eclean-kernel2 - Reboot of eclean-kernel, now fully modular

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Reboot of eclean-kernel, now fully modular



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rtl8723bs - Realtek SDIO Wi-Fi driver

It was then tidied up and had huge chunks of unused code removed by a number of contributors (see the git history for details), and eventually merged into the kernel staging tree in time for kernel 4.12-rc1. This repository contains the history of the driver cleanup, which is not available in the upstream-merged driver. Compiling or running the driver on older kernels is not supported, please ask your distribution to provide updated kernel packages.


This version of dm9601 usb ethernet adaptator driver is for linux-2.4 kernel only. It is a cleanup of Davicom dm9601 v1.0 GPL vendor driver. On linux-2.6, a dm9601 driver is include since 2.6.21. This driver backport some of the 2.6 changes.

docker-cleanup - Automatic Docker image, container and volume cleanup

This image will periodically clean up exited containers and remove images and volumes that aren't in use by a running container. Based on tutumcloud/image-cleanup and chadoe/docker-cleanup-volumes with some small fixes. WARNING: This script will remove all exited containers, data-only containers and unused images unless you carefully exclude them. Take care if you mount /var/lib/docker into the container since that will clean up all unused data volumes. If it's not compatible with your system or Docker version it may delete all your volumes, even from under running containers.

Cleanup SharePoint items

The goal of this project is to develop a generic SharePoint job which can help cleanup items from lists. The cleanup job will pick up items which are past expiration (defined by list administrator) and push them into recycle bin. The features of this job would be: -- One job ...

dktools - Dirk Krauses tools

A set of command line tools for advanced users and administrators. Graphics conversion (PNG/TIFF/JPEG to PS/EPS/PDF, Fig to PS/EPS/PGF/PDF+TeX/EPS+TeX/SVG), administration tools (create configuration and documentation from database), printing tools (print quota enforcement, send file to Windows print queue, Windows print queue cleanup, LPRng queue cleanup), developer tool (tracing and debugging, wxWidgets GUI code generation, state machine code generation), networking tool (send data strea

.svn Folders Cleanup Tool

dotSVN Cleanup is a tool that allows you to remove the .svn folders . Just click, browse, say abracadabra ...and the magic is done. Have fun with it!

Open Disk CleanUp Tools

Tools/extensions to Windows Disk Cleanup tool help users free up disk space used by various applications for caching or unused at all.

Smart WCF Client Wrapper

This is a smart WCF client wrapper that keeps your code clean, and hides common beginner mistakes from the end user. This code handles - EventHandler Cleanup - Exception Managment - Reliable and efficient reuse of the proxy - Cleanup of the proxy - Clean "using(...)" m...

SQL Server History Cleanup

Clean up backup history, job history and maintenance plan history without using a maintenance plan. The functionality is similar to the History Cleanup Task in a maintenance plan.

Technician's Virus Cleanup Script

Technician's Virus Cleanup Script, aka TeViCS, is a batch script that is customizable and automates many of the necessary and recommended steps when removing a virus. It can reset registry entries, remove temporary files, run anti-virus scans, etc.

django-cleanup - Automatically deletes old file for FileField and ImageField

django-cleanup automatically deletes files for FileField, ImageField, and subclasses. It will delete old files when a new file is being saved and it will delete files on model instance deletion. Warning! If you use transactions you may lose files if a transaction will rollback at the right instance. Though this outcome is reduced by our use of post_save and post_delete signals, this outcome will still occur if there are errors in signals that are handled after our signals are handled. In this case, the old file will be lost and the new file will not be referenced in a model, though the new file will likely still exist on disk. If you are concerned about this behavior you will need another solution for old file deletion in your project. This is fixed in Django 1.9+ if you are using a database that supports transactions.

Two Kernel Monte

Two Kernel Monte is a Linux kernel module which allows Linux to load another kernel image into RAM and restart the machine from that kernel. The loader supports initial RAM disks and passing arbitrary kernel command line parameters to the new kernel.

libfuse - The reference implementation of the Linux FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) interface

FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) is an interface for userspace programs to export a filesystem to the Linux kernel. The FUSE project consists of two components: the fuse kernel module (maintained in the regular kernel repositories) and the libfuse userspace library (maintained in this repository). libfuse provides the reference implementation for communicating with the FUSE kernel module. A FUSE file system is typically implemented as a standalone application that links with libfuse. libfuse provides functions to mount the file system, unmount it, read requests from the kernel, and send responses back. libfuse offers two APIs: a "high-level", synchronous API, and a "low-level" asynchronous API. In both cases, incoming requests from the kernel are passed to the main program using callbacks. When using the high-level API, the callbacks may work with file names and paths instead of inodes, and processing of a request finishes when the callback function returns. When using the low-level API, the callbacks must work with inodes and responses must be sent explicitly using a separate set of API functions.

mkernel - a minimalistic kernel

Kernel 101 – Let’s write a Kernel(

linux-kernel-module-cheat - Run one command, get a QEMU or gem5 Buildroot BusyBox virtual machine built from source with several minimal Linux kernel 4

Run one command, get a QEMU or gem5 Buildroot BusyBox virtual machine built from source with several minimal Linux kernel 4.16 module development example tutorials with GDB and KGDB step debugging and minimal educational hardware models. "Tested" in x86, ARM and MIPS guests, Ubuntu 18.04 host. This is the most native setup, and therefore the best one if you are on one of the supported Ubuntu: 16.04 or 18.04.

darwin-xnu - The Darwin Kernel (mirror)

XNU kernel is part of the Darwin operating system for use in OS X and iOS operating systems. XNU is an acronym for XNU is Not Unix. XNU is a hybrid kernel combining the Mach kernel developed at Carnegie Mellon University with components from FreeBSD and C++ API for writing drivers called IOKit. XNU runs on I386, X86_64 for both single processor and multi-processor configurations. Additionally, there is support for configuring architectures through ARCH_CONFIGS and kernel configurations with KERNEL_CONFIGS.

linux kernel performance

This project is intended to track Linux kernel performance by running a set of key benchmarks with latest snapshots of development kernel source tree (Linus?s kernel git tree). Latest benchmark results are hosted here as well as historical data.

Dragoon kernel

a concept operating system that is UNIX like; however, is not a micro-kernel, monolithic kernel, or any kernel in particular. it is based off inferno, a plan9 like UNIX.

Agnix Embedded Real-time OS Kernel

Agnix is an educational, network operating system kernel. It is ideal starting point to learn about operating systems. The main goal of the project is to provide a network kernel fully compatible with the Linux Kernel in the system call layer

User-mode Linux kernel port

The user-mode kernel port is a port of the Linux kernel which runs in a set of processes. The result is a user-mode virtual machine and a kernel which can be debugged and developed using all of the usual process-level tools.