MediaCenter TV Series

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The goal of this project is to create a free and open source TV series plug-in for MediaCenter.



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With TapiRex, you will always know who is calling you at the first ring of your telephone! If you are using Microsoft Windows XP Media Center 2005® or Windows Vista Media Center as your Home Media Center, TapiRex can even make this fabulous product better! In mceTapiRexv2 we...

MCE Daemon Tools Loader

This is a Windows Media Center Presentation Layer Application that lists all files in a given directory and allows the user to use Daemon Tools to mount the selected image file. This allows a user to store image files of their DVD collection and have one library interface tha...

mcePicasa (Picasa Web Album Windows Media Center Presentation Layer Application)

Picasa Web Album Viewer - Windows Media Center (MCE) Presentation Layer Application. Using your remote to browse, search, view, edit, upload and enjoy photos from your albums and community albums on your wide screen.

Play-kanaler (Windows Media Center Plug-in)

Windows Media Center plugin för att kolla på svenska play-kanaler. För nuvarande finns SVT, TV3, TV6, TV8 och Viasat Sport tillgängligt. Med detta plugin kan du kolla på program från dessa kanalers ondemand-tjänster utan att starta webbläsaren och använda musen.


This Windows 7 Media Center plug-in allows you to view video in a slide-show fashion. It features a "clip" capability that can play random clips of video media (45 sec, 90 sec and 2 min intervals). It also integrates with Windows Home Server and Windows 7 Homegroup.

MCEBuddy Viewer

Windows Media Center Plugin for MCEBuddy 2.x

Trail Blazer

Movie Trailer Fetcher - Downloads trailers for movies in a collection and saves them in movie folder. It is being developed as a companion to Meta Data Fetchers for the Media Browser project. It is being developed as a standalone C# app but a frontend in MCML is being considered.

Goo Media Center

Goo Media Center is a Windows based media player using Mplayer that plays all of the major media file types. Goo Media Center (GMC) will not only play media files but will also convert media files and rip DVD's. GMC allows drag and drop feature as well.

Geexbox - Embedded Linux Media Center Distribution

GeeXboX is a free and Open Source Media-Center purposed Linux distribution for embedded devices and desktop computers. It provides you a ready-to-be-used, plug-and-play Media Center application that can play any kind of multimedia content (Audio, Videos, Photos …) from any location (CD, DVD, Bluray, HDD, USB, Samba, NFS, UPnP, SHOUTcast …). It has been designed to be fully controllable through either keyboard, mouse or a remote controller.

Remote Wizard for Media Center and TitanTV

Written in VB, this Windows Service for Vista or Windows 7 monitors your GMail account for messages with a TitanTV TVPI file attached. The TVPI file is parsed and the program added to your Media Center scheduled recordings using standard Click-to-Record technology.


Scrapes information from and creates a DVDID.XML file for Media Center users. A free account to is required. Performs an automated search of your movie library and grab the DVDID files for each movie file found. Also searches for single, user selected movies

xbmc-nfo-gen - NFO file generator for XBMC media center

NFO file generator for XBMC media center

mininuke - Media Center File Browser

Media Center File Browser

Social Media Integration Pack for System Center Orchestrator 2012

This new revolution Integration Package for System Center Orchestrator 2012 introduces social media capabilities for IT automation scenarios! For the first version we offer you Twitter activities which allow you to post tweets and perform tweets search with specific criteria!

Touchee - Superawesome Media Center System

Superawesome Media Center System

meta-enna - Enna openembedded/yocto layer for Enna media center and Calaos home automation system

Enna openembedded/yocto layer for Enna media center and Calaos home automation system

Hulu Launcher

Hulu Launcher is a simple Windows Media Center plugin that launches Hulu Desktop and attempts to manage the windows as seamlessly as possible. In addition to launching Hulu from Media Center, it will also automatically close Hulu when Media Center becomes the active window.

vmfs - virtual media file system, properly for media file

virtual media file system, properly for media file