threadpool - A simple C Thread pool implementation

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A simple C Thread pool implementation



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ThreadManager in C# with ThreadPool

  •    CSharp

ThreadManager contains C# class to manage thread effectively with the ThreadPool can be used in any .NET application . It is released as just C# class as Version 1.0. I will upload Demo application soon. Its really easy to use and tested. Use it or loose it.


  •    C++

threadpool is a cross-platform C++ thread pool library. It provides a convenient way for dispatching asynchronous tasks and can be easily customized. threadpool is based on the high-quality Boost source libraries.

Threading.Net : Multi threads, threadpool, backgroundworker windows form sample


Threading.Net, is a small windows form application that highlights the benefits of multithreaded programming by comparing in parallel, using progessbars, the same process running in single thread and in multi thread mode.

concurrencpp - Modern concurrency for C++

  •    C++

concurrencpp is a tasking library for C++ allowing developers to write highly concurrent applications easily and safely by using tasks, executors and coroutines. By using concurrencpp applications can break down big procedures that need to be processed asynchronously into smaller tasks that run concurrently and work in a co-operative manner to achieve the wanted result. concurrencpp also allows applications to write parallel algorithms easily by using parallel coroutines. concurrencpp is a task-centric library. A task is an asynchronous operation. Tasks offer a higher level of abstraction for concurrent code than traditional thread-centric approaches. Tasks can be chained together, meaning that tasks pass their asynchronous result from one to another, where the result of one task is used as if it were a parameter or an intermediate value of another ongoing task. Tasks allow applications to utilize available hardware resources better and scale much more than using raw threads, since tasks can be suspended, waiting for another task to produce a result, without blocking underlying OS-threads. Tasks bring much more productivity to developers by allowing them to focus more on business-logic and less on low-level concepts like thread management and inter-thread synchronization.

pthreads - Threading for PHP

  •    PHP

This project provides multi-threading that is compatible with PHP based on Posix Threads. It can execute any and all predefined and user declared methods and functions asynchronously. It has built-in support of Synchronization, Synchronized Methods.

claypoole - Claypoole: Threadpool tools for Clojure

  •    Clojure

The claypoole library provides threadpool-based parallel versions of Clojure functions such as pmap, future, and for. Claypoole gives us tools to deal with common parallelism issues by letting us use and manage our own threadpools (a.k.a. thread pools). Our blog posting gives a nice overview of the project and its motivations.

Solaris-compatible Thread Library (STL)

  •    C

The Solaris-compatible Thread Library (STL) enables applications that use the Solaris threads API (thr_create(), mutex_lock(), etc.) to be ported to other systems that have a POSIX threads library. STL maps between Solaris types and POSIX types, and adds

threads.js - Easy to use, yet powerful multi-threading library for node.js and the browser.

  •    Javascript

Javascript thread library. Uses web workers when run in browsers and child processes when run by node.js. Also supports browsers which do not support web workers.You don't have to write the thread's code inline. The file is expected to be a commonjs module (so something that uses module.exports = ...), for node and browser.

ThreadPool - A simple C++11 Thread Pool implementation

  •    C++

A simple C++11 Thread Pool implementation.



This library is intended to provide a minimal amp; complete Object-Oriented (OO) thread interface for C++ programmers. It is loosely modeled on the Java thread API, and the POSIX Threads standards. The architecture of the library is designed around \

Plugin ThreadPool C++

  •    C++

The command pattern and chain of responsibility pattern lends itself elegantlynbsp;for the implementation of nbsp;the Thread Pool design. Wrap the method using the command object and submit it to the tread pool;there is no needd to change the existing source

task-worklet - Task Worklet: explainer, polyfill and demos.

  •    Javascript

A polyfill for Task Worklet - a proposed API for defining and invoking coordinated, threadpooled background tasks with minimal transfer overhead. A lot of what we do in modern web applications touches the DOM in some way. Improving the performance of DOM-bound code is difficult because issues generally stem from layout and paint cost rather than actual script execution overhead. Task Worklet attempts to define a highly ergonomic way to offload all of the work an application needs to do that doesn't rely on the DOM, while making it incredibly easy to move data between the UI thread and background threads.

Portable Thread Layer


This project is designed as a portable threading API that will sit on top of native OS threading APIs such as Posix, Win32, BeOS, MacOS 9, OSX, etc. It will include full support for advanced threading such as semaphores and locking, and should have close

C++ Console Tool Set

  •    C++

Lightweight C++ set of utility classes including POSIX/GNU-compatible command-line argument parser, thread-safe logging service, and various utiliy classes ... Motto: simple and user-friendly!


  •    C

Upthreads is a user space implementation of the POSIX thread library implemented using setjmp/longjump (or equivalent). This libpthreads implementation is useful when threads are need in deeply embedded systems with little OS support.

JC Virtual Machine - Converts Java to C

  •    Java

JC Virtual machine converts Java class files to C source code. It could also compiles with GCC and loads them with built-in ELF loader. Additional to that, JC provides a complete Java runtime with optimization to increase performance.

C++ Smart Pointers

  •    C++

Highly optimized, reference counted Smart Pointers for Win32 or POSIX compliant OS (Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, etc.) - thread safe, non-intrusive, can handle circular references, implicit casting, and explicit casting (through C++ style casting operators)


  •    C++

Advanced platform-independant, Object-Oriented threading and synchronization library. Designed and tested under POSIX amp; Win32 systems. Not just another thread wrapper.

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