django-scheduler-sample - Example application of django-scheduler

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Example application of django-scheduler



Related Projects

django-scheduler - A calendaring app for Django.

  •    Python

Django Scheduler relies on jQuery and Bootstrap to provide its user interface. If you don't need help with adding these to your Django project, you can skip the next step where we will show you how to add them to your Django project.

openalpr-android - Android Automatic License Plate Recognition library (http://www

  •    Java

OpenALPR is an open source Automatic License Plate Recognition library written in C++ with bindings in C#, Java, Node.js, and Python. This project ports this library to Android. You can find the demo application apk at the releases tab. Copy the OpenALPR configuration file to your android project assets directory /main/assets/runtime_data/openalpr.conf, open it and update the runtime_dir to your project directory (for instance, for the sample project the directory is: runtime_dir = /data/data/com.sandro.openalprsample/runtime_data). After that just follow the code example bellow. To see a full example check the sample application.

INSElectronicProgramGuideLayout - UICollectionViewLayout for displaying electronic program guide.

  •    Objective-C

INSElectronicProgramGuideLayout is a UICollectionViewLayout subclass for displaying Electronic Program Guide. The example project create sample data for the next three days channel data, it use LoremIpsum framework to fill EPG data. To run, build and run the Example target in from INSElectronicProgramGuideLayout.xcworkspace within the Example directory.

django-api-rest-and-angular - An example repository of combining Django Rest Framework with AngularJS

  •    Python

This sample project is the companion of a blog post on how to get started with Django Rest Framework and AngularJS. To setup and run the sample code, you're going to need npm from NodeJS available to install the frontend code.

django-jquery-file-upload - A minimal django project containing a minimal app with a working jquery file upload form based on the work by Sebastian Tschan: http://aquantum-demo

  •    HTML

jQuery-File-Upload is developed by Sebastian Tschan, with the source available on github. Example code is ported to Django by Sigurd Gartmann (sigurdga on github). This is a small example on how to setup Sebastian Tschan's jQuery File Upload in Django. He has a working demo on his webpage and a github repository with an example on how to do it in PHP.

Calendar & scheduler from ComponentGo WinForms/ASP.NET

  •    DotNet

Several sample applications presenting various forms of calendars for WF and ASP.NET. Controls are intended for organization and time management and resource managements. Useful in payroll, hotel’s management, PIM, the team/project management, doctor/patient time plan, etc.

kotlin-fullstack-sample - Kotlin Full-stack Application Example

  •    Kotlin

Thinkter is an example of a full-stack Web application built with Kotlin. The backend runs on the JVM, and the browser front-end uses React. The example implements a very simple microblogging application. The backend of Thinkter is built using Ktor, a Web framework built by the Kotlin team. For data persistence, it uses H2, allowing you to run the example without the need to configure an external SQL server. The HTTP server implementation is provided by Jetty.

table_calendar - Highly customizable, feature-packed Flutter Calendar with gestures, animations and multiple formats

  •    Dart

Highly customizable, feature-packed Flutter Calendar with gestures, animations and multiple formats. Make sure to check out example project. For additional info please refer to API docs.

django-backbone-example - Sample application to show how to use Django and Backbone.js together.

  •    Python

Sample application to show how to use Django and Backbone.js together.

countries - An example Android app using Retrofit, Realm, Parceler, Dagger and the MVVM pattern with the data binding lib

  •    Kotlin

A sample Android app written in Kotlin, which lists all countries with some additional information (currencies, languages, …). The app uses the MVVM pattern with the Android data binding lib. Countries can be bookmarked and are then stored locally with Realm. Retrofit is used to fetch the country information from the free REST Countries service. For JSON parsing, custom Gson TypeAdapters are used. PaperParcel is used to make the Country objects Parcelable. Also, Dagger 2 is used for dependency injection. This project can also be used as a template for new apps. Check out the template branch for a cleaned up version of this project.

pybbm - Django forum solution. Tested, documented, shipped with example project.

  •    Python

Django forum solution. Tested, documented, shipped with example project.

channels-examples - Example projects using Django Channels

  •    Python

This is a repository of simple, well-commented examples of how to implement a few different site features in Django Channels. Each example is a standalone Django project; instructions for running them are in their own README files.

example-multipage-shim - Example RequireJS-based project that has multiple pages that share a common set of modules with shim config

  •    Javascript

This project is different from the standard requirejs/example-multipage because shim config is used. Shimmed modules need their dependencies loaded before they are executed. It is not as robust as normal modules. Additionally, the common.js file has shim config in it. See the js/app/main1.js file for the Backbone and underscore use. The shim config requires shimmed dependencies to be loaded first, before the shimmed script is executed. So instead of using data-main="js/page1" approach as used in example-multipage, this example inlines the requirejs calls in the HTML for the page.

Job Scheduler

  •    Java

The Job Scheduler is used for automation - for example, process automation using the free database systems MySQL, PostgreSQL or Firebird or using SQL Server, Oracle or DB2. You can use the Job Scheduler to launch executable files and shell scripts and to run database procedures automatically. Jobs are configurable as Web Services providing interoperability with enterprise applications.

smart-home-nodejs - A sample of the Smart Home device control APIs in Actions on Google

  •    HTML

This sample contains a fully functioning example of a Smart Home provider cloud service designed to work with Actions on Google. This can be used with a Actions Console project to create an Action interface to your IoT devices. This sample includes everything you need to get started, including a mocked user authentication service with sample users and a user web portal to demonstrate the user experience when controlling their lights with your action. An example of a Smart Home IoT cloud engine is stored in smart-home-provider. This consists of both the main smart-home-provider-cloud.js main web service, as well as the web portal used to interact with virtual devices in frontend/. smart-home-provider-cloud.js is the entry point to the Node.js Express app that runs the IoT cloud service, and handles authentication, and ultimately handles requests from the Google Assistant.

Koyomi - Simple customizable calendar component in Swift :calendar:

  •    Swift

Open Example/Koyomi.xcworkspace and run Koyomi-Example to see a simple demonstration. If you want to change displayed month, call display(in: MonthType). MonthType is defined by three types.

Silverlight Scheduler Control


The scheduler allows users to visualize appointments like in MS Outlook. The project is developed in Silverlight.

GuillotineMenu - Our Guillotine Menu Transitioning Animation implemented in Swift reminds a bit of a notorious killing machine

  •    Swift

You are welcome to see the sample of the project for fully operating sample in the Example folder. Of course, you can assign different "supportView" or "presentButton" for menu, but we think that's the best case would be behaviour like in Example project.

WPF Themes and Custom Controls

  •    WPF

Adding new supported controls to WPF Themes project (for example DataGrid, Calendar). Also adding new custom controls to this project.

django-tables2 - django-tables2 - An app for creating HTML tables

  •    Python

django-tables2 simplifies the task of turning sets of data into HTML tables. It has native support for pagination and sorting. It does for HTML tables what django.forms does for HTML forms. e.g. This example shows one of the simplest cases, but django-tables2 can do a lot more! Check out the documentation for more details.