CreaMotion NHibernate Class Builder

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NHibernate Class Builder C# , WPF Supports all type relations Supports MsSql, MySql -- Specially developed for NHibernate Learners



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NHibernate Mapping Generator

A simple utility to generate NHibernate mapping files and corresponding domain classes from existing DB tables. It currently generates one mapping file (.hbm.xml) and the corresponding Domain class (*.cs) from oracle or sql server.

NHibernate Entity Generator

Generates c# classes from your hbm files. Templates are easily editable

NHibernate Mapping Generator with SQLite

The project is based on the NHibernate Mapping Generator change set 70604 ( The only difference is that SQLite is added as a database choice. No bug fixes or other enhancements were made. Let me know if the "HasMany" is assigning the wrong key column


NHibernate HBM to FluentNHibernate converter - Builds Fluent NHibernate mapping classes from existing NHibernate hbm files

Fluent NHibernate - Fluent mapping for model

Fluent, XML-less, compile safe, automated, convention-based mappings for NHibernate. Fluent NHibernate offers an alternative to NHibernate's standard XML mapping files. Rather than writing XML documents, you write mappings in strongly typed C# code. This allows for easy refactoring, improved readability and more concise code.


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Multi mapping generator - NHibernate mapping files generator and WCF contracts

MappingGenerator is an utility tool that helps to automatically generate base templates for NHibernate starting from the assembly that contains the business entities. Obviously generated templates are only a base to start and to have not to completely write by hand the .hbm.xml m

Candle - Experimental multi-layers application generator using DSL tools

Candle is an experimental project based on the DSL Tools consisting to model a multi-layers application and to generate application code.

Smart Code Generator (Asp.Net)

Smart Code Generator is 100% ASP.NET based codegeneration framework with intellisense, compilation, debug, sourceview and designview support powered by Visual Studio 2005. Smart Code Generator is an Asp.Net application and is a full fledged template based code generator that ...


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Iris Generator

Iris generator is a a code generator engine based on plug-ins. For the alpha version the project is released with a SQLServer 2005 database analyser, a CRUD creator, a Stored Procedure generator for SQLServer 2005 and a DataAccess Layer generator for VB.Net and C#. The modula...

Xsd2Code .net class generator from XSD schema

Xsd2Code is a CSharp or Visual Basic Business Entity class Generator from XSD schema.

JUnit Generator

JUnit Generator can automatically generate junit test cases for a specific class or method of Java; Fully supports the characteristics of object-oriented like generic type, complex class type generation etc.

nmg-fb - NHibernate Mapping Generator (Fork with firebird support)

NHibernate Mapping Generator (Fork with firebird support)

nmg - NHibernate Mapping Generator

NHibernate Mapping Generator

.NET Configuration Code Generator

The .NET Configuration Code Generator simplifies the task of generating classes when defining a custom configuration section in your App.config or Web.config files.

gengo - gengo library for code generation.

A package for generating things based on go files. This mechanism was first used in Kubernetes and is split out here for ease of reuse and maintainability.A set generator, deep-copy generator, defaulter generator and go-to-protobuf generator are included here. Also, import-boss will enforce arbitrary rules about import trees.

dbic-generator-extjs - An MVC style extjs class generator using DBIx::Class schema

An MVC style extjs class generator using DBIx::Class schema