probe - OONI Probe network measurement tool for detecting internet censorship

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OONI Probe is free and open source software designed to measure internet censorship and other forms of network interference. Every month, thousands of networks are measured by OONI Probe users in more than 200 countries. Since 2012, millions of network measurements have been published from around the world.



Related Projects

blackbox_exporter - Blackbox prober exporter

  •    Go

The blackbox exporter allows blackbox probing of endpoints over HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, TCP and ICMP.Visiting http://localhost:9115/probe? will return metrics for a HTTP probe against The probe_success metric indicates if the probe succeeded. Adding a debug=true parameter will return debug information for that probe.

cloudprober - An active monitoring software to detect failures before your customers do.

  •    Go

Cloudprober is a monitoring software that makes it super-easy to monitor availability and performance of various components of your system. Cloudprober employs the "active" monitoring model. It runs probes against (or on) your components to verify that they are working as expected. For example, it can run a probe to verify that your frontends can reach your backends. Similarly it can run a probe to verify that your in-Cloud VMs can actually reach your on-premise systems. This kind of monitoring makes it possible to monitor your systems' interfaces regardless of the implementation and helps you quickly pin down what's broken in your system.Visit Cloudprober's website at to get started with Cloudprober.

Probe -website usage tracker-

  •    Perl

Probe is a website-usage analysis tool. It 'probes' (logs) certain pages being viewed by a visitor, without needing access to log-files from the web-server and produces a web-page with statistics using bargraphs.

Dynamic Probe Class Library

  •    C

Dynamic Probe Class Library (DPCL) is an object based C++ class library that provides the necessary infrastructure to allow tool developers and sophisticated tool users to build parallel and serial tools through technology called dynamic instrumentation.

Black Magic Debug Probe

  •    C

An in-application debug probe for ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers. Source code and bug tracker can be found at

Aural Probe

  •    CSharp

Aural Probe is a sample librarian tool for computer musicians/audio engineers. Automatically and non-destructively index your disorganised sample collection from a list of folders into categories (kick, snare, hihats etc.) based on folder/filename wildcard matches. Easily audition samples, load/save favourites, and drag-and-drop straight into your sequencer.

JPL Launcher

  •    Python

A game written in python using pygame. The user launches a probe with starting velocity. The probe is then only controlled by gravity. Score based on time surviving (before collision) and proximity to objects.


  •    Perl

mrtg-eth is a perl script which provides a probe for the Multi Router Traffic Grapher to print statistics for network devices which do not support the SNMP protocol. It reads if-stats from /proc/net/dev and generates an output suitable for MRTG.

Snoopy - Snoopy: A distributed tracking and data interception framework

  •    Python

Collected probe requests (e.g. Bob's iPhone looking for BTHomeHub-4123) are uploaded to the Snoopy server at regular intervals. All devices that associate to the Rogue AP have have their Internet served via the Snoopy Server. The server populates all probe requests into a database, and uses Wigle to determine GPS coordinates, and Google Maps to determine street addresses (and street view photographs). This means that if you're probing for your home network, I may get a photograph of your house.

healthcheck - A library for implementing Kubernetes liveness and readiness probe handlers in your Go application

  •    Go

Healthcheck is a library for implementing Kubernetes liveness and readiness probe handlers in your Go application. Integrates easily with Kubernetes. This library explicitly separates liveness vs. readiness checks instead of lumping everything into a single category of check.

xssor2 - XSS'OR - Hack with JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

XSS'OR - Hack with JavaScript. It contains three major modules: Encode/Decode, Codz, Probe.

PICkit 2 Logic Analyzer

  •    Python

The Microchip PICkit 2 has the ability to act as a logic analyzer and I/O probe. This project provides a reverse engineered libusb user space device driver and GUI to provide this functionality for users of unsupported operating systems.


  •    C

CIMHA is aimed to create integrated suite to provision and manage HA clusters in virtual environment. It analyzes kernel/hardware health of cluster nodes by using VESPER(linux kernel prober) and migrates the Resources based on probe signals.

ChIPOTle 2.0 Peak Discrimination Tool

  •    C++

ChIPOTle 2.0 is a user friendly tool for performing peak detection in ChIP-chip signal. The tool also has functions for probe sorting, signal normalization, replication merging, and multiple correction testing in a windows interface or *nix command line.



EPICS Channel Access high level library for iOS and related apps

Corroding Aircraft NDE Tools, EC tester

  •    C

The project aims to identify a simple and low cost eddy current probe that can be interfaced directly to ordinary linux systems and develop software to record data and identify hidden corrosion on aircraft during their mandated annual inspections.


  •    C++

Balder is a multiplayer shooter in Zero Gravity. It was to be 3D, but for now, there is a 2D version under development. Players control a probe which can stick to, and push off from walls, rotate, and fire projectiles to destroy other probes.

Bing Web Server Probe


Simply cmd line tool to interrogate an IP address through the Bing API to find all domains tied to it.

X probe - active OS fingerprinting tool

  •    C

The purpose of the tool is to perform fingerprinting of remote TCP/IP stacks based on Ofir Arkin's ICMP fingerprinting research. This tool is a practical implementation of results discovered during 'project X'

find-lf - Track the location of every Wi-Fi device (:iphone:) in your house using Raspberry Pis and FIND

  •    Go

This is a extension of FIND, the Framework for Internal Navigation and Discovery, which is based on the idea of Lucius Fox's sonar system in The Dark Knight that is used to track cellphones.The system uses a network of Raspberry Pis which sniff the WiFi probe requests from WiFi-enabled devices and sends these parcels to a central server which compiles and forwards the fingerprint to the FIND server which then uses machine learning to classify the location based on the unique WiFi fingerprints.

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