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NoMvvm is the bleeding edge of MVVM. Who wants to implement INotifyPropertyChanged or properties, let's use dynamic! NoMvvm makes heavy use of System.Dynamic and conventions to minimalize the code needed to hook up the Model-View-ViewModel pattern. It also enables TDD via t...



Related Projects

Dynamic MVVM

mvvm pattern using dynamic features


An extremely fast, easily refactorable implementation of INotifyPropertyChanged/ing, using dynamic proxy generation, as well as a robust change tracking engine.

DynamicData.ReactiveUI - Adaptors to integrate Dynamic Data with ReactiveUI

ReactiveUI is a powerful MVVM framework based on Rx. Dynamic Data is a portable class library based on Rx and provides an observable list and an observable cache. These collections come with a very rich set of collection specific observable operators.

dotpeek-nupeek - This plugin for dotPeek adds support for loading NuGet packages from any package repository with dotPeek

This plugin for dotPeek adds support for loading NuGet packages from any package repository with dotPeek. It supports dotPeek 1.0 and 1.1.Using this plugin, we can search for a NuGet package we want to load and decompile using dotPeek. We can download packages from the official NuGet gallery as well as any other NuGet repository out there such as your TeamCity server. The Open NuGet packages.config menu item loads all packages from a packages.config file and downloads them from the NuGet repositories specified on your system.

NuGet Package Explorer

NuGet Package Explorer is a ClickOnce application which allows creating and exploring NuGet packages easily. After installing it, you can double click on a .nupkg file to view the package content. You can also load packages directly from the official NuGet feed.

teamcity-nuget-support - TeamCity NuGet support

This plugin provides NuGet support features for TeamCity. For more details, please see NuGet support description.The plugin is bundled from TeamCity 7.0. If you need the latest build, download and install it as an additional TeamCity plugin.

MVVM for Windows 8

This library contains all you need to build a WinRT Metro Style application for Windows 8 using MVVM pattern, C# and XAML.

SumCalc - [WPF][C#][SampleCode][MVVM]MVVM??????????????????????????MVVM???????????????????????


NuGet Community Packages

A set of NuGet packages for common libraries that are maintained by the NuGet community, rather than the library authors themselves. NOTE: This project contains the source of other OSS libraries, who in turn have their own licenses. This project is not re-licensing those li...

Phantom MVVM ToolKit

This project is an attempt to make a very noninvasive framework to assist in MVVM application design for Silverlight and WPF.

A Rich Full Featured WPF/SL MVVM Framework

Cinch is a fully featured WPF MVVM framework that makes it easier to develop rich MVVM WPF applications. It also provides UI services/threading/unit tests helpers and much more.

MVVM Light Toolkit

The MVVM Light Toolkit is a set of components helping people to get started in the Model - View - ViewModel pattern in all XAML/C# frameworks.

CoreMVVM - A Simple MVVM Framework

CoreMVVM is a simple basic MVVM framework that covers the *most* common development scenarios. Its a good place to start with MVVM. Its not as barebones as the MVVM Toolkit and neither is it as heavyweight as Prism\Cinch. Developed in C#.


Sidewinder provides a simple framework to deploy runtime application updates via a NuGet package. Bundle your update or new application components into a NuGet package, upload it to a NuGet feed (official, MyGet or your own) and Sidewinder will detect it, download it and unpac...

Nuget Package Creation and Publishing Wizard

simplifies the creation and publishing of an nuget package

NuGet.Analyze - NuGet extension that provides repository analysis of NuGet package dependencies

NuGet extension that provides repository analysis of NuGet package dependencies

resharper-nuget - Plugin for ReSharper to support NuGet references correctly

This plugin for ReSharper adds support for NuGet references to ReSharper. It supports ReSharper 8.x, 7.1 and 6.1.Please note that this plugin is now deprecated. The functionality has been rolled into the main product as of ReSharper 9.1. This repo is left as a sample (albeit slightly out of date).

Mvvm Foundation Silverlight

Mvvm Foundation Silverlight is a library of classes that are helpful when building Silverlight applications based in the MVVM pattern. This library is based on the WPF only MVVM Foundation, with a Silverlight library add-on.

MVVM-WPF(+Silverlight 5.0) XAML Markup Dependency Injection Binding Extensions

XAML mark-up extensions for MVVM pattern. Mark-up extensions allow to bind RouteEventHandler, Command and other to targets via Dependency Injection.