Matt's TinyMVC - MVC for ASP.NET Web Forms

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MattsTinyMVC enables ASP.NET Web Forms applications to be developed using the MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern. MattsTinyMVC features two-way data binding of any WebControl or HtmlControl, no-code state/cache management, and enables full unit-testing of your web app....



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MVC Dynamic Forms GUI

MVC Dynamic Forms GUI allows you to create dynamic data-collection forms using Microsoft MVC. It is a complete web front-end that lets you rapidly build data collection forms using quick field configuration and drag-and-drop. This project uses the MVC Dynamic Forms component. ...


A demo of how to use Web Forms and MVC in the same Web Application. This is ideal for existing Web Forms applications that want to migrate to MVC for new features and functionality.

Mobile-enabled ASP.NET Web Forms / MVC application samples

Code samples for the whitepaper "Add mobile pages to your ASP.NET Web Forms / MVC application" linked from

MVC Security Extensions

This project attempts to bridge a gap between web forms and mvc handling of storing secure values on a page. Web Forms has Event Validation, which prevents someone from changing a hidden textbox. This was both good and bad. It helped to prevent someone from tampering with t...

30TipsAndTricksForASPNET - 30 Tips and Tricks for ASP.NET Developers (MVC and Web Forms)

30 Tips and Tricks for ASP.NET Developers (MVC and Web Forms)


ASP.NET MVC Forms makes developing forms faster and easier. Forms can be rendered either automatically or get your hands dirty with a completely custom layout. The design is based off the Django Project forms module, ported to ASP.NET MVC.

Composite C1 CMS - Open Source on .NET

A top rated ASP.NET web CMS here on CodePlex. Quality web CMS with a great API and solid usability. Friendly with ASP:NET Razor, Web Forms, MVC and XSLT.

Web Pattern - MVC 3, WebForms, NHibernate, Log4net+Elmah, MultiCulture, Security

Web Pattern include: ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET Mvc, NHibernate, Log4net + Elmah, Custom Security, MultiCulture (MultiLinguage)


A conversion of the ASP.NET MVC BigShelf single page application to ASP.NET Web Forms using the Navigation for ASP.NET Web Forms framework.

spring-mvc-forms - Example of using Ext JS forms with Spring MVC 3

Example of using Ext JS forms with Spring MVC 3

MVC-Mega-Forms - Additional components to make awesome forms in ASP.NET MVC

Additional components to make awesome forms in ASP.NET MVC


The NWebsec security libraries for ASP.NET applications are built on the philosophy that security should be simple and maintainable.


How to authenticate from a console app to an ASP.NET MVC 4 web site using HttpClient and Forms Autentication.

Generic MVC Control

The MvcControl<TControl> generic class was written (in C#) for the purpose of re-using the huge, great framework that we're all used to since many couple years: the ASP.NET WebForms Framework. It enables using Web Forms controls within MVC applications without the downsides.

.NET Extensions Methods Library for C# and VB.NET (ASP.NET, MVC, SL, WPF, EF)

The .NET Extensions project is monthly updated library of C# und VB.NET extension methods for ASP.NET Web Forms, MVC, WPF, Silverlight and Entity Framework. It's part of a column published by Patrick A. Lorenz ( in the German magazine "dotnetpro" (

Mvc Dependency

Mvc Dependency is the smaller better looking sibling of Client Dependency. There's no standing on your head to support legacy Web Forms, just plain simple conventions that put you in control of your resources.

aspnet-docker - The official docker images for ASP.NET on Windows ServerCore.

These images are updated via pull requests to the microsoft/aspnet-docker GitHub repo.ASP.NET is a high productivity framework for building Web Applications using Web Forms, MVC, Web API and SignalR.

Navigation Designer

Navigation Designer allows a web application's navigation to be visually composed and automatically generates the StateInfo configuration for use within the Navigation for ASP.NET Web Forms framework.

ASP.NET MVC Dynamic Forms

Class library to create dynamic forms in ASP.NET MVC.