ifm - Improved File Manager

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The IFM is a web-based filemanager, which comes as a single file solution using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP. You can test a demo here. The credentials are the default credentials: admin as username and password. The IFM is usually locked to it's own directory, so you are not able to go above. You can change that by setting the root_dir in the scripts configuration.



Related Projects

IFM - Interface Management System

  •    C++

IFM (formerly wxIFM) is an Interface Management library designed to add dockable windows to your applications giving your interface the customizability demanded by todays experienced computer users.

Web-based filemanager

  •    Javascript

This is a web-based filemanager written in PHP. This filemanager is more powerfull than other similar webmanagers. You can use this filemanager on any platform. Just upload it to the existing web site with PHP support.

Pygoscelis - Twinpanel filemanager

  •    Python

Advanced twinpanel filemanager for GNOME written in python. featured: tabbed interface, mime aware, ftp client, archive vfs support

PHP Web FileManager - Similiar to Yahoo!

  •    PHP

phpWebFileManager - Similiar to the Yahoo! FileManager (used to manage files on their web hosting services)

FoxHole - Steganography filemanager

  •    CSharp

FoxHole is a filemanager with Steganography capability for Symbian OS phones

Xplorer filemanager

  •    C++

A filemanager for X-Windows with fast and accurate file type detection

Rodent filemanager


Rodent is fast, small and powerful file manager for the GNU operating system (but it also works in BSD). Rodent is *not* a filemanager for dummies. Emphasis is on ease of use for the advanced user, not the computer illiterate.

Filemanager Plugin for htmlArea


PHP-based Filemanager Plugin for HtmlArea. It will be able to upload/insert/modify URL's,files and images into the editor. In contrast with existing add-ons the Plugin can be dropped in without modifications to htmlArea itself.

Filemanager - An open-source file manager released under MIT license

  •    Javascript

FM is an open-source file manager released under MIT license. It is an alternative to elfinder or CKFinder. IMPORTANT: This package is DEPRECATED.

FileProvider - FileManager replacement for Local, iCloud and Remote (WebDAV/FTP/Dropbox/OneDrive) files -- Swift

  •    Swift

This Swift library provide a swifty way to deal with local and remote files and directories in a unified way. This library provides implementaion of WebDav, FTP, Dropbox, OneDrive and SMB2 (incomplete) and local files.

LEX Lightweight Explorer

  •    C++

LEX is a filemanager written in C++/Qt for Linux, using the classical Windows Explorer layout (a treeview with a tableview)


  •    Java

droiD64 is a graphical filemanager for D64 files (Commodore 64 and others). May this tool make life easier for Commodore 64 fans, especially for those using MAC and Linux systems as there are tools available for Windows anyway.

Curses File Manager

  •    Python

A curses based filemanager loosely resembling emacs dired mode written in python.

AsmFile - file manager

  •    Assembly

AsmFile is a filemanager for terminals or the Linux console. It is written in assembler for small size and speed. The design uses two window approach like mc and other filemanagers.

HD Web FileManager


Incercam sa facem un singur fisier care sa faca managementul fisierelor pe un server web.

OMR FileManager


This project is fully ajax based file manager

TreeMap FileManager


A lite file utility application displaying a treemap representation of the folders and files on a hard drive. Useful for identifying large files that fills up the space on the drive.

Backload. A server side file upload component (Demo/Examples)


Backload is a professional, full featured ASP.NET MVC 4 file upload controller and handler (server side).


  •    C++

X File Explorer (Xfe) is an MS-Explorer like file manager for X. It is based on the popular, but discontinued, X Win Commander, which was developed by Maxim Baranov. Xfe aims to be the filemanager of choice for all the Unix addicts!