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MineFlagger is a mine clearing game modeled after Microsoft’s Minesweeper. In addition to standard play, MineFlagger incorporates an AI for fun and training.




Related Projects

Windows 8 Minesweeper

A minesweeper clone in the Windows 8 Metro style, developed in JavaScript and HTML5.

The Pacman

A simple single player game similar to Pacman. Developed using XNA game framework and C#. Game demonstrates usage of fuzzy logic for controlling the AI ghosts. This game is developed to test the effect of fuzzy logic AI in Pacman game.

Tron Light Cycle Game AI Competition

An engine to run a game AI competition based on Tron Light Cycles. The best way to check it out is to download the server and client source, and run them in Visual Studio. From there, create the best AI player!

2048-ai - AI for the 2048 game

AI for the 2048 game. This uses expectimax optimization, along with a highly-efficient bitboard representation to search upwards of 10 million moves per second on recent hardware. Heuristics used include bonuses for empty squares and bonuses for placing large values near edges and corners. Read more about the algorithm on the StackOverflow answer. in a terminal. Any relatively recent C++ compiler should be able to build the output.


Simple holded JAVA Tool to Play minesweeper, a Local SQL-Database is used.

Web Minesweeper with MVVM and Knockout

This is a common minesweeper game, that is implemented with mvvm in the web, only with html and javascipts libraries...

J2ME Minesweeper

J2Minesweeper is minesweeper game can be played at portable media (cellphone, pda, etc) with J2ME suported and MIDP2.0 enabled, generate and build using Netbeans 5.0 + Netbeans Mobility 5.0

MineSweeper for hiebook

Minesweeper game for the hiebook. Requires emOS 3.x.

Begin2: A TCP/IP Tactical Starship Sim

A shareware game called begin was released in 1984: a tactical starship game with a good AI and fair rules (the computer had no advantage) I've hacked assembly code to make it a multiplayer game, so that folk can challenge each other rather than the AI.

JSweeper grid based strategy game

JSweeper is a Java Web Start enabled implementation of the classic minesweeper game. The object of this game is to attempt to correctly flag certain grid locations based on numbers contained in adjacent squares.

The Lost Realms of Harronak

The Lost Realms of Harronak will be an open source Persistent State World (PSW) Isometric View Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game (MMORPG). Anime styled, AI Cluster, Landscape Server, Object Server, and a Main Server/s. The idea is scalability, the aim is sandbox with AI as powerful as you; laws, history, buildings, dungeons, realms and goals dictated by their emergent behaviour. The game lives and breathes, you just have to attempt to survive. We have no pride, if we have to lift cod

Simple AI Engine for XNA

Simple AI Engine for XNA featuring: gridded maps, A* pathfinding, pathfollowing, behaviours


Yet another Java implementation for the addictive Minesweeper game. This game comes with a number of options unavailable in Windows's version, such as allowing more than one mines in a square. See project web site for a list of features.


Design and implement an OO console application - the simple game Minesweeper. The object of the game is to uncover all cells that don't contain mines.


The project is implementation of the Mine (Minesweeper) game. Written in Java, contains tool for automatic solving the mine field. Allows to set up width and height of the mine filed and number of mines. Very cool game :-)

five-three-two card game

card game 5-3-2 is a famous card game, we used to play as kids, growing up in india. > it is a 3 player game, you can play with 2 AI opponents. > developed for the awesome windows phone series, Xbox & the windows OS. > the rules of the game will be part of the game pub...

Fujiy Minesweeper

A MSN Messenger Minesweeper clone. You can play Minesweeper with a friend, who finds more bombs wins


A project to make a Risk game adaptation in Xna Game Studio, with fine AI and a smooth interface.

Xheis's Game Development

Xheis's game dev of a persistent zombie, waved based action RPG, RTS defence