connect-session-sequelize - Sequelize SessionStore for Connect

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connect-session-sequelize is a SQL session store using Sequelize.js. Please note that the most recent version requires express 4. If you use express 3 you should install version 0.0.5 and follow the instructions in the previous README.


debug : ^3.1.0
deep-equal : ^1.0.1



Related Projects

sequelize-restful - A connect module that adds a restful API for all defined models to your application

  •    Javascript

A connect module based on a fork of sequelize-restful that adds a one level of associative capability to a restful API. It also lets you define which model should be exposed through this restful API.This project is not actively developed/maintained. As a result of that, you won't be able to create issues any longer. I will happily merge pull requests, though. Please consider using finale or epilogue.

graphql-sequelize - GraphQL & Relay for MySQL & Postgres via Sequelize

  •    Javascript

graphql-sequelize assumes you have graphql and sequelize installed. A helper for resolving graphql queries targeted at Sequelize models or associations. Please take a look at the tests to best get an idea of implementation.

connect-redis - Redis session store for Connect

  •    Javascript

connect-redis is a Redis session store backed by node_redis, and is insanely fast :). Requires redis >= 2.0.0 for the SETEX command.Pass the express-session store into connect-redis to create a RedisStore constructor.

Sequelize - An easy-to-use multi SQL dialect ORM for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Sequelize is a promise-based Node.js ORM for Postgres, MySQL, SQLite and Microsoft SQL Server. It features solid transaction support, relations, read replication and more.

sequelize-auto - Automatically generate bare sequelize models from your database.

  •    Javascript

Automatically generate models for SequelizeJS via the command line.You will need to install the correct dialect binding globally before using sequelize-auto.

connect-mongo - MongoDB session store for Connect.

  •    Javascript

MongoDB session store for Connect.

connect-redis - Redis session store for Connect

  •    Javascript

Redis session store for Connect

rdbc - Rust DataBase Connectivity (RDBC) :: Common Rust API for database drivers

  •    Rust

Love them or hate them, the ODBC and JDBC standards have made it easy to use a wide range of desktop and server products with many different databases thanks to the availability of database drivers implementing these standards. This project provides a Rust equivalent API as well as reference implementations (drivers) for Postgres, MySQL, and SQLite. There is also an RDBC-ODBC driver being developed, that will allow ODBC drivers to be called via the RDBC API, so that it is also possible to connect to databases that do not yet have Rust drivers available.

itc-api-docs - The unofficial documentation of the iTunes Connect JSON API

  •    Ruby

As there was a bigger change on iTunes Connect in September 2015 I don't find the time maintaining the docs. Instead I focus on keeping spaceship (GitHub) up to date. Take a look at what was necessary to update from the old iTunes Connect API to the new one in this pull request. This document describes the iTunes Connect JSON API and how to use it. The API is used by the AngularJS based iTunes Connect front-end to update app metadata. It is public once you have a valid session.

cookie-session - Simple cookie-based session middleware

  •    Javascript

Simple cookie-based session middleware. A user session can be stored in two main ways with cookies: on the server or on the client. This module stores the session data on the client within a cookie, while a module like express-session stores only a session identifier on the client within a cookie and stores the session data on the server, typically in a database.

hijack - Provides an irb session to a running ruby process.

  •    Ruby

Hijack allows you to connect to any ruby process and execute code as if it were a normal irb session. Hijack does not require your target process to require any hijacking code, hijack is able to connect to any ruby process. It achieves this by using gdb to inject a payload into the process which starts up a DRb server, hijack then detaches gdb and reconnects via DRb. Please note that gdb will halt your target process while it is attached, though the injection process is very quick and your process should only be halted for a few milliseconds. Hijack uses DRb over a unix socket file, so you need to be on the same machine as the process you want to hijack. This is by design for security reasons. You also need to run the hijack client as the same user as the remote process.

next-iron-session - 🛠 Next

  •    Javascript

This Next.js, Express and Connect backend utility allows you to create a session to then be stored in browser cookies via a signed and encrypted seal. This provides client sessions that are ⚒️ iron-strong. The seal stored on the client contains the session data, not your server, making it a "stateless" session from the server point of view. This is a different take than next-session where the cookie contains a session ID to then be used to map data on the server-side.

flask-sockets - Elegant WebSockets for your Flask apps.

  •    Python

Elegant WebSockets for your Flask apps. Combining WebSockets with Ajax (XHR) endpoints also comes handy with the support of session handling built-in to sockets as well. As an example you could use an Ajax login call which would create a new session and accordingly set a secure HttpOnly cookie to the browser. After authorization, you can connect to the WebSocket endpoint and reuse the session handling from Flask there as well (as shown here: Access to other custom cookies is also possible via Flasks request.cookies property.

cli - The Sequelize CLI

  •    Javascript

Sequelize CLI is always looking for contributions. You can help us with fixing bugs, reporting bugs or improving documentation.CLI v3 fully supports Sequelize v3. Support for Sequelize v4 is still experimental.

egg-sequelize - Sequelize for Egg.js

  •    Javascript

Sequelize plugin for Egg.js. NOTE: This plugin just for integrate Sequelize into Egg.js, more documentation please visit

oidc-client-js - OpenID Connect (OIDC) and OAuth2 protocol support for browser-based JavaScript applications

  •    Javascript

Library to provide OpenID Connect (OIDC) and OAuth2 protocol support for client-side, browser-based JavaScript client applications. Also included is support for user session and access token management.Node.js v4.4 or later required.

gopro-py-api - Unofficial GoPro API Library for Python - connect to GoPro via WiFi.

  •    Python

Unofficial GoPro API Library for Python - connect to GoPro cameras via WiFi. These cameras use a new version of GoPro API which centers around /gp/gpControl/ url.

MySQL Connect 2 ASP.NET


Example project to show how to connect MySQL database to ASP.NET web project. IDE: Visual Studio 2010 Pro Programming language: C# Detailed information in the article here:

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