serverside-todomvc - Helping you remember, or select, an MV* server-side framework.

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INCUBATING PROJECT: Currently mostly structure, but templates and couple of first implementations are on the way. I'm leaving this open here, in case anyone cares to join in. There is without a doubt an almost frightening amount of options for developers to choose from, when selecting a framework for MV* types of applications.



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mobx-react-todomvc - TodoMVC reference implementation on top of react-mobx-boilerplate

  •    Javascript

TodoMVC reference implementation based on React TodoMVC and mobx-react-boilerplate

react-rxjs-todomvc - TodoMVC implementation with React and RxJS

  •    Javascript

Simply start a static server on this project folder. this will install all the dependencies and bundle the project sources files.

todomvc-redux-react-typescript - TodoMVC example using Redux, React, and Typescript

  •    TypeScript

It is adapted from the redux TodoMVC example. Visit http://localhost:3000/.

todomvc-cycle - TodoMVC example implemented in Cycle.js

  •    Javascript

TodoMVC example implemented in Cycle.js. Updated branch that is based on onionify state management. Oldest branch that neither uses collection package as in main branch, implementation of which onionify also contains, onionify or xstream- instead rxjs. To run oldest delete js and -p folders before running start.

todomvc-app-template - Template used for creating TodoMVC apps

  •    HTML

Read the Application Specification before touching the template.Delete this file and rename to and fill it out.

elm-todomvc - The TodoMVC app written in Elm, nice example for beginners.

  •    Elm

All of the Elm code lives in src/Main.elm and relies on the elm/html library. There also is a port handler set up in index.html to store the Elm application's state in localStorage on every update.

server-examples - Server-side examples for the Fine Uploader library

  •    Python

This repository contains server-side examples for users of Widen's Fine Uploader javascript library. Server side examples for Fine Uploader S3 will appear in a S3 directory under the language of choice. All other examples assume you are uploading files to your own server. For guidelines useful when integrating your server-side code with Fine Uploader, see the documentation site.

mobx-remotedev - MobX DevTools extension

  •    Javascript

See counter, simple-todo and todomvc examples. Also see the extension API and my presentation at React Europe.

react-redux-isomorphic-example - An isomorphic example built with react and redux , see readme for detailed instructions

  •    Javascript

This is an isomorphic/universal example built with react and Redux which utilizes the same codebase on server and browser to correctly handle multiple requests at the same time. This example was previously built with alt and now fully migrated to redux, you might as well compare the two and see the differences.

precept - A declarative programming framework

  •    Clojure

This will start the todomvc example on localhost:3449 and a nREPL server on localhost:7002. You can interact with the code by calling (cljs) once your REPL is connected. Precept is a framework for creating reactive web applications using a rules engine, declarative logic, and relational data modeling.

network-examples - Linux networking examples and tutorials

  •    Roff

Welcome to my Linux Networking tutorials. The first part, learning two widely used routing protocols, OSPF and BGP, is almost completed. You've been a Linux server and network administrator for some years, have been building an office and/or colocation network with IPv4, IPv6, firewalls with IPTables, some stateful filtering (and NAT for IPv4). You've set up VPN tunnels between different locations to be able to reach the internal IPv4 network using RFC1918 addresses on the other side.

remote-browser - A low-level browser automation framework built on top of the Web Extensions API standard

  •    Javascript

Remote Browser is a library for controlling web browsers like Chrome and Firefox programmatically using JavaScript. You've likely heard of similar browser automation frameworks before, such as Puppeteer and Selenium. Much like these other projects, Remote Browser can be used to accomplish a wide variety of tasks relating to UI testing, Server Side Rendering (SSR), and web scraping. What makes Remote Browser different from these other libraries is that it's built using standard cross-browser compatible technologies, and its primary goal is to facilitate interactions with existing APIs rather than to create a new one of its own. Remote Browser provides a minimalistic and lightweight framework for automating browsers using vanilla JavaScript, HTML browsing contexts, and the Web Extensions API. If you're already familiar with these technologies, then you already know almost everything that you need to use Remote Browser. If not, then there are vast learning resources out there, like The Mozilla Developer Network (MDN), which can get you up to speed in no time. Be sure to check out the Introduction, the Interactive Tour, and Usage Examples to learn about how Remote Browser makes it easy to use these technologies.

barefoot - Java library for integrating the map into software and services with state-of-the-art online and offline map matching that can be used stand-alone and in the cloud

  •    Java

An open source Java library for online and offline map matching with OpenStreetMap. Together with its extensive set of geometric and spatial functions, an in-memory map data structure and basic machine learning functions, it is a versatile basis for scalable location-based services and spatio-temporal data analysis on the map. It is designed for use in parallel and distributed systems and, hence, includes a stand-alone map matching server and can be used in distributed systems for map matching services in the cloud. Barefoot consists of a software library and a (Docker-based) map server that provides access to street map data from OpenStreetMap and is flexible to be used in distributed cloud infrastructures as map data server or side-by-side with Barefoot's stand-alone servers for offline (matcher server) and online map matching (tracker server), or other applications built with Barefoot library. Access to map data is provided with a fast and flexible in-memory map data structure. Together with GeographicLib [1] and ESRI's geometry API [2], it provides an extensive set of geographic and geometric operations for spatial data analysis on the map.


  •    Javascript

Helping you select an MV* framework - Todo apps for Backbone.js, Ember.js, AngularJS, Spine and many more


  •    Javascript

A version of the TodoMVC Ember.js application – with build tools, tests, idiomatic structure, and other modern conveniences

ngconf2015demo - TodoMVC application demo for ng-conf 2015

  •    CSS

NOTE: This repo is no longer updated. Please refere to the Angular2 Quick Start guide at: for a Angular2 + TypeScript sample.If you are using Package Control for Sublime Text, simply install the TypeScript package.

es6-todomvc - The vanillajs example converted to es6

  •    Javascript

This repo has been used to teach in several different places (egghead, Frontend Masters, etc.). If you're coming here to follow along with that, then I recommend you follow the project setup for that (see below). The most recent and up-to-date version of the workshop is the Frontend Masters workshop. This is a linear workshop and starts with the FEM/00-original-project branch. See the slides.This project assumes you have NodeJS v6 or greater installed. You should also have npm v3 or greater installed as well (this comes packaged with Node 6). You'll also need a recent version of git installed as well.

bouncy-ball - :red_circle: Compare web animation techniques by bouncing a ball with each one.

  •    Javascript

This project compares web animation techniques by recreating a simple animation (a bouncing ball) with each one. It's kind of like TodoMVC, but for web animation. This project does not attempt to compare the performance of these animation approaches. If you are interested in a comparison like this, consider using a FPS bookmarklet, like this one from stats.js.

quiescent - A lightweight ClojureScript abstraction over ReactJS

  •    Clojure

A lightweight ClojureScript abstraction over ReactJS, emphasizing its ability to (re)render immutable values efficiently. An obligatory TodoMVC implementation is available.