set - Package set is a small wrapper around the official reflect package that facilitates loose type conversion and assignment into native Go types

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Package set is a small wrapper around the official reflect package that facilitates loose type conversion, assignment into native Go types, and utilities to populate deeply nested Go structs. Read the godoc for more detailed explanations and examples but here are some enticing snippets.



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Dozer - Java Bean to Java Bean mapper that recursively copies data from one object to another

  •    Java

Dozer is a Java Bean to Java Bean mapper that recursively copies data from one object to another. Typically, these Java Beans will be of different complex types. Dozer supports simple property mapping, complex type mapping, bi-directional mapping, implicit-explicit mapping, as well as recursive mapping. This includes mapping collection attributes that also need mapping at the element level.

go-conv - Fast conversions across various Go types with a simple API.

  •    Go

Notice: If you begin getting compilation errors use the v1 import path for an immediate fix and to future-proof.Package conv provides fast and intuitive conversions across Go types. This library uses reflection to be robust but will bypass it for common conversions, for example string conversion to any type will never use reflection. All functions are safe for concurrent use by multiple Goroutines.

Refureku - Reflection library for C++

  •    C++

Refureku is a powerful C++17 RTTI free runtime reflection library based on Kodgen. It allows to retrieve information on namespaces, structs/classes, fields, methods, non-member variables, non-member functions, enums and enum values at runtime.

MapStruct - An annotation processor for generating type-safe bean mappers

  •    Java

MapStruct is a Java annotation processor for the generation of type-safe and performant mappers for Java bean classes. It saves you from writing mapping code by hand, which is a tedious and error-prone task. The generator comes with sensible defaults and many built-in type conversions, but it steps out of your way when it comes to configuring or implementing special behavior.


  •    CSharp

Sasa is a collection of organized extensions to the .NET framework.

Runtime - A Swift Runtime library for viewing type info, and the dynamic getting and setting of properties

  •    Swift

Runtime is a Swift library to give you more runtime abilities, including getting type metadata, setting properties via reflection, and type construction for native swift objects. TypeInfo exposes metadata about native Swift structs, protocols, classes, tuples and enums. It captures the properties, generic types, inheritance levels, and more.

SharePoint 2010 Folder To Document Set Conversion Fix


Folder To Document Set Conversion Fix repairs the MS SharePoint 2010 bug where folders are not correctly converted into document sets during a content type property change. This will fix existing problem doc sets on the next update to the doc set properties. This includes a ...

SharpCut - High Performance & Strong Typed Reflection


Delivers easy to use, high performance and strong type reflection library in a less than 50K DLL file. Supports .Net 2.0 and above.

Enumeration of objects Class Library C#


At core level in Java I like extension of traditional enum type permiting use as the elements instances of a class. The project implements the same idea by C# with some more advanced features like a set type with boolean operators extending idea of FlagsAttribute

Sasa - Collection of Organized Extensions to the .NET framework.

  •    CSharp

Sasa is a collection of extensions to the .NET framework organized in logical, often standalone assemblies. It supports functional collections, ie. list, dictionary, queue, set, etc, Statistical and numerical functions, MIME message parsing, POP3 client, Concurrent Revisions fork-join framework, type-safe reflection, Pratt parser and lot more.

Compare Generics Objects Using Reflection


This project compare between two generics objects using reflection. The comparison executed by the given type 'T' (which is the same type for both objects) and two objects. The functionality is execute recursive! which mean that it's included comparison in the sub-objects!!!

RakNet - RakNet is a cross platform, open source, C++ networking engine for game programmers.

  •    C

------------------------------------------ See Help\swigtutorial.html Upgrading from version 3 ------------------------------------------ See 3.x_to_4.x_upgrade.txt Windows users (Visual Studio 2008 and 2010) ----------------------------------------- Load RakNet_VS2008.sln and convert if necessary.After the project conversion, if you encounter error MSB4006,follow the steps below to fix it:1. Open project properties2. Click on "Common Properties"3. Click on "Framework and References"4. Look

deeptype - Design, evolve, and train neural type systems.

  •    Python

This repository contains code necessary for designing, evolving type systems, and training neural type systems. To read more about this technique and our results see this blog post or read the paper. Our latest approach to learning symbolic structures from data allows us to discover a set of task specific constraints on a neural network in the form of a type system, to guide its understanding of documents, and obtain state of the art accuracy at recognizing entities in natural language. Recognizing entities in documents can be quite challenging since there are often millions of possible answers. However, when using a type system to constrain the options to only those that semantically "type check," we shrink the answer set and make the problem dramatically easier to solve. Our new results suggest that learning types is a very strong signal for understanding natural language: if types were given to us by an oracle, we find that it is possible to obtain accuracies of 98.6-99% on two benchmark tasks CoNLL (YAGO) and the TAC KBP 2010 challenge.

simulacrum - First class syntax support for type classes in Scala

  •    Scala

Type classes rock. Alas, their encoding in Scala requires a lot of boilerplate, which doesn't rock. There is inconsistency between projects, where type classes are encoded differently. There is inconsistency within projects, where object-oriented forwarders (aka. ops, syntax) accidentally differ in exact parameter lists or forwarders are missing where they are expected to be. Even in disciplined teams, the bike-shedding opportunities alone are a source of lost productivity. The Ops trait contains extension methods for a value of type A for which there's a Semigroup[A] instance available. The ToSemigroupOps trait contains an implicit conversion from an A to an Ops[A]. The ToSemigroupOps trait can be mixed in to a class in order to get access to the extension methods. It can also be mixed in to an object, along with other ToXyzOps traits, in order to provide a single mass import object.

enumeratum - A type-safe, reflection-free, powerful enumeration implementation for Scala with exhaustive pattern match warnings and helpful integrations

  •    Scala

Enumeratum is a type-safe and powerful enumeration implementation for Scala that offers exhaustive pattern match warnings, integrations with popular Scala libraries, and idiomatic usage that won't break your IDE. It aims to be similar enough to Scala's built in Enumeration to be easy-to-use and understand while offering more flexibility, type-safety (see this blog post describing erasure on Scala's Enumeration), and richer enum values without having to maintain your own collection of values. Enumeratum is published for Scala 2.10.x, 2.11.x, and 2.12.x as well as ScalaJS.

Reflect - Reflection, Dict2Model, Model2Dict, Archive

  •    Swift

If you wanna use all the functions, all your custom model must inherit from Reflect Class. It’s better to use implicitly optional type for properties. Try not to use strange type like var v1: [string?]? , var v2: [string!]! and this frame has lots of assertion to help you use data type reasonably.

php-enum - Fast and powerful implementation of enumerations with native PHP 5.6 and upper

  •    PHP

This is a native PHP implementation to add enumeration support to PHP >= 5.3. It's an abstract class that needs to be extended to use it. In computer programming, an enumerated type (also called enumeration or enum) is a data type consisting of a set of named values called elements, members or enumerators of the type. The enumerator names are usually identifiers that behave as constants in the language. A variable that has been declared as having an enumerated type can be assigned any of the enumerators as a value. In other words, an enumerated type has values that are different from each other, and that can be compared and assigned, but which do not have any particular concrete representation in the computer's memory; compilers and interpreters can represent them arbitrarily.

LiveJournal to Movable Type Conversion


Easy conversion of LiveJournal entries to Movable Type. Just a few clicks and it's done!

DBTransfer - Versatile and fast database transfer tool

  •    Java

DBTransfer is a multi-platform java tool, that aims to replicate one database (JDBC or MS Access) to another (JDBC), using an one to one conversion.

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