doorman - Doorman is an authorization (micro)service.

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Doorman is an authorization micro-service.Doorman responds to authorization requests based on a set of rules (policies files).



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doorman - Doorman: Global Distributed Client Side Rate Limiting.

  •    Go

Doorman is a solution for Global Distributed Client Side Rate Limiting. Clients that talk to a shared resource (such as a database, a gRPC service, a RESTful API, or whatever) can use Doorman to voluntarily limit their use (usually in requests per second) of the resource. Doorman is written in Go and uses gRPC as its communication protocol. For some high-availability features it needs a distributed lock manager. We currently support etcd, but it should be relatively simple to make it use Zookeeper instead.The Doorman master server remembers all clients that currently have capacity and whenever a client asks for capacity it inserts the clients request into its memory and runs the algorithm to figure out what this client should get.

doorman - an osquery fleet manager

  •    Python

Doorman is an osquery fleet manager that allows administrators to remotely manage the osquery configurations retrieved by nodes. Administrators can dynamically configure the set of packs, queries, and/or file integrity monitoring target paths using tags. Doorman takes advantage of osquery's TLS configuration, logger, and distributed read/write endpoints, to give administrators visibility across a fleet of devices with minimal overhead and intrusiveness. Doorman makes extensive use of tags. A node's configuration is dependent on the tags it shares with packs, queries, and/or file paths. As tags are added and/or removed, a node's configuration will change.

gocd - Main repository for GoCD - Continuous Delivery server

  •    Java

This is the main repository for GoCD - a continuous delivery server. GoCD helps you automate and streamline the build-test-release cycle for worry-free, continuous delivery of your product. To quickly build your first pipeline while learning key GoCD concepts, visit our Intro to GoCD guide.

contentful.js - JavaScript library for Contentful's Delivery API (node & browser)

  •    Javascript

JavaScript SDK for the Contentful Content Delivery API and Content Preview API. It helps you to easily access your Content stored in Contentful with your JavaScript applications. Contentful provides content infrastructure for digital teams to power websites, apps, and devices. Unlike a CMS, Contentful was built to integrate with the modern software stack. It offers a central hub for structured content, powerful management and delivery APIs, and a customizable web app that enable developers and content creators to ship their products faster.

doorman - Limit access to your Laravel applications by using invite codes

  •    PHP

Doorman provides a way to limit access to your Laravel applications by using invite codes. Make a single generic invite code with 1 redemption, and no expiry.

aws-serverless-auth-reference-app - Serverless reference app and backend API, showcasing authentication and authorization patterns using Amazon Cognito, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and AWS IAM

  •    TypeScript

SpaceFinder is a reference mobile app that allows users to book conference rooms, work desks, and other shared resources. The app showcases serverless authentication and authorization using the AWS platform.The mobile front-end is built using the Ionic 3 framework and client libraries to call AWS services and mobile backend APIs. The backend APIs themselves are powered by AWS services. The backend APIs are built using a serverless architecture, which makes it easy to deploy updates, and it also means that there are no servers to operationally manage.

node-apac - node-apac - Node

  •    Javascript

apac (Amazon Product Advertising Client) will allow you to access the Amazon Product Advertising API from Node.js. Learn more about the Amazon Product Advertising API. node-apac is just a thin wrapper around Amazon's API. The only intent is to take care of request signatures, performing the HTTP requests, processing the responses and parsing the XML. You should be able to run any operation because the operation and all parameters are passed directly to the execute method just as they will be passed to Amazon. The result is that you feel like you're working directly with the API, but you don't have to worry about some of the more tedious tasks.

???????? ????????? (City Delivery)


This application makes the loading plan any product in the vehicle and the timing of its delivery from the warehouse to stores with a minimum total mileage.

Security - Middleware for security and authorization of web apps.

  •    CSharp

Contains the security and authorization middlewares for ASP.NET Core.A list of community projects related to authentication and security for ASP.NET Core are listed in the documentation.

PolicyServer.Local - Free OSS version of PolicyServer

  •    CSharp

In this repository we have provided a free, open source, and simplified version of the authorization pattern we propose - with the necessary code to create a simple implementation in your applications. NOTE: This open source library does not have the advanced features of the PolicyServer product like hierarchical policies, client/server separation, management APIs and UI, caching, auditing etc., but the client library is syntax-compatible with its "big brother" in terms of integration to your applications. This allows an upgrade path with minimal code changes if you start with this client library.

doorman daemon

  •    C

The doorman guards the door of a server, manipulating firewall rules to admit only recognized parties. Allows Silent Running - a server with all ports CLOSED. Linux-BSD-OSX server amp; client; C source amp; docs + Windows client binary. GPL.

apai-io - Amazon Product Adverstising Library based on PHP REST and SOAP (only V1) using the Product Advertising API

  •    PHP

ApaiIO is a highly flexible PHP library for fetching the Product Advertising API using REST or SOAP. You can either use the built in operations like ItemSearch or ItemLookup or you can implement your own operations which fits to your needs. Everything is programmed against interfaces so you can implement your own request or response classes for example.

bottlenose - A Python wrapper for the Amazon Product Advertising API.

  •    Python

Bottlenose is a thin, well-tested, maintained, and powerful Python wrapper over the Amazon Product Advertising API. There is practically no overhead, and no magic (unless you add it yourself). Before you get started, make sure you have both Amazon Product Advertising and AWS accounts. AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY and AWS_ASSOCIATE_TAG are all from your Amazon Associate Account.

hindsight - Hindsight - light weight data processing skeleton

  •    C

Hindsight is a C based data processing infrastructure based on the lua sandbox project. I have received several inquiries about a lighter weight and faster data pipeline with delivery guarantees to replace Heka. Hindsight is that light weight skeleton around the same lua sandbox offering 'at least once' delivery semantics.

Nakadi - A distributed event bus that implements a RESTful API abstraction on top of Kafka-like queues

  •    Java

Nakadi is a distributed event bus broker that implements a RESTful API abstraction on top of Kafka-like queues. It provides abstract event delivery via a secured RESTful API, Enable convenient development of event-driven applications and asynchronous microservices, Efficient low latency event delivery.

socorro - Socorro is a server to accept and process Breakpad crash reports.

  •    Python

Socorro is a Mozilla-centric set of services for collecting, processing, and displaying crash reports from clients using the Breakpad libraries.This is a very Mozilla-specific product. We do not currently have the capacity to support external users.

AuthorizationServer - Sample implementation of an OAuth2 Authorization Server

  •    CSharp

AuthorizationServer is the foundation for implementing application and API authorization. As a first step, we provide an implementation of the OAuth2 authorization framework.Important AuthorizationServer is not really maintained anymore - read here for details.

oz - Web Authorization Protocol

  •    Javascript

Oz is a web authorization protocol based on industry best practices. Oz combines the Hawk authentication protocol with the Iron encryption protocol to provide a simple to use and secure solution for granting and authenticating third-party access to an API on behalf of a user or an application.Protocol version: 5.0.0 (Same as v1.0.0 but moved the expired ticket indicator from a header attribute to the error payload).

cancan - 🔑 Pleasant authorization library for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Authorize easily. CanCan provides a simple API for handling authorization of actions. Permissions are defined and validated using simple allow() and can() functions respectively.

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