Managed Task Framework .NET Runtime

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The MTF.NET Runtime is a multi-threaded scheduler designed to execute high-performance .NET applications efficiently across multiple CPU cores.



Related Projects

concurrency-tests - concurrency tests for c# multi-threading libraries.

concurrency tests for c# multi-threading libraries.

concurrency - Repository for tinkering concurrency and multi-threading areas

Repository for tinkering concurrency and multi-threading areas

parallel - Parallel Processing for Amp.

True parallel processing using native threading and multiprocessing for parallelizing code, without blocking.This library is a component for Amp that provides native threading, multiprocessing, process synchronization, shared memory, and task workers. Like other Amp components, this library uses Coroutines built from Promises and Generators to make writing asynchronous code more like writing synchronous code.


The Joins project provides asynchronous concurrency semantics based on join calculus and modeled after the Microsoft Research C? (C Omega) project.


A concurrency library optimised for the Xbox360 (Compact Framework), designed to ease the development of applications with scale across n processor cores.

Anything Over Anything (Network Tunneling)

Tunneling software created using the Reactive Extensions framework! Rx is not just for events!!!


Hyperloop is a simple rack-based Ruby web server, which uses pre-forking and threading for concurrency.


Repository of the seminar works and exercises for CTU course A4B77ASS (Sofware Systems' Architectures 2). Main topics: Advanced Java (Classloaderrs, Reflection, Multi-Threading, Concurrency, References, RMI), Design Patterns (GOF) and so on..


A collection of problems implementing concurrency via locks, semaphores and monitor variables - MiniProject1 for CS 4410 at Cornell


Concurrence is a framework for creating massively concurrent network applications in Python. It takes a Lightweight-tasks-with-message-passing approach to concurrency. The goal of Concurrence is to provide an easier programming model for writing high performance network applications than existing solutions (Multi-threading, Twisted, asyncore etc).

pthreads - Threading for PHP

This project provides multi-threading that is compatible with PHP based on Posix Threads. It can execute any and all predefined and user declared methods and functions asynchronously. It has built-in support of Synchronization, Synchronized Methods.

gwt-commons-concurrency - Concurrency Library for GWT inspired by AS3 Commons Concurrency

Concurrency Library for GWT inspired by AS3 Commons Concurrency

CGEThreadLib - Catalysis Game Engine Threading Library is Cross Plataform Threading library

Catalysis Game Engine Threading Library is Cross Plataform Threading library

Express Lane

ExpressLane Concurrency Library is a concurrency library for .NET users. It provides the concurrency foundation such as thread pool and concurrency collections for easy developing multi-thread applications.

CHESS: Systematic Concurrency Testing

CHESS is a tool for systematic and disciplined concurrency testing. Given a concurrent test, CHESS systematically enumerates the possible thread schedules to find hard-to-find concurrency errors, including assertion violations, deadlocks, data-races, and atomicity violations.

Stlab Libraries - C++ Concurrency Library

Stlab Concurrency library provides high level constructs for implementing algorithms that eases the use of multiple CPU cores while minimizing the contention.

Portable Thread Layer

This project is designed as a portable threading API that will sit on top of native OS threading APIs such as Posix, Win32, BeOS, MacOS 9, OSX, etc. It will include full support for advanced threading such as semaphores and locking, and should have close


A threading utility library designed to make multiple .NET threading classes easier to use through a more consistent API and various convenience classes. It includes a common wrapper API for locking classes, support for disposable locks, and wrappers for unsafe objects.