ontology-explorer - Ontology blockchain explorer

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This is the Explorer project for the Ontology blockchain. The project is based on front and back separation framework. The Explorer back-end is based on Spring boot framework, it synchronizes block and transaction information to the local database and provides Restful API for the Explorer front-end or DApp. The Explorer front-end is based on Vue framework. The Explorer back-end Project compilation relies on maven tools. If the system is not configured with maven tools, you can download it on the maven website.




Related Projects

ontology - Official Go implementation of the Ontology protocol

  •    Go

Ontology is dedicated to creating a modularized, freely configurable, interoperable cross-chain, high-performance, and horizontally scalable blockchain infrastructure system. Ontology makes deploying and invoking decentralized applications easier. The code is currently alpha quality, but it is in the process of rapid development. The master code may be unstable; stable versions can be downloaded in the release page.

COB Editor

  •    Java

COB editor is a collaborative editor for biological ontology (e.g., Gene Ontology) building. Building on the idea of modular ontology from KR research, it supports multiple people to work on the same ontology.

Influenza Ontology


Influenza Ontology, An application ontology for influenza virus research and surveillance based upon Ontology of Biomedical Investigations (OBI) principles. Additional information is available here: http://influenzaontologywiki.igs.umaryland.edu/.

Web-Karma - Information Integration Tool

  •    Java

The Karma tutorial at https://github.com/szeke/karma-tcdl-tutorial, also check out our DIG web site, where we use Karma extensively to process > 90M web pages. Karma is an information integration tool that enables users to quickly and easily integrate data from a variety of data sources including databases, spreadsheets, delimited text files, XML, JSON, KML and Web APIs. Users integrate information by modeling it according to an ontology of their choice using a graphical user interface that automates much of the process. Karma learns to recognize the mapping of data to ontology classes and then uses the ontology to propose a model that ties together these classes. Users then interact with the system to adjust the automatically generated model. During this process, users can transform the data as needed to normalize data expressed in different formats and to restructure it. Once the model is complete, users can published the integrated data as RDF or store it in a database.

KAON Ontology Framework

  •    Java

KAON is an ontology management infrastructure targeted for business applications. It includes a comprehensive tool suite allowing easy ontology creation and management. Persistence mechanisms of KAON are based on relational databases.

Ontology-based Ethology Tools

  •    Java

The purpose of this project is to develop ontology-based tools for the study of animal behavior (ethology). The goal is not to produce a general ontology or editor, but comparative methods and (behavior) data entry tools (ethontos and owlwatcher).

Disease Ontology


Disease Ontology is a stuctured controlled vocabulary originally based upon and mapped to medical billing codes. The goal of this ontology is to create a comprehensive hierachical controlled vocabulary to represent subsumptive disease relationships.

ROO Rabbit to OWL Ontology construction

  •    Java

ROO is an (OWL) ontology construction tool based on Proteacute;geacute; 4. ROO makes the ontology building process easier as it provides guidance about the steps involved and it allows to enter knowledge using an easy to learn controlled natural language.


  •    Java

coefficientMakna is a wiki-based tool for collaborative ontology engineering and thus an approach to raise efficience in distributed ontology eingineering processes. It is set up on the semantic wiki engine Makna and the DILIGENT Argumentation Ontology.

XEML Environment Ontology


XeO is an ontology developed at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology Golm. XeO describes environmental parameter within biological experiments.

Visual Ontology (Parsing OWL file And visual it)


Visual Ontology (Parsing OWL file And visual it) Parser of OWL language and visualizer of the ontology

MAFRA Toolkit

  •    Java

Ontology MApping FRAmework Toolkit allows to create semantic relations between two (source and target) ontologies, and apply such relations in translating source ontology instances into target ontology instances.

Info Service Ontology


This is the main repository of the Info Service Ontology specification. This general ontology provides main concepts and properties for describing and rating (online/offline) info services, e.g. Wikipedia or MusicBrainz, on the Semantic Web.

Gene Ontology

  •    Java

The home of the Gene Ontology project on SourceForge, including ontology requests, software downloads, bug trackers, and much, much more.

Oyster - Distributed Ontology Registry

  •    Java

Oyster is a distributed registry that exploits semantic web techniques in order to provide a solution for the management of ontology related metadata in distributed environments. It also provides services supporting ontology evolution.



The Ontology Working Group (OWG) is part of the Metabolomics Society Metabolomics Standards Initiative (MSI). It seeks to facilitate the annotation of metabolomics experiments and investigations by building a controlled vocabulary and ontology.

SQL Monitor - managing sql server performance


monitor sql server processes and jobs, analyze performance, analyse system, object version control, view executing sql query, kill process / job, object explorer,

Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell


Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell (Script Explorer) allows users to search for scripts in local and online script repositories such as the TechNet Script Center and PoshCode. Available scripts returned by searching are organized by category, and you can also sea...

Windows Double Explorer


Windows Double Explorer manages two or more Windows Explorer in one application. Also you can add your favorite folders with drag and drop to the toolbar for quick access. It's easyier to manage your disc structure. (A kind of Norton Commander or Total Commander)

Windows Phone 7 Isolated Storage Explorer


WP7 Isolated Storage Explorer is a tool designed to help developers and testers interact with the isolated storage file for Silverlight Windows Phone 7 applications. The explorer can work both as a desktop application for testers or integrated in Visual Studio for developers.