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A simple but effective and accurate CMS that is easy to work with.



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DotNetAge CMS for ASP.NET Mvc

DotNetAge is a web content management system (CMS) and RAD platform that focus on aesthetics ,ease-of-use and Web Standards. The CMS build no MVC & jQuery

ASP .NET MVC CMS (Content Management System)

Open source Content management system based on ASP.NET MVC platform.

X3 CMS - Simple and Powerful PHP based Content Management System

X3 CMS is an user friendly CMS. It is W3C compliant, that is each page is xHTML and CSS 2 is used for layout. It is build over an MVC framework derived from Kohana. It is modular and its functionality could be extended via plugin. Its features include Users and Group management, Files management, Page caching, Search engine support, Multiple language support, WYSISYG editor, SEO friendly URL and lot more.

Midgard - Content Management Framework

Midgard is a persistent storage framework built for the replicated world. It enables developers build applications that have their data in sync between the desktop, mobile devices and web services. It also allows for easy sharing of data between users. Midgard does this all by building on top of technologies like GLib, libgda and D-Bus. It provides developers with object-oriented programming interfaces for C, PHP and Python.


Weapsy is a Multi-Language Content Management System (CMS) developed in C#, ASP.NET MVC 3 with Razor syntax, Entity Framework 4 and SQL Server 2008.

CMS - A Content management system built out of Codeigniter PHP MVC Framework

A Content management system built out of Codeigniter PHP MVC Framework

No Brainer: An MVC + CMS Framework

NoBrainer is an MVC + CMS Framework, as its name suggests for low-fi developers and savvy business stakeholders. It provides developers the flexibility of MVC as well as the control of WebForm, resulting in a testable and content manageable WebForm infrastructure for you appli...


MrCMS is an open source ASP.NET MVC content management system.


Actya is an ASP.NET MVC Content Management System (CMS). It can be used standalone, but it's also easy to add it to an existing .NET application via NuGet. Actya uses the RavenDB document database to store its content so no database setup is required.

Marvelous CMS

Marvelous CMS is dual licensed GPL3 and MIT, PHP5, PDO, OOP, ORM, MVC, Content Management System (CMS) with MooTools and MochaUI based administration area. Can be used as a base for custom Content Management Systems (CMS) or other Web Applications.

ASP.NET MVC CMS ( Using CommonLibrary.NET )

A powerful ASP.NET MVC 2 CMS / Blog / Web Application Template, providing core features ( environment selection, config, logging, email services, account management, administration console ) out of the box. Uses TDD, DDD, Model/Code Generation, CommonLibrary.NET.


Lightweight ASP.NET content management system. If you are tired of CMS's that are complicated and turn things to be more complicated. If you are like "Oh boy - I wouldn't know where to start :(". Then you should try ZZZ CMS.

Uco Lite - MVC CMS

Uco Lite is CMS for small sites. Based on MVC3, Telerik MVC All Data stored in Xml.

PortalApp MVC

PortalApp MVC .NET is a portal and CMS based on ASP.NET MVC 2.0. PortalApp is a content, community and commerce engine that provides user management, easy-to-use administration. Additionally, there are portlets that implement popular REST API's (ie; ebay, twitter, facebook).

OliveLite - CMS and business application platform

OliveLite intends to consolidate a content management system, and a business information system in one place. Primary technologies include ASP.NET MVC 3, Entity Framework, JQuery, Lucene among a host of others. The applications built as of now include: HTML Content, Wiki, C...


M3 Cms is a lightweight content management system built on the ASP.NET MVC 4.0 framework. Uses SQLCE database and nHibernate+ActiveRecord framework.

SiteManager - A Simple SEO Driven CMS

This is a simple CMS (content management system) built for small business websites. Our primary focus was to keep the HTML wirefame dynamic, content SEO optimized, and provide easy configuration for Google Webmasters, sitemap generation, and Google Analytics.


UMBRELLA Consulting - OMEGA CMS is an Open Architecture, MVC based Content Management System. Its architecture gives the ability to easily create advanced web pages, add-ons or even other CMS. OMEGA CMS is based on C#, ASP.NET, Java Script and Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

silverstripe-framework - SilverStripe Framework, the MVC framework that powers SilverStripe CMS

SilverStripe Framework, the MVC framework that powers SilverStripe CMS

nodejs-mvc-cms - simple blogging MVC CMS written in nodejs and mongoDb

simple blogging MVC CMS written in nodejs and mongoDb