taubin-smooth - Taubin's mesh smoothing algorithm implemented in JavaScript

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A pure JavaScript implementation of Taubin's mesh smoothing algorithm.



typedarray-pool : ^1.1.0



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Smooth-Line-View - Smooth & fast line drawing from touch inputs for UIViews using Quartz

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The goal of this project is to create a UIView that can generate smooth lines from touch input in a reasonably fast manner without moving to a more complex framework like OpenGL. Update: Completely re-written smooth line algorithm to use native CGContext quadratic curves. The result is much faster and smoother drawing. There's no more need for switching between agorithms.

EDB Smooth Streaming module for Orchard


The EDB Smooth Streaming module allows you to add adaptive video streaming to your Orchard website using the Smooth Streaming IIS Media Services extension. It supports conversion of video files to the Smooth Streaming format using Expression Encoder Pro in one easy step.

Windows Azure Live Smooth Streaming


Windows Azure Live Smooth Streaming Project is self-contained package for quickly deploying Live Smooth Streaming solution to Windows Azure. Project contains: - VS 2010 solution ready to be published - Web portal with Silverlight player - Auto-configuration for Media Serv...

tweezer.js - A small, dependency-free, ES6 library for smooth animations.

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A small, dependency-free, ES6 library for smooth animations. Demo. Tweezer.js is the last tweening library you'll ever need. It provides the building blocks for any animation, allowing you to construct beautiful animations simply and without the need of requiring lots of other dependencies like smoothScroll, countUp.js, and GSAP.

Mos - 一个用于在 MacOS 上平滑你的鼠标滚动效果或单独设置滚动方向的小工具, 让你的滚轮爽如触控板 | A lightweight tool used to smooth scrolling and set scroll direction independently for your mouse on MacOS

  •    Swift

一个用于在 MacOS 上平滑你的鼠标滚动效果或单独设置滚动方向的小工具, 让你的滚轮爽如触控板 | A lightweight tool used to smooth scrolling and set scroll direction independently for your mouse on MacOS

svg-mesh-3d - :rocket: converts a SVG path to a 3D mesh

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A high-level module to convert a SVG <path> string into a 3D triangulated mesh. Best suited for silhouettes, like font icon SVGs.Built on top of cdt2d by @mikolalysenko, and various other modules.

Smooth Streaming Performance Testing Tool


The Smooth Streaming Performance Testing Tool is a C# application that makes it easier for Smooth Streaming infrastructure builders to measure how fast their systems are seeking and delivering chunks.

Smooth Streaming Video Player Plugin for WordPress

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With this plugin, you can link Smooth Streaming (in live mode or not) and progressive download videos (MP4, WMV) to a post and play it inside a Silverlight player on a PC or Mac. You can also play your videos on a iPhone or iPad because this plugin implements a HTML 5 video tag.

Smooth-Div-Scroll - A jQuery plugin for smooth scrolling.

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A jQuery plugin for smooth scrolling.

Smooth GTK1/GTK2 Theme Engine

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Smooth GTK1/GTK2 Theme Engine is a simple theme engine intended to be smooth, fast, and highly configurable, such that it could eventually mimic most, if not all, major theme engines to high degree of acuracy, while still retaining a small footprint.

scroll-into-view-if-needed - Element

  •    Javascript

This used to be a ponyfill for Element.scrollIntoViewIfNeeded. Since then the CSS working group have decided to implement its features in Element.scrollIntoView as the option scrollMode: "if-needed". Thus this library got rewritten to implement that spec instead of the soon to be deprecated one. You can find the library on window.scrollIntoView.

barba.js - Create badass, fluid and smooth transition between your website's pages.

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barba.js is a small (4kb minified and gzipped), flexible and dependency free library that helps you creating fluid and smooth transitions between your website's pages. It helps reducing the delay between your pages, minimizing browser HTTP requests and enhancing your user's web experience.

AsyncMessagesViewController - A smooth, responsive and flexible messages UI library for iOS.

  •    Swift

A smooth, responsive and flexible messages UI library for iOS apps. Built on top of the awesome Texture (formerly AsyncDisplayKit) framework, it takes full advantage of asynchronous layout and rendering to deliver a "butter smooth" scrolling experience. Copy the Source\ directory to your project and install all dependencies.

react-smooth-dnd - react wrapper components for smooth-dnd

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A fast and lightweight drag&drop, sortable library for React with many configuration options covering many d&d scenarios. It uses css transitions for animations so it's hardware accelerated whenever possible. This library consists wrapper React components over smooth-dnd library.

smooth-app-bar-layout - Smooth version of Google Support Design AppBarLayout

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This is a smooth version of Google Support Design AppBarLayout. If you are using AppBarLayout, you will know it has an issue with fling. Check out these threads to know about that problem: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30923889/flinging-with-recyclerview-appbarlayout https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=177729... Example: if the latest support design version is 24.1.0 and SmoothAppBarLayout fix is 0, please use compile "me.henrytao:smooth-app-bar-layout:". Please check TAGS section to see all supported versions.

rx-player - Smooth/DASH HTML5 Video Player

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The Rx-player is a library implementing a DASH and Microsoft Smooth Streaming video player directly on the browser, without plugins. It relies on HTML5 Media Source Extensions and Encrypted Media extensions and is written in TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript. It is currently used in production for premium services and targets several devices, such as computers, phones, but also set-top-boxes, smart TVs and other peculiar environments.


  •    C++

Ordered Bijective Interpolated Warping (OBI-Warp) aligns matrices using Dynamic Time Warping with a one-to-one (bijective) smooth warp-function. It is ideal for the chromatographic alignment of complex mass spectrometry proteomics data.

rainbow - Rainbow Parentheses Improved, shorter code, no level limit, smooth and fast, powerful configuration

  •    Vim

As everyone knows, the most complex codes were composed of a mass of different kinds of parentheses (typically: lisp). This plugin will help you read these codes by showing different levels of parentheses in different colors. You can also find this plugin in www.vim.org. third, restart your vim and enjoy coding.