react-metrics-graphics - A React Component for MetricsGraphics.js

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A react component thats wraps the popular visualization library, MetricsGraphics.js



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salad-ui - Reusable DM React components.

SaladUI provides a collection of simple React Components to build Universal apps.If you would like to contribute, feel free to submite pull requests/contact us directly. Salad-UI intends to develop simple, lightweight components that can be re-used accross various applications and environents.

react-vis-force - d3-force graphs as React Components.

react-vis-force applies the react-vis and d4-style component approach to the d3-force library. This allows users to declaratively provide links and nodes as children of a ForceGraph component.

victory-chart - Chart Component for Victory

A flexible charting component for React. VictoryChart composes other victory components into reusable charts. Acting as a coordinator rather than a stand-alone component, VictoryChart reconciles props such as domain and scale for child components, and provides a set of sensible defaults.Projects using Victory should also depend on [React][] and [prop-types][].

victory-pie - D3 pie & donut chart component for React

VictoryPie draws an SVG pie or donut chart with React. Styles and data can be customized by passing in your own values as properties to the component.Projects using Victory should also depend on React and prop-types.

react-broadcast - Reliably communicate state changes to deeply nested React elements

react-broadcast provides a reliable way for React components to propagate state changes to their descendants deep in the component hierarchy, bypassing intermediaries who return false from shouldComponentUpdate.It was originally built to solve issues that arose from using react-router together with react-redux. The router needed a safe way to communicate state changes to <Link>s deep in the component hierarchy, but react-redux relies on shouldComponentUpdate for performance. react-broadcast allows the router to work seamlessly with Redux and any other component that uses shouldComponentUpdate.

react-game-kit - Component library for making games with React & React Native

react-game-kit provides a set of helper components to make it easier to create games with React and React Native.The Loop component uses context to pass a subscribable game tick down your component tree. The Stage component does the same with game scale.

react-designer - Easy to configure, lightweight, editable vector graphics in your react components.

Easy to configure, lightweight, editable vector graphics in your react components.


Formidable Labs flavored React component boilerplate. This is a set of opinions on how to start a React component.The generator replaces formidable-react-component-boilerplate and FormidableReactComponentBoilerplate across this repo with names specific to your new project. src/components/formidable-react-component-boilerplate.jsx and test/client/spec/components/formidable-react-component-boilerplate.spec.jsx are also renamed, and a fresh is created.

react-apollo - :recycle: React higher-order component for Apollo Client

React Apollo allows you to fetch data from your GraphQL server and use it in building complex and reactive UIs using the React framework. React Apollo may be used in any context that React may be used. In the browser, in React Native, or in Node.js when you want to server side render.React Apollo unlike many other tools in the React ecosystem requires no complex build setup to get up and running. As long as you have a GraphQL server you can get started building out your application with React immediately. React Apollo works out of the box with both create-react-app and React Native with a single install and with no extra hassle configuring Babel or other JavaScript tools.

Gander - Open Source Metrics Dashboard

Gander is a dashboard to give you usable metrics for a range of open source projects in one quick look. It is designed for individuals who are responsible for running Open Source Offices or keeping track of multiple Open Source projects.Gander is a Kraken-js based Node.js application with the client side views written in React. Internally Gander app consists of two main parts, a Syncer and the web application itself. To avoid hitting the Github apis often, Gander's Syncer syncs data with Github apis every hour and stores it in LevelDB. The web application is responsible for displaying the data in the desired format. Also, Gander is structured to be an Isomorphic/Universal app. It utilizes react-engine to enable isomorphism.

react-render-server - A node.js server for server-side rendering Khan Academy react components

react-render-server is a node.js server for server-side rendering Khan Academy React components. It allows you to do server-side rendering of React components when your main user-facing server is not written in JavaScript.To sandbox the effects of rendering each component and to allow multiple versions of the same component to be rendered without re-deploying react-render-server, each component (as specified via path) is rendered in its own JavaScript context via the node.js vm module.

react-tracking - 🎯 Declarative tracking for React apps.

Read more in the Times Open blog post.@track() expects two arguments, trackingData and options.

react-tagsinput - Highly customizable React component for inputing tags.

Highly customizable React component for inputing tags.A working example can be found in example/components/autocomplete.js.