fast-wfc - An implementation of Wave Function Collapse with a focus on performance.

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An implementation of Wave Function Collapse with a focus on performance. At the time of writing, only the overlapping method has been implemented. You need a C++-17 compatible compiler.



Related Projects

WaveFunctionCollapse - Bitmap & tilemap generation from a single example with the help of ideas from quantum mechanics

  •    CSharp

This program generates bitmaps that are locally similar to the input bitmap. In the examples typical value of N is 3.

toy - the thin c++ game engine

  •    C++

toy is a thin and modular c++ game engine. it aims to provide the thinnest and simplest stack of technology for making games directly from c++. toy offers simple expressive c++ idioms for user interface, rendering, audio, and the seamless extension of your game code with zero-cost tools, editors and scripting, to design full featured 2d or 3d games in fast iterations. toy is built on top of the underlying mud library, which provides most functionality. toy simplicity and modularity makes it deeply hackable, extensible and versatile. toy is perfect to build games with atypical constraint: complex user interface and rendering schemes, procedural generation, etc. it provides a fully programmable 3d renderer, with full control over shaders, materials and render paths, as well as higher level primitives and systems such as entities, physics, navmesh generation and navigation, and procedural generation helpers.

godot-procedural-generation - Procedural generation algorithms and demos for the Godot game engine

  •    GDScript

Godot PCG (Procedural Content Generation) is a project to build a series of algorithms and demos to learn about procedural generation. The algorithms are from our course Godot PCG Secrets. ➡ Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for free game creation tutorials, tips, and news! Get one of our Godot game creation courses to support our work on Free Software.

userland - Source code for ARM side libraries for interfacing to Raspberry Pi GPU.

  •    C

This repository contains the source code for the ARM side libraries used on Raspberry Pi. These typically are installed in /opt/vc/lib and includes source for the ARM side code to interface to: EGL, mmal, GLESv2, vcos, openmaxil, vchiq_arm, bcm_host, WFC, OpenVG. Note that this repository does not contain the source for the edid_parser and vcdbg binaries due to licensing restrictions.

wavefunctioncollapse - Walk through an infinite, procedurally generated city

  •    CSharp

An infinite, procedurally generated city, assembled out of blocks using the Wave Function Collapse algorithm with backtracking. Read more about this project here and about the WFC algorithm here.

simplex-noise.js - A fast simplex noise implementation in Javascript.

  •    Javascript

simplex-noise.js is a fast simplex noise implementation in Javascript. It works in the browser and on nodejs. By default simplex-noise.js will use Math.random() to seed the noise.

KaTeX - Fast math typesetting for the web

  •    Javascript

KaTeX is a fast, easy-to-use JavaScript library for TeX math rendering on the web. KaTeX renders its math synchronously and doesn't need to reflow the page. It's layout is based on Donald Knuth’s TeX, the gold standard for math typesetting. It has no dependencies and can easily be bundled with your website resources. It produces the same output regardless of browser or environment, so you can pre-render expressions using Node.js and send them as plain HTML.

BlenderProc - A procedural Blender pipeline for photorealistic training image generation

  •    Python

A procedural Blender pipeline for photorealistic training image generation. Check out our arXiv paper (we are updating it from time to time) and our workshop paper on sim2real transfer presented at RSS 2020.

protongraph - Experimental node-based software for procedural content generation

  •    GDScript

A node based tool for procedural content creation. Which means, you have a collection of nodes that you connect together to create a complex result. You can see it as a form of visual scripting, but for 3D models generation. ProtonGraph is currently going through a lot of refactoring and a rebrand. As a result, it's not usable right now, but the next major update is due soon and will break backward compatiblity. Therefore I suggest you to wait until it's released. Release announcement will be made here and on the social media listed below.

BWO - An infinity procedural online game using Flutter with NodeJS and flames

  •    Dart

An infinity procedural online game using Flutter and flames with NodeJS and Firebase for the back-end. The world isn't stored in anywhere, it uses some conecpts and rules (Perlin Noise and Simplex Noise) to generate it equaly in all devices only the changes made by player are actually stored on the server side.

wireframe-world - An infinite wireframe world in WebGL

  •    Javascript

As for the implementation, it is not very difficult stuff; I divide up the world into chunks(just like in Minecraft), and as the camera traverses the world, the chunks that become out of range are thrown away and are no longer rendered. And in the far away horizon I keep adding new chunks, to give the illusion that the world is infinite. Port the program into screensavers for OS X, Windows and Linux.

snek - An experimental system for writing generative systems

  •    Common

This library is specifically written to be useful for a broad range of ways in which I create art using various generative algorithms. A simple (graph) data structure for working with vertices and edges The structure is named snek; the name is explained below. This structure is combined with a programming pattern for applying changes to the structure. The pattern relies on alterations, see below.

ProceduralTerrain - Procedural voxel terrain generation in Unity

  •    CSharp

Developed as part of my bachelor thesis at the University Hamburg in the HCI research group.

Foreval (math parser)


Foreval is compiler of mathematical expressions(formulas) given as string at run-time (math parser). (present as dll library and delphi component) For fast and exact scientific calculations.

mockolo - Efficient Mock Generator for Swift

  •    Swift

Mockolo is an efficient mock generator for Swift. Swift doesn't provide mocking support, and Mockolo provides a fast and easy way to autogenerate mock objects that can be tested in your code. One of the main objectives of Mockolo is fast performance. Unlike other frameworks, Mockolo provides highly performant and scalable generation of mocks via a lightweight commandline tool, so it can run as part of a linter or a build if one chooses to do so. Try Mockolo and enhance your project's test coverage in an effective, performant way. One of the main objectives of this project is high performance. There aren't many 3rd party tools that perform fast on a large codebase containing, for example, over 2M LoC or over 10K protocols. They take several hours and even with caching enabled take several minutes. Mockolo was built to make highly performant generation of mocks possible (in the magnitude of seconds) on such large codebase. It uses a minimal set of frameworks necessary (mentioned in the Used libraries section) to keep the code lean and efficient.


  •    C++

A general-purpose library that generates three-dimensional coherent noise. Useful for terrain generation and procedural texture generation. Uses a broad number of techniques (Perlin noise, ridged multifractal, etc.) and combinations of those techniques.

ConvChain - Bitmap generation from a single example with convolutions and MCMC.

  •    CSharp

ConvChain passes a sample image through a 1-layer lattice of small overlapping receptive fields. It then runs an MCMC simulation with obtained weights as coefficients in the energy functional. In the language of cellular automata, ConvChain takes an input image and builds a probabilistic cellular automaton that is most likely to generate that image.

rant3 - (Obsolete) Archive of Rant 3.x.

  •    CSharp

As of 26.6.2020, Rant 3 is no longer supported and the repository is archived. Rant is an all-purpose procedural text engine that is most simply described as the opposite of Regex. It has been refined to include a dizzying array of features for handling everything from the most basic of string generation tasks to advanced dialogue generation, code templating, automatic formatting, and more.

h2o - h2o = fast statistical, machine learning & math runtime for bigdata

  •    Java

h2o = fast statistical, machine learning & math runtime for bigdata

Fast Math Formula Editor for MS Word

  •    VB

Mathematics formula renderer for Microsoft Word. Easy to use and really fast + Mathematics drawing toolbar for Microsoft Word + Math exercices storage Database for Microsoft Access. Available in French and English!!!

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