robotframework-vim - Some vim scripts for use with the Robot framework.

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Alternatively, set the g:robot_syntax_for_txt global variable to treat .txt files as Robot files.



Related Projects

vim-markdown - Markdown for Vim: a complete environment to create Markdown files with a syntax highlight that doesn't suck!

  •    Vim

I wanted strong support for the Markdown flavor implemented by GitHub. I wanted syntax highlighting that would mirror the result I would find later on GitHub. I wanted syntax highlighting that would not break easily. I wanted syntax highlighting that I could rely on (aka rapid feedback). I wanted something more than mere syntax highlighting. The Markdown Syntax, unfortunately, is so loosely defined that there are flavors of Markdown that are subtly incompatible with each other. The Markdown supported by GitHub is one of them.

vim-cpp-enhanced-highlight - Additional Vim syntax highlighting for C++ (including C++11/14)

  •    Vim

This file contains additional syntax highlighting that I use for C++11/14/17 development in Vim. Compared to the standard syntax highlighting for C++ it adds highlighting of (user defined) functions and the containers and types in the standard library / boost. which is a faster implementation but has some corner cases where it doesn't work.

vim-jsx - React JSX syntax highlighting and indenting for vim.

  •    Vim

Syntax highlighting and indenting for JSX. JSX is a JavaScript syntax transformer which translates inline XML document fragments into JavaScript objects. It was developed by Facebook alongside React. Notably, the system vim JavaScript syntax is not supported, due to its over-simplicity. However, the system XML syntax package is an implicit dependency.

vim-less - vim syntax for LESS (dynamic CSS)

  •    VimL

This vim bundle adds syntax highlighting, indenting and autocompletion for the dynamic stylesheet language LESS. This bundle is compatible with vim-css-color, vim-css3-syntax and possibly other plugins that place code in after/syntax/css.vim or after/syntax/css/*.vim.

vim-javascript - Vastly improved Javascript indentation and syntax support in Vim.

  •    Vim

JavaScript bundle for vim, this bundle provides syntax highlighting and improved indentation. The following variables control certain syntax highlighting plugins. You can add them to your .vimrc to enable their features.

vim-pug - Vim Pug (formerly Jade) template engine syntax highlighting and indention

  •    Vim

Vim syntax highlighting for Pug (formerly Jade) templates. For best results consider using this with an (improved) HTML5 syntax plugin.

rainbow_levels.vim - A different approach to code highlighting.

  •    Vim

A different approach to code highlighting. This plugin highlights code by indentation level instead of language syntax. It is specially useful when dealing with deeply nested code or callback hells.

vim-slim - Syntax highlighting for VIM

  •    Vim

slim syntax highlighting for vim. If you are already using pathogen, you can skip to step 3.

vim-es6 - List of JavaScript ES6 snippets and syntax highlighting for vim.

  •    Vim

Write JavaScript ES6 easily with vim. You need SnipMate or UltiSnips installed.

vim-easytags - Automated tag file generation and syntax highlighting of tags in Vim

  •    VimL

Automated tag file generation and syntax highlighting of tags in Vim

vim-jade - Vim Jade template engine syntax highlighting and indention

  •    VimL

Vim Jade template engine syntax highlighting and indention

ansible-vim - A vim plugin for syntax highlighting Ansible's common filetypes

  •    Vim

This is a vim syntax plugin for Ansible 2.x, it supports YAML playbooks, Jinja2 templates, and Ansible's hosts files. This plugin should be quite reliable, as it sources the original formats and simply modifies the highlights as appropriate. This also enables a focus on simplicity and configurability instead of patching bad syntax detection.

vim-vue - Syntax Highlight for Vue.js components

  •    Vim

Vim syntax highlighting for Vue components. This was initially forked from darthmall/vim-vue. I already have an implementation for this but found his code much cleaner. That's why I created a new version instead of a PR.

vim-markdown - Vim Markdown runtime files

  •    Vim

This is the development version of Vim's included syntax highlighting and filetype plugins for Markdown. Generally you don't need to install these if you are running a recent version of Vim. Note that setting too large value may cause bad performance on highlighting.

python-syntax - Python syntax highlighting script for Vim

  •    VimL

Enhanced version of the original Python syntax highlighting script. Based on python.vim from Vim 6.1 distribution by Neil Schemenauer (nas at python dot ca). Check also python.vim page on Some of these features was later backported into the original python.vim.

vim-cucumber - Vim Cucumber runtime files

  •    VimL

This is the development version of Vim's included runtime files for the Ruby acceptance testing framework Cucumber. It provides syntax highlighting, indenting, and some editing commands. vim-cucumber provides commands to jump from steps to step definitions in feature files.

rust.vim - Vim support for Rust file detection and syntax highlighting.

  •    VimL

Historically this existed as a useful plugin for working with Rust and keeping up with nightly build changes pre-1.0. Now that the language as relatively stabilized since v1.0 there's less need for this plugin, especially considering there's an official version now. This is a vim plugin provides Rust file detection and syntax highlighting.

vimwiki - Personal Wiki for Vim

  •    Vim

Vimwiki is a personal wiki for Vim -- a number of linked text files that have their own syntax highlighting. To do a quick start press <Leader>ww (this is usually \ww) to go to your index wiki file. By default it is located in ~/vimwiki/

vim - The official Vim repository

  •    C

Vim is a greatly improved version of the good old UNIX editor Vi. Many new features have been added: multi-level undo, syntax highlighting, command line history, on-line help, spell checking, filename completion, block operations, script language, etc. There is also a Graphical User Interface (GUI) available. Still, Vi compatibility is maintained, those who have Vi "in the fingers" will feel at home. See runtime/doc/vi_diff.txt for differences with Vi. This editor is very useful for editing programs and other plain text files. All commands are given with normal keyboard characters, so those who can type with ten fingers can work very fast. Additionally, function keys can be mapped to commands by the user, and the mouse can be used.