Neuparts Code Demo (DDD + SOA)

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This is a temporary holder for the upcoming Neuparts Code Demo.



Related Projects

Apache Synapse - Lightweight ESB engine and XML router.

Apache Synapse is a lightweight ESB engine and XML router.


Keystroke ESB.NET is a lightweight distributed Enterprise Service Bus with federation support. Featuring WCF and WWF integration, whilst also supporting WSE3 and Raw HTTP, ensuring backwards compatibility, ESB.NET is a flexible and configurable service host & business level messa

Open SOA Platform

A centralized system for administering applications throught a SOA Enterprise Service Bus: Runtime environment (PROD, DEV, ...) , application and services versionning, security access level (SLA), activity monitoring.

dragonfly - SOA ESB (Enterprise Service Bus for Service Oriented Architecture apps) for Python

SOA ESB (Enterprise Service Bus for Service Oriented Architecture apps) for Python

rewards - SOA example for prototyping modular systems through Camel ESB

SOA example for prototyping modular systems through Camel ESB

Dynamics AX - Cloud RIA BI SOA Silverlight WCF

Dynamics AX - Cloud RIA BI SOA Silverlight WCF

thinktecture is the name for the next-generation Web Service Contract-First (WSCF) tooling with support for the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). is the successor of the famous WSCF tool built by thinktecture.

Simple Service Bus

Simple Service Bus (SSB) is a fork of Udi Dahans popular open source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) : nServiceBus

Apache ServiceMix - Apache ServiceMix is an open source ESB implementing JBI.

Apache ServiceMix is an open source distributed Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and SOA toolkit built from the ground up on the semantics and APIs of the Java Business Integration (JBI) specification JSR 208 and released under the Apache license.

IWebCF - DotNetNuke WCF Services Module

IWebCF provides a platform for developers to extend DotNetNuke using WCF services. IWebCF brings the power of SOA to DotNetNuke, allowing DNN to be more easily integrated with enterprise applications and services.

Generic WCF Hosting Service

The Generic Host Service provides a simple, reusable, and reliable mechanism for hosting WCF services.


The project target is the development of an engine of code generation that will create WCF SOA projects to expose a facade of a business class. Bases are Reflection and CodeDom.

Service Invocation Framework

Lightwave framework for service invocation. Includes pipelines for cross-cutting logic (transactions, logging, security), adapters for common transport protocols (MTOM, SOAP, Remoting, etc) and a dynamic proxy factory (ala WCF).

Shuttle Service Bus

Shuttle Service Bus is a free open-source software project that aims to provide an enterprise ready service bus without any restrictions.


JBoss BRMS and JBoss SOA-P demo. The aim of this demo was to conceptually demonstrate the following points; business rule authoring and execution, workflow authoring and execution Invoking business rules from workflows, starting workflows remotely from service components, and calling web services from workflow components.


School Project For System Integration using Java EE , Java ESB, JPA (Hibernate), Web Services, JBoss , SOA


A camera webstore using: SOA, ESB and BPEL, developed in the ambit of Systems Integration course from the Master in Informatics Engineering.


Simple and extendable central mediator for integration bus applications using WCF.

ESB Toolkit Extensions

ESB Extensions is a solution containing multiple .Net Projects and artifacts: Unit Tests, Itineraries, Business Rules, Binding Files, and C# Class Libraries. This solution is geared towards extending/wrapping the current Microsoft ESB 2.0 toolkit and components.


A nice & simple Framework to develop SOA .NET apps Includes MBI like dispatcher, CRUD engine, UI controls, DBHelper, XL and PDF generation, aspects (security, log, exception handling)