Mapped Page Provider for EPiServer CMS

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An extension to the basic page provider class that handles all the mapping issues – urls, id’s, guids, etc. making it a lot faster and easier to built page providers to existing data.



Related Projects

EPiServer CMS Page Type Builder

Page Type Builder allows developers to define EPiServer page types in code which eliminates the need to synchronize page types between different servers. As page types are declared in code it also enables inheritance between page types and strongly typed property access.

EPiServer CMS 6 R2 robots.txt module

EPiRobots is an EPiServer plug in that handles delivery and modification of the robots.txt file for your EPiServer CMS 6 R2 site(s). It has no dependency on any page types, requires no .config modifications and should work in any deployment scenario.

EPiServer CMS Page Type Builder UI

Page Type Builder UI is an EPiServer CMS admin plug-in for PageTypeBuilder. It provides an easy way for developers to find discrepancies between EPiServer Page Type property definitions and Page Type Builder page types.

Remote Page Provider for EPiServer CMS

Remote Page Provider is used to integrate the content between two installations of EPiServer CMS. Pages appear as any local page even when they are managed by a separate installation.

EPiServer Blog Page Provider

A example page provider implementation for EPiServer that supports external blog sources for pages, Blogger and WordPress supported out of the box A provider system makes it easy to add support for more blog types.

Dynamic Content Pack for EPiServer CMS

This is a small package with tools that makes it a lot easier to work with Dynamic Content in EPiServer CMS 5 R2. It will allow you to turn any UserControl into Dynamic Content, manage properties and state and automatically register the Dynamic Content with EPiServer CMS.

Property Pack for EPiServer CMS

With EPiServer CMS 6 it's possible to create a wide variety of custom property types that have customized settings in each usage. This Property Pack is a collection of some advanced and cool properties that are often needed when building sites with EPiServer CMS 6. - A blog built with EPiServer and ASP.NET MVC

This project is the personal blog of Joel Abrahamsson. However, it is also an open source project which aims to provide inspiration and templates for working with EPiServer Community, EPiServer CMS and ASP.NET MVC.

EPiServer Template Foundation

EPiServer Template Foundation builds on top of Page Type Builder to provide a framework for common site features such as basic page type properties, RSS support, tags and date folders, MetaWeblog support for Live Writer, and various helpers for creating custom property types etc.

CDN Support for EPiServer CMS

This module adds CDN support for EPiServer CMS by modifying outgoing links.

Springshield Sample Site for EPiServer CMS

City of Springshield - The accessible sample site for EPiServer CMS 6.

EPiOptimiser - Scan your EPiServer configuration to optimise start up times

EPiScanner scans your EPiServer configuration to optimise start ups by generating a recommended exclude list of assemblies to include in EPiServer framework config. It can be used on command line, as a custom build task or integrated into Visual Studio as an external tool.

Mobile Pack for EPiServer CMS

Mobile Pack for EPiServer CMS is a one-size-fits-all generic mobile web app, that will let you easily add a mobile web app to any web site running on EPiServer CMS 6 R2 (or later). It's based on JQuery Mobile and can reuse content from the entire site.

EPiServer CMS Azure VPP

EPiServer CMS Windows Azure Virtual Path Provider. Used to store files in EPiServer CMS by leveraging Windows Azure blob storage functionality.

EPiServer Filtered Page Reference Properties

The EPiServer Filtered Page Reference properties provide you with the ability to restrict the pages in which an EPiServer can pick. The assembly once depoyed to your projects bin folder will add two new properties: -FilteredPageReferenceProperty -FilteredLinkCollectoinP...

SecurityPack for EPiServer CMS

Security Pack is a set of security add-ons for EPiServer. The items in this project do not change security in EPiServer but add functionality such as more granular control and governance over security configuration in EPiServer.

Virtual Roles Sample Pack for EPiServer CMS

Virtual Roles is a powerful tool in order to make a personalized web site. This is a collection of Virtual Roles that helps you customize your web site to your visitors - and it even contains Dynamic Content that can only be seen by select roles.

EPiServer CMS ElencySolutions.MultipleProperty

The MultipleProperty classes are for use in EPiServer CMS 6 and provide an easy way for developers to build complex custom properties that comprise of other EPiServer custom properties.


EPiAbstractions provides facades for many of the classes in EPiServers products which enable it's users to decouple their code from the concrete implementations and thereby gaining the ability to unit test code that otherwise would depend on the concrete implementations.