mpris-scrobbler - Minimalistic user daemon which submits the currently playing song to listenbrainz

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Wants to be a minimalistic user daemon which submits the currently playing song to and compatible services. To retrieve song information it uses the MPRIS DBus interface, so it works with any media player that exposes this interface. In order to compile the application you must have a valid development environment containing pkg-config, a compiler - known to work are clang>=5.0 or gcc>=7.0 - and the build system meson plus ninja.



Related Projects

MPRIS Applet


MPRIS Applet is a project aims to provide desktop panel applet/plugin allow the user to control MPRIS compatible players. It does not required to write special plugin for each player(except MPRIS support) to be compatible with this applet/plugin.

playerctl - 🎧 mpris command-line controller and library for spotify, vlc, audacious, bmp, xmms2, and others

  •    C

For true players only: spotify, vlc, audacious, bmp, xmms2, and others. Playerctl is a command-line utility and library for controlling media players that implement the MPRIS D-Bus Interface Specification. Playerctl makes it easy to bind player actions, such as play and pause, to media keys.

gnome-shell-extensions-mediaplayer - A mediaplayer indicator for GNOME Shell 3.18+.

  •    Javascript

gnome-shell-extensions-mediaplayer is a gnome-shell extension for controlling any MPRIS v2.1 capable media player.Based on the work of horazont (Jonas Wielicki).

sls - Simple Scrobbler, a scrobbler for android devices

  •    Java

Simple Scrobbler (SLS) is a simple app that scrobbles music listened to on an Android phone. Scrobbling means submitting listening information to (and optionally/additionally and ListenBrainz) when you play a track, and you can then get music recommendations and view you listening history and statistics at Before the release of a new version of SLS, it will be available here to test for one week in the Beta Testing Versions link.

LPFM Scrobbler

  •    DotNet

LPFM Scrobbler is a simple .NET API library for scrobbling to the web service. It is designed for desktop, web and mobile applications that target the .NET 4 Framework. The library supports the Scrobble and Now Playing functionality of the API version 2.0

taffybar - A gtk based status bar for tiling window managers such as XMonad

  •    Haskell

Taffybar is a gtk+3 (through gi-gtk) based desktop information bar, intended primarily for use with XMonad, though it can also function alongside other EWMH compliant window managers. It is similar in spirit to xmobar, but it differs in that it gives up some simplicity for a reasonable helping of eye candy. Taffybar has a number of non-haskell dependencies. It is recommended that you follow the installation instructions for haskell-gi before attempting to install taffybar.

Dutch Radio Scrobbler

  •    Java

Scrobble de nummers van je favoriete radiostation naar Last.FM! Voor dit programma is Java nodig. Korte uitleg:;hd=1

Music Service Client


Music Service Client is a library that can be used to connect to most important music content db services.


  •    Perl

SlimScrobbler is a plug-in for Slim Devices SlimServer software to automatically track and submit played track data to the Last.FM site. LastFM is a plugin for playing internet radio streams from Last.FM. (LastFM was formerly known as AudioScrobbler)



vdr-lastfm is a plugin for Video Disk Recorder (VDR). The plugin can play music provided by the service of (

iTunes Fast Forward

  •    CSharp

A Windows iTunes Companion with these features : Global Hot Keys, Cover art fetch, Toaster, Scrobble, Lyrics Fetch, Auto-tag feature. It's developed in C# using WPF and the MVVM design pattern. client for Windows Phone 7

  • client for Windows Phone 7. Search for artist, album, events and user and see details about them. See your profile information (recommended artists, events, friends, neighbours). The application can't play steaming music from site neither scrobble tracks.


  •    Objective-C

Mac OS X application with minimalistic interface which allows scrobbling to Last.FM, with support for scrobbling iPod plays. Scrobble is triggered by disconnection of an iPod.


  •    Java

LibreTunes is an open-source multi-scrobbler, scrobbling the music you play with iTunes to up to 3 AudioScrobbler servers. By default it supports and, but you are free to use any servers you want.

.scrobbler.log to Upload Script

  •    PHP

A PHP script to submit .scrobbler.log/.scrobbler-timeless.log files made by DAPs (Rockbox only at the moment) via the audioscrobbler servers to the music blogging site.



KEXP Scrobbler displays the song currently playing on KEXP and sends it to your profile (known as scrobbling, hence the name).


  •    Java

DEPRECATED Android scrobbler. Recruiters: please don't look at this project.

vanilla - Vanilla Music Player for Android

  •    Java

Vanilla Music player is a GPLv3 licensed MP3/OGG/FLAC/PCM player for Android.


  •    Python

Python library to submit played tracks to quot;audioscrobblerquot; (the service behind

lastfm-android - The official Android application suite

  •    Java

The official Android application suite