dockership - dead simple docker deploy tool

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Dockership is a tool for easily deploying Docker containers to one or multiple Docker servers. Nowadays we have many powerful tools for configuration management such as Puppet, Chef and Ansible even docker-based deployments tools like Deis. These tools are great for medium/big projects, but not optimal for small startups without a DevOps guy, and personal side projects.



Related Projects


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***abandoned*** GAIM-STL provides a simple/secure transport layer over any existing Gaim protocol. STL plugins can be used to encrypt/decrypt text as needed.

project abandoned


project abandoned

maintainers-wanted - List of projects looking for new lead maintainers, either abandoned or just looking for someone else to lead


This is a collection of projects open to new lead maintainers. The projects may be abandoned, or the maintainer(s) are just looking to move on.

markdoc - A lightweight Markdown-based wiki system. Current status: abandoned.

  •    Python

A lightweight Markdown-based wiki system. Current status: abandoned.

django-orm-extensions - ABANDONED! See README

  •    Python


git-hooks - [ABANDONED] git-hooks

  •    Shell

[ABANDONED] git-hooks

FABsMenu - A simple library to use a menu of FloatingActionButtons from Design Support Library that follow Material Design Guidelines

  •    Java

Android Support/Design libraries still doesn't include a FloatingActionButtons menu, and the libraries found here and there are either too cluttered or filled with unnecessary stuff or using custom views that simply don't follow guidelines, which made me avoid them. I was looking for a new library, and the ones I knew of, have been deprecated/abandoned because the simple FABs are included in the design support library, so I felt the urge of having something that could suffice my needs, and couldn't help but create a library, although is mostly based on one of those abandoned libraries.

python-readability - [abandoned] python port of arc90's readability bookmarklet

  •    Python

[abandoned] python port of arc90's readability bookmarklet


  •    Python

PyRobots is a clone of gnurobots written in python. The goal of this project is to complete a game with all the features gnurobots set out to have. PyRobots was started because gnurobots was abandoned for a while and has only recently become active.


  •    PHP

popper_mod-wid is a free, full featured web based email client written in PHP. It is an extension of the now abandoned quot;popper_modquot; project which was an extension of the origional popper. It runs on any server that can run PHP and mySQL. Uses POP and S

Kuran - Quran viewing and reciting

  •    Java

Kuran is a application for viewing, reciting, searching the Quran and looking for verses matching special topics. It is based on XML text and Speex audio files provided by the Quran project. This project has been abandoned due to a lack of time. :( You might want to take a look at as an alternative.


  •    C++

(Update: Project has been abandoned) KPuTTY is a KDE-based interface to run ssh based on the look of the popular free Windows SSH client PuTTY.


  •    C

Kludge3d is a simple 3d editor, in the spirit of Worldcraft or Milkshape. It is the offspring of several other (presumably abandoned) GTK-based editors, with the best features taken from each. As the name implies, kludge3d is exactly that - a kludge.


  •    C++

KLAVAR! is porting to MS Windows a graphic music sequencer/notation program based on the easy-to-read KLAVAR music notation, without clefs, sharps, flats or accidentals. It was originally written in GFA Basic for the Atari ST. Earlier releases were also targeting Apple Mac OS X and GNU/Linux operating system but the effort had to abandoned due to the uncertain future of the development tools used.


  •    VB

This project is now abandoned. You can continue to download the old release here. KeyStater2 will be on BerliOS. Thankyou for your interest.

Flooterbuck Infobot

  •    Perl

Flooterbuck Infobot is a redesign and rewrite of Kevin Lenzo's (apparently abandoned) quot;infobotquot; IRC bot project. It is a rewrite to make it more developer- and user-friendly. And to, you know, actually fix bugs every now and then.


  •    C

This is a video editor for compositing and special effects.This editor is designed to create special effects and animations. But for editing video sequences, and basic effects as well. This editor is done so that all (or almost all) the effects can be animated. This project was not abandoned, but it is temporally inactive, will be reactivated soon.

Flight Gear Glass Cockpit

  •    C++

The Flight Gear Glass Cockpit Project aims at recreating the digital displays found in modern aircraft. It is specifically modelled to integrate with FlightGear. This Project is a fork of the seemingly abandoned Open Glass Cockpit Project.

Teacher Evaluation based on phpsurveyor

  •    PHP

TeacherEvaluation is built on top of phpsurveyor It is an online survey system. The program is abandoned and not in a useful state.