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NReports is a reporting library using RDL file format, compatible with SQL Reporting Services 2005. It has began as a fork of the latest version 4.1 of fyiReporting (now defunct). Supports NET 3.5 (Windows) and Mono 2.6 or later (Linux).



Related Projects

GNOME Yare Browser Engine

gybe is fully GNOME-based browser engine, out of Gecko. may include non-GNOME stuff well. on the basis of GTK+-2.x, GNOME modules like gnome-vfs, libxml2, libxslt, mono, bonobo, gnome-canvas, and many things invoked. dominigue and bono


Remote Desktop Client for the GNOME Desktop. Supported protocols: RDP, VNC, SSH. Configured sessions can be saved to the built in list. Additional programs required: rdesktop, tightvnc, ssh, gnome-terminal. Application can be run with Mono runtime.

bug-buddy - Utility to ease the reporting of bugs within the GNOME

Utility to ease the reporting of bugs within the GNOME


GFlashCards is a self-teaching aid for Gnome. It lets you create and edit lists of questions which can then be presented to you like flash cards The program will track your progress on each question. GFlashcards is built on top of Mono and Gnome#.

gComandos FileSystem Manager

gComandos is a Clone of TotalCommander or WinCommander for GNOME. A complete File System Manager for Linux Platform written with C#, Mono and GTK#.


gTVListings is a TV listings management program constructed in Mono for Gnome using XMLTV to download the listings. Key features include Searching, Favorites, Show Category, Reminders and Now amp; Next.

gnome-svn gsvn

Gsvn is a front end for the subversion version control system. Gsvn is developed using latest technologies on software developing. Gsvn is developed using Mono Project, C# as programming language, Gtk# as graphical interface and Monodevelop as IDE.


gnome motorola phone manager written using mono (inspired by moto4lin)


LnxFire is a Linux amp; Gnome firewall tool for the small business owner. Use the firewall creation wizard to quickly create a basic firewall. Featuring dynamic rule modifiers, proactive monitoring, reporting, email alerts and auto lockout of port scanners.

Reflection Studio

Reflection Studio is a development tool that encapsulate all my work around reflection, performance and WPF. It allows to inject performance traces into any NET software, get them back for analyse and reporting.


A OpenDocument/OfficeOpenXML powered reporting system for .NET/Mono.


Monoreports is a cross-platform report designer and reporting engine for mono/.net

Bluefunk Music Player

A lightweight music player for GNOME 2, using a filesystem-playlist-library user interface. It is written entirely using cutting edge Mono code, in C#, Gtk# and Gst# (GStreamer framework).


Glimmr is a Flickr uploader, written in Mono/.NET and for the GNOME desktop.

Mono Evolutionary

Bringing AI to the GNOME Desktop!.

Easytimes Time Tracker

Easytimes is a simple time tracking applet for GNOME. It provides quick and easy time tracking and simple browser based reporting.

GNOME Sudoku

GNOME Sudoku is a GNOME-based puzzle game. GNOME Sudoku is now developed as part of the gnome-games package hosted at

SimpleFS - Simple File System implementation (mono-user, mono- application, mono-file-edition...)

Simple File System implementation (mono-user, mono- application, mono-file-edition...)

gnome-tweak-tool - GNOME Tweak Tool - Customize GNOME3 and GNOME Shell Settings

GNOME Tweak Tool - Customize GNOME3 and GNOME Shell Settings

The java-gnome language bindings project

java-gnome is a set of Java bindings for the GTK widget toolkit and to the various libraries making up GNOME. java-gnome is part of the GNOME Bindings release set.