PyCasia - A python library to work with the CASIA Chinese handwriting database.

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Open source library to work with the CASIA Chinese Handwriting dataset. PyCasia is on the Python Package Index, so installation is as easy as pip install pycasia. Requires Python 3.5 or newer.



Related Projects

OpenCC - A project for conversion between Traditional and Simplified Chinese

  •    C++

Open Chinese Convert (OpenCC, 開放中文轉換) is an opensource project for conversion between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, supporting character-level conversion, phrase-level conversion, variant conversion and regional idioms among Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong kong.

Simplified Chinese Mozilla and Firefox


This project is to build Chinese Simplified Mozilla and Firefox for Chinese users. And also include the Chinese Simplified version add-ons of Mozilla and Firefox.

Hanzi Recognizer

  •    Java

Chinese handwriting recognition and Chinese-English dictionary.

Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese converter


A python script to convert traditional Chinese text to simplified Chinese. A character relation table is included.

resume - An elegant \LaTeX\ résumé template

  •    TeX

Hit branch zh_CN if you want a Simplified Chinese résumé. If you only need a résumé in English or have installed Adobe Simplified Chinese on your OS, It would be better to clone only the master branch, since the Simplified Chinese fonts files are too large.

Awesome-Chinese-NLP - A curated list of resources for Chinese NLP 中文自然语言处理相关资料


BaiduLac by 百度 Baidu's open-source lexical analysis tool for Chinese, including word segmentation, part-of-speech tagging & named entity recognition.


  •    C

Handwriting Recognizer supports input methods that recognizes handwriting east Asian characters as used in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

???????? Internet Online Go ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? IGS android weiqi baduk ??


???????? Go (Japanese:??), known in Chinese as weiqi (simplified Chinese: ??; traditional Chinese: ??; pinyin: wéiqí; Wade-Giles: wei ch'i) and in Korean as baduk (hangul: ??), is an ancient board game for two players that is noted for being rich in strategy despite its simpl...

cnn-text-classification-tf-chinese - CNN for Chinese Text Classification in Tensorflow

  •    Python

This code belongs to the "Implementing a CNN for Text Classification in Tensorflow" blog post. It is slightly simplified implementation of Kim's Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentence Classification paper in Tensorflow.

opentracing-specification-zh - OpenTracing标准(中文版) `zh` (Chinese) translation of the opentracing/specification


OpenTracing标准官方页面为: 基于"OpenTracing官方标准"发布途径等历史原因, 原有1.0翻译版本通过翻译opentracing.io提供, 网页地址, 下载地址.

Hong Zi


No more poor man's chinese TeX! Now a full fledged Chinese Metafont shall be available... with your help. Hong Zi is (OK, OK, shall be) a set of Metafont programs and TeX scripts which creates chinese characters so as you may use them in your documents.

OpenCC - A project for conversion between Traditional and Simplified Chinese

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A project for conversion between Traditional and Simplified Chinese

Kirikiri (TVP) 2 Core: Simplified Chinese Translation


Simplified Chinese translated version of Kirikiri (TVP) 2 Core (, based on the SVN Head development version.

aspnetcore-doc-cn - The Simplified Chinese edition of Microsoft ASP

  •    CSharp

The Simplified Chinese edition of Microsoft ASP.NET Core documentation, translated by .NET China Foundation

Chinese-Word-Vectors - 100+ Chinese Word Vectors 上百种预训练中文词向量

  •    Python

This project provides 100+ Chinese Word Vectors (embeddings) trained with different representations (dense and sparse), context features (word, ngram, character, and more), and corpora. One can easily obtain pre-trained vectors with different properties and use them for downstream tasks. Moreover, we provide a Chinese analogical reasoning dataset CA8 and an evaluation toolkit for users to evaluate the quality of their word vectors.

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