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Now is a command-line application that formats the current date and time according to a given (.NET) format. The culture can also be set.



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macops - Utilities, tools, and scripts for managing and tracking a fleet of Macintoshes in a corporate environment

These are some utilities, tools, and scripts for managing and tracking a fleet of Macintoshes in a corporate environment. We expect to use this primarily as a repository for small scripts or tools that don't warrant a standalone project.A nagging utility intended to provoke users into doing major OS upgrades.

utilities - various utility tools

various utility tools

SharePoint Tips Utility Pack

SharePoint Tips Utility Pack is a package of utilities for the administrator\developer\deployer of sharepoint. Originaly each tool was written to quickly solve a specific problem in a sharepoint deployment project, it can now be viewed as a code sample for sharepoint coding on...

Maatkit - Power tools for open-source databases

Maatkit is a toolkit for users, developers, and administrators of open-source databases. Most of Maatkit’s functionality is designed for MySQL. It makes MySQL easier and safer to manage. Maatkit could be used to prove replication is working correctly, fix corrupted data, automate repetitive tasks, speed up your servers, and much more.

par2ools - par2 tools (par2ls, par2mv, par2unrar)

These tools implement their own parsing of par2 header files, but in order to use par2unrar you will need the par2 command line utility and archive utilities (like unrar, unzip, 7zr, etc).

SPTU - SharePoint Tools and Utilities

This project is a package of utilities and tools for SharePoint Developers and Administrators. Developers view Tools to generate some code to accomplish common development tasks on SharePoint. Administrators view It's intended to make easier to administer SharePoint Site Colle...

unis - UNIS: A Common Architecture for String Utilities within the Go Programming Language.

A Common Architecture for String Utilities in Go.UNIS shares a common architecture and the necessary interfaces that will help you to refactor your project or application to a better place to work on. Choose one way to organise your string utilities, across your different projects.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Tools and Utilities by Jirat B.

An open source project that collects Jirat's personal MS Dynamics CRM tools and utilities. These tools and utilities were created as a part of his self-study.

Tools-and-Utilities - Common Tools and Utilities that help you to be productive

Common Tools and Utilities that help you to be productive

OpenColorado-Tools-and-Utilities - Tools and utilities for for organizations that use OpenColorado

Tools and utilities for for organizations that use OpenColorado

Blender Utilities

A group of Blender ( enthusiasts sharing code for expanding the functionality of Blender. As Blender has been bought into Open Sourceness, this ancient utility is now ancient and likely useless.

uitools - Collection of general tools and utilities for working with and testing Qt tools

Collection of general tools and utilities for working with and testing Qt tools

carbonate - Utilities for managing graphite clusters

Graphite clusters are pretty cool. Here are some primitive tools to help you manage your graphite clusters.All of the tools support two common arguments; the path to a config file, and the name of the cluster. Using these tools alongside a config file that describes your graphite clusters you can build up scripts to manage your metrics. Some of the tools could easily be replaced with one-liners in shell, but exist here for convenience and readability. The goal is to provide fast, predictable utilities that can easily be composed into more advanced tooling.

FTC Team 417 Software Starter Kit: software and tools for FIRST Tech Challenge

A software starter kit and handy utilities for FIRST Technical Challenge high-school robotics teams. Currently, the kit contains a utility for doing real time telemetry from a NXT directly into Microsoft Excel, an enhancement to the RobotC joystick driver, a few other interest...

Sharepoint Shared Services Search Provider Property Creation

A neat little command utility that lets you do four things when moving a DB from development to production. -Accept relevant inputs from the user -Export Managed Properties -Export Crawl Properties and relevant categories -Import Managed properties and map relevant crawl ...


DebugHelpers is/will be a collection of utilities that work along with other debugging tools such as WinDbg and CDB with a focus on managed .NET debugging. The first utility is the HeapView. HeapView enables you to easily analyze multiple results of the SOS !DumpHeap command ...

Auran Jet Utilities.

To develop utility programs, routines, or tools to help build resources, scenarios, and game components for Auran's Jet gaming engine .

SoftNet-Consult Java Utility Library

This Java class library is a collection of tools that are regularly required in all kinds of projects, but have unfortunately not found their way into the standard Java API. These utilities are used in several projects available on SourceForge.

gut - gut is a template printing, aka scaffolding, tool for Erlang. Like rails generate or yeoman

This tool was originally created for erlang newcomers. Now I am interested in making it useful for any language/platform. Erlang is an awesome language for creating backend services, however it is not so great for coding command line utilities. That is why I am porting gut to go. Go is not the best language available in my opinion: go's type system is not good enough and it does not have generics. I would prefer to use Haskell or OCaml, but go has a superb cross compilation tools like goxc that