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NCeption is a light weight framework to facilitate block box testing .net projects for Acceptance and Integration testing purposes.



Related Projects

wise4-test - Simple Integration/Acceptance testing for WISE4

Simple Integration/Acceptance testing for WISE4

mongo-import - Fixtures for acceptance/integration testing with mongo

Fixtures for acceptance/integration testing with mongo

Arquillian - Testing Platform for JVM

Arquillian is an innovative and highly extensible testing platform for the JVM that enables developers to easily create automated integration, functional and acceptance tests for Java middleware. Arquillian handles all the plumbing of container management, deployment and framework initialization so you can focus on the task at hand, writing your tests. Real tests.

patterns & practices Acceptance Test Engineering Guidance

The Acceptance Test Engineering Guide will provide guidance for technology stakeholders (developers, development leads, testers, test leads, architects, etc.) and business stakeholders (managers, customers, end users, etc) on the discipline of acceptance testing.

Capybara - Acceptance test framework for web applications

Capybara aims to simplify the process of integration testing Rack applications such as Rails, Sinatra or Merb. Capybara simulates how a real user would interact with a web application. It is agnostic about the driver running your tests and currently comes with Rack::Test and Selenium support built in. HtmlUnit and env.js are supported through external gems.

FAT Acceptance Testing Framework

FAT is a functional acceptance testing framework for .NET applications. It enables a customer to specify acceptance criteria using an extensible requirements language. Provides out-of-the-box support for testing web applications.

Even Simpler Web/Windows Acceptance Testing

ATTN: This project is being absorbed by the project. Please check there for updates. When v1.0 of Atha is released, this project will be put to rest. ** OBSOLETE................... Even Simpler Web/Windows Acceptance Testing attempts to address the gap ...

PowerSlim - Acceptance Testing for Enterprise Applications

PowerSlim makes it possible to use PowerShell in the acceptance testing. It is a small but powerful plugin for the Fitnesse acceptance testing framework.

beaker - Puppet Acceptance Testing Harness

Beaker is a test harness focused on acceptance testing via interactions between multiple (virtual) machines. It provides platform abstraction between different Systems Under Test (SUTs), and it can also be used as a virtual machine provisioner - setting up machines, running any commands on those machines, and then exiting.Beaker runs tests written in Ruby, and provides additional Domain-Specific Language (DSL) methods. This gives you access to all standard Ruby along with acceptance testing specific commands.

loris - Automatically run task on filesystem changes (unit testing, acceptance testing, etc)

Automatically run task on filesystem changes (unit testing, acceptance testing, etc)


Certified Weighing Technician (CWT) Certified Weighing Technicians have a broad range knowledge of the technical and regulatory requirements of the industry, including installing, evaluating and servicing the customers weighing needs. The Certified Weighing Technician has:technical knowledge in areas of testing, calibrating and troubleshooting for small/light capacity, medium/heavy capacity scales and balance weighing products.technical knowledge in the area of systems and systems communications

Atha: Acceptance Testing Heuristics Automation

Currently: Atha allows the user to write automated tests in the scripting languages IronPython, IronRuby, PowerShell, and Razor and to run those tests via a Console program (called "AthaX"), a WPF Rich-Client Windows application (called "Athalon"), or a Web Browser-Based Silve...

poc-testing - prototype for automated acceptance testing using cucumber-selenium

prototype for automated acceptance testing using cucumber-selenium

Webrat - Ruby Acceptance Testing for Web applications

Webrat helps to write expressive and robust acceptance tests for a Ruby web application. It supports multiple Ruby web frameworks like Rails, Merb and Sinatra. It also supports popular test frameworks like RSpec, Cucumber, Test::Unit and Shoulda.


SodaTest (Spreadsheet-Driven Testing) is an open-source framework for creating Executable Requirements for Integration, Functional and Acceptance testing using Scala or Java.


Patang is a framework for testing server-side code. Patang intends to simplify writing acceptance and unit integration tests for server-side code. It implements an in-container testing strategy, meaning that the tests are executed inside the container.

csol-acceptance-tests - Acceptance testing for the Chicago Summer of Learning suite of web services.

Acceptance testing for the Chicago Summer of Learning suite of web services.


HTML Acceptance is a wrapper for HTML validation with Tidy--useful for acceptance testing or as part of a continuous integration test suite.