pymmw - Pythonic mmWave Toolbox for TI's IWR Radar Sensors

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This is a toolbox composed of Python scripts to interact with TI's evaluation module (BoosterPack) for IWRxx43 mmWave sensing devices. The toolbox provides easy access to particular OOB firmware versions, which are included in TI's mmWave SDKs and Industrial Toolboxes while focusing on data capturing and visualization with Python 3. Some elements of the toolbox can be considered being a Pythonic alternative to TI's mmWave Demo Visualizer. Make sure to connect the carrier board (i.e. ICBOOST) of the antenna module used (e.g. IWR6843-ISKODS) via FTDI to enable resets without pressing NRST. Resets via XDS110 are supported for IWR-BOOST-EVMs devices only.



Related Projects

CalcEm: TI-82/83 emulator for Windows

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CalcEm was the emulator that started it all. It was the first emulator for Texas Instruments calculators with public source code. CalcEm is capable of emulating Texas Instruments calculator models 82 and 83.


  •    C

The libtlc54x helps you to communicate with the Texas Instruments TLC548/549 A/D-Converter via serial or parallel port. With the library you need only three steps to open the device, read the data and close the device.


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The GTK ACX Tool displays the status of the Texas Instruments (TI) ACX100 IEEE 802.11 driver.

Eigenmath DS

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Eigenmath DS is a free computer algebra system ported to Nintendo DS. The aim of this project is to have a free CAS comparable to commercial systems such as Texas Instruments or HP calculators. The GUI is made with woopsi 0.3

DSPdap - DSP based Digital Audio Player

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Hardware and firmware for a DSP based digital audio MP3 player with USB pen drive funtionality, using a 16-bit fixed point Texas Instruments TMS320 C55x DSP and CompactFlash card. This is an open source and open hardware MP3 player project.

MSP430 Cross Development Kit

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CDK4MSP stands for Cross Development Kit for the Texas Instruments MSP430 MCUs and should you support with a comprehensive Assembler and C development environment for even this processor familie under Linux or similar host systems. It will present only f


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Linux Support for Texas Instruments' Bluetooth BRF 63XX chips. BOS

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BOS – operating System, is an operating system dedicated to small microcontrollers and CPUs without MMU. Actually is dedicated to Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontrollers (it can be ported to other CPUs without great changes)

acx100 - Wireless chipset Linux driver

  •    C

Open Source Linux driver for wireless network cards (DWL-[G]520+ PCI, DWL-[G]650+ CardBus, GL-2422MP mini-PCI, DWL-120+ USB etc.) which use the entirely undocumented Texas Instruments (TI) ACX100/ACX111 chips, for 2.4.x , 2.6.x to 3.x kernels. FreeBSD: see some other website (FIXME URL got clipped). !! BIG FAT NOTE: development (i.e., driver quot;releasesquot;) is happening in git source repository tree (as of 2011-09-04), thus you're expected to look there (see web site menu Code --gt; Gi

TLAN Driver for Linux

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The Linux TLAN driver supports various Ethernet adapters based on the ThunderLAN chip which was co-developed by Compaq and Texas Instruments.


  •    C

TinyOS for 8051 based platforms such as Texas Instruments CC2430, Nordic Semi nRF24e1 and SiLab c8051F34x.

TiLP - Ti Linking Program

  •    C

TiLP (formerly GtkTiLink) can transfer data between Texas Instruments graphing calculators and a computer. It works with all link cables (parallel, serial, Silver, Direct USB Link) and it supports all calcs (TI73...92+, V200, Nspire).

Tablet 83

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Tablet 83 is an easy-to-use calculator based on the _functionality_ of Texas Instruments' TI-83+.



TMS9900 Arcade Game Library for the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A



The GoodFET is an open source JTAG programmer based upon the Texas Instruments Flash Emulation Tool. While retaining partial compatibility with the TI design, the eventual goal of this project is standalone firmware with no proprietary components.


  •    C

mspgcc4 is no longer supported. Please use the newer toolchain at the MSPGCC project. (This was a port of the GCC 4.x branch to the Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontroller core. It is based on the MSPGCC project that is stuck with GCC 3.2.3.)

build-your-own-radar - A library that generates an interactive radar, inspired by http://thoughtworks

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A library that generates an interactive radar, inspired by You can see this in action at If you plug in this data you'll see this visualization.

techradar - Build your own Technology Radar. Inspired by ThoughtWorks Technology Radar.

  •    HTML

Build Your Own Technology Radar. Inspired by the ThoughtWorks Tech Radar:

radar-chart-d3 - Simple radar chart in D3.js

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A reusable radar chart implementation in D3.js. Styleable, configurable and transition-capable. xOffset and yOffset are optional values that allows a developer to change the position of a specific label. It is important to add them in the first group of axes.

lag-radar - Trace frame rate lag with a sexy performance radar

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It's a sexy little lag radar for demonstrating performance - or lack of. Add this to any javascript application and you can see when the app drops below 60fps as the radar sweep changes colour and gets janky.

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