Finite Element Method Samples with C#

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Finite Element Method Samples with C#



Related Projects

OOFEM Object Oriented Finite Element Library

Object oriented finite element library built in Delphi for structural and thermal analysis in civil engineering.

Finite Element LibrarY eXperiment

FELYX is an object oriented FE/FEM code written in C++. It provides the most common elements for structural analysis, bandwidth reduction, a fast skyline solver, some iterative solvers and an interface to the commercial FEA package ANSYS.


FeapUI gives a graphical easy-to-use interface to the fem (finite element method) programm FEAP by R.L. Taylor ( FeapUI runs on Linux/Unix and Windows with java. This gives you more quot;Feapingquot; and lesser maual reading.

Parallel Real-time Deformation Simulator

Application for soft tissue modeling which provides on-line or off-line computation based on user's defined FEM (finite element method).


This project contains several libraries written in Fortan 77, Matlab and C++, pertinent to computational fluid dynamics, boundary element methods, finite and spectral element methods, numerical methods, and C++ programming in science and engineering.

The Finite Element ToolKit (FeTK)

The Finite Element ToolKit (FETK) is an evolving collection of adaptive multilevel finite element method (AFEM) software libraries and tools for solving coupled systems of nonlinear geometric partial differential equations (PDE).

San Le's Free Finite Element Analysis

SLFFEA stands for San Le's Free Finite Element Analysis. It is a package of scientific software and graphical user interfaces for use in finite element analysis. It is written in ANSI C by San Le and distributed under the terms of the GNU license.

Free Finite Element Package

The Free Finite Element Package is a library which contains numerical methods required when working with finite elements. The goal of FFEP is to provide basic functions for approximating the solution of elliptic and parabolic PDEs in 2D.


Computational software for geotechnical engineering: mtfem - finite element analysis - plane strain state; mtpile - analysis of a laterally loaded pile; mtslope - slope stability and displacement analysis using limit equilibrium; mtwall - analysis of a diaphragm wall

finite element modeling Markup Language

femML is an XML-based language for describing finite element models and associated results for inter - and intra- application data exchange and integration.

Elmer finite element software

Elmer is a finite element software for numerical solution of partial differential equations and multiphysical problems. It includes models of structural mechanics, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, electromagnetics etc. Elmer home is

Tochnog Finite Element Program

Explicit/Impicit Finite Element Program with linear/nonlinear, elastic/hyperelastic/hypoelastic/plastic/visco, contact,thermal, fluid capabilities. h/p refinements. Parallel/Distributed solvers available. No shell elements but has 2D beams, trusses.

Impact Finite Element Program

Impact is an explicit Finite Element Program Suite which simulates dynamic impact events. It has a range of elements, contact handling and different material laws. Models can be created, solved and analyzed with the included pre- and postprocessor. Impact is based on an Explicit Time stepping algorithm. These kind of codes are used to simulate dynamic phenomena such as car crashes and similar, usually involving large deformations.

pdnmesh Finite Element program

An automatic 2D Delaunay mesh generator and solver for Finite Element Analysis. Can solve 2D field problems (Poisson and Helmholtz Equations). Can use LAPACK/ARPACK solvers producing OpenGL/Postscript output. Uses C/GTK/GTKGLExt/MFC. Runs on Win32/Unix.

Open Finite Element Analysis

Develop finite element stress analysis programs, that work with free cad systems(Maybe QCad). Right now there's only a 2d gridded structure analysis prog with a crappy interface, written mainly in octave.

Nonlinear Finite Element Toolbox

A MATLAB toolbox for linear and nonlinear static and dynamic finite element analysis.

Mesh Generator

In aim of this projects is to develop a simple mesh generator libary, based on sequential and parallel Delaunay triangulation algorithms. The library or its ideas can be used in the field of finite elements method (FEM) and computer graphics.

libMesh: A C++ Finite Element Library

Handles Hexahedral, Tetrahedral, Quadrilateral, and Triangle meshes. Lagrangian, Hierarchic, and Monomial finite elements. Interface to PETSc solvers, adaptive mesh refinement, and extreme portablility.

CMISS Bioengineering Modelling Software

CMISS is a mathematical modelling environment that allows the application of finite element analysis, boundary element and collocation techniques to a variety of complex bioengineering problems.

LandXML Software Development Kit

LandXML C++ Software Development Kit. LandXML is an open, XML-based data standard for civil engineering and transportation applications.