CodeIgniter-PJAX - Enable the use of PJAX in CodeIgniter

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What is PJAX? It's a jquery plugin. For more information visit the plugin page. This hook enable the use of PJAX in CodeIgniter. Copy application/core/MY_Input.php and application/hooks/Pjax.php to your project.



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pjax - Easily enable fast Ajax navigation on any website (using pushState + xhr)

  •    Javascript

. Pjax is a standalone JavaScript module that uses AJAX (XmlHttpRequest) and pushState() to deliver a fast browsing experience.

laravel-pjax - A pjax middleware for Laravel 5

  •    PHP

Pjax is a jQuery plugin that leverages ajax to speed up the loading time of your pages. It works by only fetching specific html fragments from the server, and client-side updating only happens on certain parts of the page. The package provides a middleware that can return the response that the jQuery plugin expects.

rack-pjax - pjax for rails and rack applications

  •    Ruby

pjax for rails and rack applications

pjax - ajax + history.pushState = pjax

  •    Javascript

ajax + history.pushState = pjax

jquery-pjax - pushState + ajax = pjax

  •    Javascript

pushState + ajax = pjax

django-pjax - MOVED - see

  •    Python

MOVED - see

pjax_rails - PJAX integration for Rails

  •    Ruby

Integrate Chris Wanstrath's PJAX into Rails 3.2+ via the asset pipeline.

wiselinks - If Turbolinks are not enough for you. Wiselinks makes your application work faster.

  •    Javascript

Wiselinks makes following links and submitting forms in your web application faster. You may find Wiselinks similar to Turbolinks or Pjax, but Wiselinks works as a whitelist rather than blacklist. We tried to make Wiselinks as easy to use as Turbolinks are but also as configurable as Pjax.

codeigniter-base-model - CodeIgniter base CRUD model to remove repetition and increase productivity

  •    PHP

My CodeIgniter Base Model is an extended CI_Model class to use in your CodeIgniter applications. It provides a full CRUD base to make developing database interactions easier and quicker, as well as an event-based observer system, in-model data validation, intelligent table name guessing and soft delete. Download and drag the MY_Model.php file into your application/core folder. CodeIgniter will load and initialise this class automatically for you.

codeigniter-composer-installer - Installs the offical CodeIgniter 3 (or 4) with secure folder structure via Composer

  •    PHP

This package installs the offical CodeIgniter (version 3.1.*) with secure folder structure via Composer. Note: If you want to install CodeIgniter4 (under development), see

codeigniter-payments - Spark for Uniform Payments in CodeIgniter, based on PHP-Payments

  •    PHP

CodeIgniter Payments is an abstraction library for supporting multiple payments providers. The project began in February 2011 as a CodeIgniter library and has since evolved into a framework agnostic payments engine with support for CodeIgniter. By default, test api endpoints will be used. To enable production endpoints, change the mode in /config/payments.php from 'test' to 'production'. Note that if you are a Psigate customer, you must obtain your production endpoint from Psigate support.

codeigniter-template - Template library for CodeIgniter which supports modules, themes, partial views, etc

  •    PHP

CodeIgniter-Template is a Template library that helps your build complex views with CodeIgniter. It has logic to work with themes & modules and helps add your title, meta-data, breadcrumbs and partial views. Open user_guide/index.html in your browser for docs.

CodeIgniter - Open Source PHP Framework (originally from EllisLab)

  •    PHP

CodeIgniter is an Application Development Framework - a toolkit - for people who build web sites using PHP. Its goal is to enable you to develop projects much faster than you could if you were writing code from scratch, by providing a rich set of libraries for commonly needed tasks, as well as a simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries. CodeIgniter lets you creatively focus on your project by minimizing the amount of code needed for a given task. This repo contains in-development code for future releases. To download the latest stable release please visit the CodeIgniter Downloads page.

CodeIgniter-S3 - Amazon S3 Library for CodeIgniter

  •    PHP

Amazon S3 Library for CodeIgniter

codeigniter-simpletest - Simpletest Integration for CodeIgniter

  •    PHP

Simpletest Integration for CodeIgniter


  •    PHP

CodeIgniter-cURL is a CodeIgniter library which makes it easy to do simple cURL requests and makes more complicated cURL requests easier too.

Codeigniter-Egypt - Another Codeigniter CMS, With some Love

  •    PHP

Another Codeigniter CMS, With some Love

CodeIgniter Textmate Bundle


This is a CodeIgniter Textmate/E bundle that I created. It is a full bundle with references to every library and helper function available in CodeIgniter

codeigniter-redis - A CodeIgniter library to interact with Redis

  •    PHP

A CodeIgniter interface for the Redis data store. This library tries to adhere to the defined protocol, including responses. This library is also released as a Spark. If you use this library in any other way, don't copy the autoload.php to your config directory.