Minecraft Wrapper Service

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This project is aimed to provide a reliable Windows Service that manages a Minecraft server instance, which is run in java. While there are several general and multi-platform service wrappers available that can run java, this project concentrates on Minecraft on Windows Servers.




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playing-the-internship-game - the rules, tips, and tricks I've learned on how to approach tech internships


I've collected this pile of advice thanks to many folks with more experience than me, or who came up with cool ideas I might not have thought of. These things give me an advantage and I think it's unfair that others shouldn't have that same advantage if they're motivated enough to look for advice and just don't know the same people I do. So I'm putting as much as I can remember here, and hoping that if you read this and it helps you, that you will pass this knowledge on to help others too. This is just advice, a collection of things people have said that I've found helpful. It might not actually be the best advice, and it might not work for you. My best advice is to think critically about all the advice you get, and only do things when you have a good idea of why it might help you and think it's your best option.

transient - A full stack, reactive architecture for general purpose programming

  •    Haskell

It's a bit mind bending in that it's like using a higher-level list monad, but it's very, very cool. For beginning Haskellers, what would be really useful is a visualisation of what happens when you do various distributed/parallel stuff. It's almost shocking how effortlessly you can run computations across threads/nodes. The cool part is the composability in the distributed setting. You can make higher-order monadic functions that allow you to compose & reuse a long chain of distributed transactions via wormhole and teleport. Another benefit is that the transaction becomes first class and you can see exactly what's going on in one place instead of distributing the logic across actors making the code equivalent to event callbacks, as you've stated.

AnythingSlider - A jQuery Slider plugin for anything.

  •    CSS

Just what the world needs, another jQuery slider. YAWN. I know, check this one out though, it's got lots of cool features. Here on CSS-Tricks, I've created a number of different sliders. Three, in fact. A "featured content" slider, a "start/stop slider", and "moving boxes". Each of them had some cool interesting feature that I needed to build at the time. All were well-received, but as is the case with these things, people want them to do X, Y, and Z in addition to what they already did. This new AnythingSlider is an attempt at bringing together the functionality of all of those previous sliders and adding new features. In other words, to create a really "full featured" slider that could be widely useful. This is the first time (on CSS-Tricks) that one of these sliders is an actual plugin as well, which should make implementing it and customizing it much easier.

YarnSpinner - Yarn Spinner is a C# library for interactive dialogue in games!

  •    CSharp

Yarn is a language that's designed to make it super easy to create interactive dialogue for games. Yarn's very similar in style to Twine, so if you already know that, you'll be right at home! If you don't, that's cool - Yarn's syntax is extremely minimal, and there's not much there to learn. The Yarn language is used in a number of cool games, including Night In The Woods and Knights and Bikes. Yarn Spinner interprets the Yarn language, and is written in C#. Yarn Spinner is designed to be easy to add to Unity games, but it's also intended for use in other contexts as well.

Cool things with OO Cobol


This is the source repository of the book 100 cool things that you can do with OO Cobol.

Pandora FMS - Flexible Monitoring System

  •    C

Pandora FMS is a performance and availability monitoring system, ready for big environments. It uses agents for local monitoring and can do several kinds of remote network monitoring. It watches your systems and applications, and allows you to know the status of any element of those systems.

MPParallaxCollection - [dead] a collection view layout + cell that can do something percent driven ( parallax for image)

  •    Objective-C

A collection view layout and a cell subclass usefull to made parallax of an image during the scrolling. But even thanks to the delegate useful to make cool percent driven effect, in the example I used my MPTextReveal to show you how to use. To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.

codecombat - Game for learning how to code.

  •    CoffeeScript

NOTE: The process for setting up the dev environment has changed. Please refer to the docs for details. It's both a startup and a community project, completely open source under the MIT and Creative Commons licenses. It's the largest open source CoffeeScript project by lines of code, and since it's a game (with really cool tech), it's really fun to hack on. Join us in teaching the world to code! Your contribution will go on to show millions of players how cool programming can be.

goreq - Minimal and simple request library for Go language

  •    Go

Simple and sane HTTP request library for Go language.Go has very nice native libraries that allows you to do lots of cool things. But sometimes those libraries are too low level, which means that to do a simple thing, like an HTTP Request, it takes some time. And if you want to do something as simple as adding a timeout to a request, you will end up writing several lines of code.

ARStarter - get started with ARKit - a little exercise for beginners

  •    Swift

This playground consists of a four sections which guide you through the very basics of the language. It will teach you what variables are, how you calculate, how you structure your code, how you can bundle values in collections and give you a rough idea what inheritance is and why you need to know about it - at least need to have heard about it. Do all the exercises in the "My Level..." pages and if you get stuck take a sneak peek into the "Level ..." pages where all the solutions are placed for you. Before getting into augmented reality coding we will first have a look at 3D coding itself. ARKit can be used with 2D and 3D content, but we will focus on dealing with 3D stuff through this whole guide. The three lessons in this section will show you how to deal with the SceneEditor, locate elements, use particle systems and deal with element hierarchies. Additionally you will have the chance to do everything you created in the SceneEditor in code also. This is important to see how you can create 3D elements and behaviour in code which is quite convenient for a lot of use cases.

