to be used by the interface provid

Bookmarks - A simple bookmark manager

A simple bookmark manager

bookmarks - A personal bookmark manager

A personal bookmark manager


A simple bookmark manager with support for logins and public/private bookmarks in Ruby on Rails 3.0

Bookmarks - A bookmark manager in VB.NET

A bookmark manager in VB.NET


Alternative bookmark manager for ownCloud. Displays bookmark data visually as coloured flags and has a searchable index to lookup bookmarks by title, description or content type.

choices - Check How Often I Check Every Site (CHOICES)

This is a tool that is part bookmark manager, part notification system. It is a convenient webpage that you can set to your "Home" page that consists of your bookmarks sorted in categories. However, the bookmarks will disappear based on the number of times you click on them (which is user-configurable) and then they will reappear at a given frequency (also user-configurable). Thus, it automatically keeps track of when sites are updated and lets you know - and at the same time it makes sure you d

Delicious-Bookmark-Manager - Helps keep old bookmarks relevant or non-existant.

Helps keep old bookmarks relevant or non-existant.

OpenDev Bookmarks

OpenDev Bookmarks is a web-based multi-user bookmark manager (ASP.NET/AJAX).

DNN Bookmark

DNN Bookmarks is a DNN module that aggregates the most popular social bookmarking tools and also allows you to bookmark your DNN web site

Jabber Bookmark Directory

jbd (Jabber Bookmark Directory) is a jabber component that enables storage of bookmarks using Jabber's XMPP. It stores attributes like title of the bookmark, its URL, and browsable flag (with which an user can query the bookmarks owned by another user) ;)

pushmarks - Firefox extension that pushes bookmarks to public bookmark sharing sites.

Firefox extension that pushes bookmarks to public bookmark sharing sites.