Parallaxjs - A Library for Javascript that allows easy page parallaxing

  •    Javascript

Is a javascript framework allowing you to slide in pages of your site with having a parallaxing background. Parallax.js keeps pages in a structureless format, meaning you can absolutely control where pages come in and from where, even if it doesn't make geometric sense. You add html elements, or pages, to Parallax.js and use the movement functions to slide them into view, pushing whatever was there out of the way. Very light weight, very cool. Just like fezes. Check out the demo page's features section. It should explain everything you need to know to use Parallax.js. I strongly you suggest to take a dive into the demo page's code base as well, some nifty things in there.

Metaweblogs to WordPress Migration Tools


Do you have a GeeksWithBlogs blog? Do you ever think about the cool feature that you could have if you moved to WordPress?

exterminate - Break Python programs with a single import.

  •    Python

We all know bowties are cool. But seriously, are you sure of that? Let us rethink some basic assumptions.If you use IPython you won't get to that stage though. You might also not be able to import all EXTERMINATE modules at the same time.

awesome-ipfs - Useful resources for using IPFS and building things on top of it


This list is for projects, tools, or pretty much any things related to IPFS that are totally awesome. This is for products which are already awesome - if you have plans for cool stuff to do with IPFS, you should build it, and then link it here. If you have an idea for an awesome thing to do with IPFS, a good place to ask about it might be in ipfs/apps or ipfs/notes.These are narrowly-scoped, little JS "apps" deployed through IPFS.

WatchdogInspector - Shows your current framerate (fps) in the status bar of your iOS app

  •    Shell

WatchdogInspector counts your app's framerate and displays the fps in the status bar. The coloured status bar lets you know when your framerate drops below 60 fps. If everything is fine your status bar gets happy and will stay green. To detect unwanted main thread stalls you can set a custom watchdog timeout. and run pod install You can see the example project how to setup and run WatchdogInspector Make sure that you don't use WatchdogInspector in production.

TitanHide - Hiding kernel-driver for x86/x64.

  •    C

Do not come here and open issues about problems with installation, crashes with bug check 0x109: CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION or questions on how to disable PatchGuard. I will permanently ban you from the issue tracker. If you don't know how to properly install the tool you don't know enough to use it responsibly and you should use something else like ScyllaHide. To disable PatchGuard, try UPGDSED. TitanHide is a driver intended to hide debuggers from certain processes. The driver hooks various Nt* kernel functions (using SSDT table hooks) and modifies the return values of the original functions. To hide a process, you must pass a simple structure with a ProcessID and the hiding option(s) to enable, to the driver. The internal API is designed to add hooks with little effort, which means adding features is really easy.

Overdrive - ⚡️ Fast async task based Swift framework with focus on type safety, concurrency and multi threading

  •    Swift

Our apps constantly do work. The faster you react to user input and produce an output, the more likely is that the user will continue to use your application. As our applications grow in complexity, the more and more work needs to be done. You need to start thinking about how to categorize and optimize work, how to make that work more efficient, more optimized and finally, faster. In most cases that doesn’t end very well because you need to know a lot about concurrency, multithreading etc. - it’s a very complex field. You need to know all API specifics before you are able to write something. Overdrive was created as a result of that struggle. It is a framework that exposes several simple concepts which are made on top of complex system frameworks that enable multithreading, concurrency and most importantly, more speed.

Botkit - Building Blocks for Building Bots

  •    Javascript

Botkit is the leading developer tool for building chat bots, apps and custom integrations for major messaging platforms. Botkit works with all the NLP services (like Microsoft LUIS and IBM Watson), can use any type of database you want, and runs on almost any hosting platform.

chatheads - An implementation of Facebook's ChatHeads on iOS.

  •    Objective-C

ChatHeads is a new feature in Facebook.app 6.0 where little bubbles appear in the iOS app when somebody sends you a message. It's a nice little feature and uses very cool animations. This project is an attempt to re-implement this feature and to figure out how the animations are done. I don't support this project in a way to completely implement all features of ChatHeads. It should only illustrate how parts of ChatHeads are done.

vfuse - Convert bootable DMG images for use in VMware Fusion

  •    Python

This script takes a never-booted DMG and converts it to a VMware Fusion VM. The germ of this idea came about, as all good ideas, and germs, do: while drinking beer. Specifically, I was tossing back drinks and tossing around ideas with Gilbert Wilson, and he mentioned that he uses the VMware CLI tools to convert DMGs to VMDKs based on a blog post he'd read. Intrigued, I asked Gil to email me the specifics. After seeing how potentially cool this was, I wrapped it up in this here terribly illegible, queasingly unpythonic script.

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